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First off, I really like the way you made the limbs attach to the shoulder. Inika ball joint is not something I have seen used like that! And the Kalmah armor works really well for the color scheme. The way you built the hooves look great and all the limbs are all solid, giving it a strong appearance.



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Very Greek Minotaurish. I love the use of the red horns on the body and the overall armoring is genius.

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If you have a self MOC you would like me to build just PM me and I'll make it as long as I have the pieces.

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Thanks! The horns on the body are actually what started the whole thing. I found that horns fit nicely in that space, and was going to make the MOC white, but decided to do red instead... and since I had the white horns easily accessible, I decided to use them for actual horns. :P

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