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  1. Granted, but its atomic instability creates a wormhole, which sends you 165 million years back in time.
  2. IC: NirkeThe Toa of Water gracefully swam effortlessly through the waves, slicing through the clear liquids. The sea had always been a place for Nirke to settle down, especially when she needed to be alone.But today was different.Flinging herself out of the water, Nirke climbed onto one of the many lilipads that were scattered across the Koro. She got up on her feet, and began to go into the streets. Today she had felt longing for someone to meet, and the place she knew where to find one was were the streets.OOC: Open for interaction.
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    I have indeed. Now, I must depart for more pressing matters at the moment. Post will be up in awhile.
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    I'd much rather keep the spit.
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    Aw, I had thought it would got through. Very well. Now is the application approved?
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    I do understand. I'm not new to this, Kal. Sure, I'll cut out the Rhotuka- with a different power.
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    Name: ValyetSpecies and Gender: Toa; FemaleAppearance: A horribly damaged fusion between a Toa and a Visorak, with the latter's legs protuding from her arms, body overlapped with a thin exoskeleton that replicates the armor beneath it. Her heartlight is not visible, although there is a slight glowing eminating from he chest. However, Valyet is in her best physical shape and is very flexible. She has varying colors, from gold to black to green to red.Weapons and Possessions: Valyet wields a simple, rusted sword, which she rarely uses. Her main weapon is the individual pincher fused to her lower arm. She also has a Rhotuka launcher mounted on her arm, which has the ability to forcefully project an alternate reality inside one's head. Mask: Kanohi FelnasPowers: Valyet has the power of Mind Control, Telekinesis and Illusions. All are from her natural Toa power of Psionics, which she uses very much. She did not recieve any other power from her fusion, but has the capability to spit paralyzing poison at an enemy.Faction: NoneBiography: Formerly a wanderer, Valyet was a exiled Toa for her murders of many in a village she had stayed for much of her life. Her journeys set her everywhere, but sometimes, her predicametns were more difficult as the years passed. After settling in a cavern of from Outpost Central, a mysterious being had encountered her, fusing her with a mutating spider beast, Visorak. Before she could fght back, the fatigue from the transformation cut off her energy, resulting in the being she is now today. Valyet had lost a portion of her memory- and sanity, to say to the least, and aimlessly goes about. When the Ul'kar had revealed themselves, she intended to end the menace, permanently.
  8. My account decides to fix me up now? Great. Lot to catch up.

  9. IC: Valyet:The mutant gave a quick grin before focusing back on climbing upwards. If she could get into the station and get to the ventilation shaft, she could use her fumes to knock out the personel from the inside. Reaper would be used to fend off anyone who would still be awake while she overloaded the system. Ko-Metru would be isolated from the rest of the island, cutting off a valuable piece of knowledge for both factions alike.
  10. For anyone out there thinking what I am doing is completely impossible and illegal, I would just like to say I can and might fail. You can stop me, anyways.
  11. IC: Valyet:"Now, now, don't get testy with me. With the shutdown of Ko-Metru's Chute Station, the Protectorate would have to send in reinforcements to prevent the Dark Hunters from capturing the Metru. It will divert their thinly stretched resources, and further weakening them. Of course, I have my reasons," Valyet answered down to the Vahki before resuming to climb.
  12. IC: Valyet:"Reaper. Follow me. I have a devious plan to disrupt commerce in Ko-Metru- permanently." And with that, the Toa of Lighting began to climb the frost covered mountains, headed towards the main chute station.
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