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ultimate city of ultimate destiny

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  • 4 weeks later...

IC: Geztorix, Zarrick


"O' right! Who's the one making all that racket!"


From the far end of the corridor a wheezing, hunched warrior twice the height of a Toa creaked out of the biggest door. He wore a striking war mask, a powerful blade, and trifocals.


"You young 'uns can't keep it down can you? If ye continue on your little yapping, I'm going to have to shoot- ow!" The aged Makuta sprained his knee.


Zarrick cleared his throat.


"Good to see you too, Geztorix."


Geztorix waved him off.


"Yeah yeah. What're y'all doing here?"

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IC: Geztorix, Zarrick


"Well, it's not haunted, they're more like-"


"Annoying housemates. I tell you, they might mind their own business but they can really scare you at the wrong times. Just the other day one of them was using the bathroom without telling me. And then she got angry when I stumbled in! Cue spoiled prunes and smelly underwear curse."


"... This is more ridiculous than scary."


"Oh no, there's the real horrors still. Thise are the real dangers. Downstairs and in some of the rooms marked with blood."

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