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    My interests, huh? Well, I'm, of course, a fan of Bionicle. I'm also a fan of Transformers and Star Wars. I enjoy making Bionicle models of cannon characters that have no official set(s). I also play 3 sports, soccer, baseball, and basketball. That's it folks.

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  1. Armada Sideways is awesome!

  2. I edited the picture on my sig, can you check its size? I think its fine though.

  3. Hey there, just to let you know the image in your sig is WAY too big, it has to be a certain size. Check the official pictures topic for more info. :)

  4. I found my camera, and gave my alternate Teridax a better picture and a better hammer. Go on and check it out!

  5. You might find the Pictures Topic in New Member Q&A helpful in getting an avatar and banner. =)

  6. Welcome to BZPower. If you need help with something, please take a look on the New Member Q&A , leave a comment on my profile or PM me. You are able to do this, if you have 10 posts. But please read the rules before posting. Have fun here.

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