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Anyone remember Expedition One to Mata Nui?


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Back in 2001 there was a contest to make a Bionicle-themed website, and the grand prize winner (authored by BZPower admin Binkmeister) was framed around a modern-day archaeological expedition to the isolated island of Mata Nui, off the coast of Chile. It's been a long time since I read it, but I do remember the whole island essentially being a barren desert with ruins scattered about (like the Kaukau-shaped waterfall in Ga-Koro, now dried up). There was also a plotline about the research team digging up shards of black rock that were really heavily implied to be Makuta's remains, after the Toa destroyed him.


It was really fun seeing this team of regular people trying to piece together the fragments of this ancient civilization, trying to understand its inhabitants (stories of villagers being able to combine into stronger forms being interpreted as symbolism for unified spirit, for example).


Unfortunately, the website itself seems to have been taken down a long time ago, and the Wayback Machine doesn't work for it. 


Does anybody else remember this?

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And I found it, put it online:



Wait, Bink, you're here? I thought you weren't allowed on BZP anymore because of US legal ######?


If I recall, I don't believe Kelly works for Lego anymore. But I could be misremembering.


I remember that, too. Anyway, it's pretty cool that you put the site back up. I'll have to read it one of these days. ^_^


-Gata signoff.png

- Gata



Please don't use my avatar or signature without permission, thanks! ^_^

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