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Hey everyone. I'm back again. Here's another Work-in-progress that I've deemed complete. It's my custom version one of my favorite Matoran, Amaya, who appears in my podcast continuation of Bionicle: End of the Beginning. The design is heavily based off a friend of mine's, Fsnorglepuff, an MOCist well-known for this Matoro model. There are several modded parts, so far all you purists, this model is impossible to replicate. :PClick the images to see larger versions of them!


amaya_foot_closeup.jpg_thumb.jpgamaya_hand_closeup.jpg_thumb.jpgFoot/Hand Closeups

amaya_back_closeup.jpg_thumb.jpgHead Back Closeup

midak_and_amaya.jpg_thumb.jpgAmaya and Midak

bricklink_order.jpg_thumb.jpgParts from bricklink orders that I used to make the Matoran

200px-Amaya_MNOGII.pngThe original Amaya from good 'ol MNOGII

Thoughts and suggestions?

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The design for the legs is unique, and the model looks really well made!



Chuck Norik is no match for Bruce Lhikan!



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