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IC: Geztorix, Zarrick


The Makuta huffed his way into the room. Behind him came an unearthly creature, face deformed, floating off the ground. A crawling monstrosity followed.



Zarrick used his powers to hurl a kitchen knife at the thing. It stumbled backwards as he slammed the door shut. Geztorix pushed some furniture to block the door.


"What now?"


"We wait. In the meantime, I got the controller!"

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IC: Geztorix, Zarrick


Wailing and screaming outside as the wall was being banged in.


"Now would-ugh, be a bad time to play the Playbox!" Zarrick shouted.


Geztorix shrugged.


"Eh, it's-"


There was a sudden uproar outside. However, instead of the expected door to be smashed in, the banging subsided as lasers and lightning blasted outside.


"I really hate to be the bearer-"-ZZZTT- "-of bad news, but that doppelganger in your room is-"-BOOM-"-well, a-"-SCHNICK-"-a doppelganger!" A voice, extremely familiar, shouted from outside.


The part of the door not blocked by the furniture exploded inwards. Outside was-


"Geztorix?!" Zarrick gaped.


The Geztorix in the room chewed on a sweet.


"Don't mind him. He's lying-"


He launched a sudden blast of chain lighting. Everyone in the room was literally stunned, except for Zarrick, Ije and Harata.


'Geztorix' smirked as he crushed the bunny controller.


"NOOOOO!" Geztorix screamed as he punched the face of a ghoul inwards.


"The Mater will be pleased," his voice suddenly increased in pitch to an androgynous voice, brandishing the blade, slowly spinning as he shot lasers at Harata.


The Vortixx dodged the blast and was caught by the backhand blow by not-Geztorix. She could hear the sounds of fury outside as Geztorix angrily smashed apart apparitions and poltergeists.


Not-Gestorix launched a blast of fragmentation at Ije. Zarrick snarled and used his powers to launch the Playbox at the doppelganger.


The doppelganger grunted in pain and changed shape to an androgynous being, simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.


"Well well, looks like the cat's out of the bag now." And pulled out two guns, firing at Ije and Zarrick.

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OOC: I hate typos.


IC: Geztorix, Atran, Zarrick


"Who are you calling a gizer?" Geztorix shouted angrily from the hallway, fighting off a banshee.


Zarrick used his powers to reverse the bullets' velocity and send them hurtling towards the doppelganger.


Atran smirked as it stood there and the shadows came to life, absorbing the impact of the bullets.


"Shut your sweet little mouth, princess," it cooed as the shadows in the corner behind where Ije had landed sprang to life and seized her.


Harata whirled as she fired her grappling hook.


Atran calmly shifted form into Geztorix, although it looked weaker due to the effort. It grabbed the hook mid-flight and pulled, sending Harata flying towards it, electro-blade leading her flight.


The doppelganger grabbed Harata, blade slicing a wound open, and threw her at Ije.


Zarrick drew his longsword and charged. Shifting form again, Atran drew an identical ssword and parried. Both combatants, identical, struggled to push through.


OOC: Oh boy I'm confused now.

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IC: Geztorix, Ije, Zarrick, Atran


"Who me?" Asked all three, as Atran unleashed a blast of shadow around her. The room was demolished by now. It shifted into Geztorix again, and lashed out with acyclone. The room dyaretd to collapse as the wall faving out crumbled, and it unleashed a sonic scream at Ije.

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IC: Geztorix


Real-Gestorix roared as a shadow hand completely obliterated the doorway. Outside, ghostly organs and blood were spilled all over the hallway.


"Come here, you little shapeshifter! I've been hunting you for a long while already! I knew that I wasn't senile when I saw myself walking the hallways!" He raged, bifocals slanted and panting.


Atran laughed delicately.


"Stupid old man. I don't give a ###### what you think," before it hefted its own version of Geztorix's weapon and charged. The whirling blade sliced apart the beds and knocked Zarrick away, but not before he fired a Rhotuka. The spinner injured Atran but it continued to charge. Geztorix met the charge with gravity, pulling the doppelganger off course and to the wall-


And it disappeared into the shadows.


"Oh, snap. It can shadow-travel."


The three still awake combatants looked around, warry.


Then from below them, they heard footsteps.


Zarrick's eyes widened.


"The Hexagon!"


The three levitated down to the ground floor through the broken wall using Geztprix's powers and they rushed to the front.


"Oh no."


In front of Ije, blocking her way to the Hexagon, was a wall of ghouls, zombies, animatronic killer bears, and masked killer ghosts.

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IC: Too lazy to name all


A... Thing, face obscenely twisted into itself, made a cackling screech.


The three dozen monsters charged.


From behind the trio, Atran lunged out of the shadows, glaives dangerously sharp.


Geztorix spun and parried the blow. They dueled, shadow blasting from both combatants.


"Go! Help Ije!"


Harata pulled Zarrick along. Harata used her blade to rip apart a couple of possessed automatons, while Zarrick used his Avsa to suck the life force out of several ghosts while he fended them off.


Atran and Geztorix fought near the house, lightning shooting from the Makuta's hands as he tried to zap the nimble attacker.


Atran changed from suddenly and used Geztorix's own Crast to repel him. The aged Makuta was shoved off his feet as the doppelganger attempted the same thing towards Ije.

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IC: Everybody minus Ije


The Crast blast hit Ije.


Geztorix cursed under his breath.


"It mentioned the Master. He's a dealer in-"




"How is that even a sound?" Harata wondered, watching as Atran used the flat of her glaive to knock the wheezing geezer off his feet.


Zarrick knoced apart an eldritch spawnling, its head(?) still gripping his staff. He shut off his Avsa, realising the monstrosity was sucking his life force from him.


"Ije, get up! We need the Hexagon!" Zarrick hurried to Ije and hauled her up, automatons trying to laser them to pieces.

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