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Human Toa Kaita


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(I thought this was unique enough for its own topic)


I haven't seen a lot of humanized Kaita, and the ones I have didn't really seem imposing or powerful enough. So I made my own.

Kaita are the result of three Toa merging their physical and mental energies into a single form. Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu form Akamai the Volcano, and Gali, Lewa, and Kopaka form Wairuha the Storm. The color of a Kaita's eyes determine which personality is currently dominant.
It is also possible for six Toa to merge into a Toa Nui, but the mental and physical strain is immense.

Akamai wields a giant hammer. Tahu's sword forms the handle, and Onua's claws and Pohatu's boomerangs form the head.
Akamai is able to control the temperature of earth; melting and solidifying it at will.

Wairuha wields a halberd. Kopaka's spear forms the handle, Lewa's axe forms one blade, and Gali's hooks form the other.
Wairuha is able to control the temperature of water; melting, freezing, and evaporating it at will.

They are very large at about 18 feet, and the multiple arms of a Kaita allow them to wield melee weapons and elemental powers at the same time.

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