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  1. Oh... you were Raptor. I was wondering where you disappeared to. :P

  2. So people say we are similar? Hmm...

  3. I wanted to tell you... I'M L

  4. too bad your dreams won't come true :3

  5. The God of the New World is actually a BZPower Member! :o


    Sorry, your name is just too awesome. :P

  6. So, You used to be a Moderator?

  7. @Taka-Tahu-Nuva and Light Yagami: He's/You're not still alive. :P

  8. Nice to see you're still sort-of active, Raptordx. ^_^

  9. *remembers when you were Raptordx1*

  10. Handren Offma? I remember you from some time ago when you were a Moderator. What have you been doing?

  11. He's actually an old-school Moderator from long before they were called Forum Leaders. 'Tis still surprising to see he was recently active.

  12. 8D You're the first member to join the site (other than the mods) that has actually been here in the past year! Congrats! (And you like Death Note, so you get bonus points 8P)

  13. More Deathnote fans amongst us.........yes.....precious.....

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