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Kopaka 2015 Gijinka; Marker Sketch


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I didn't slip


Original Colour

Original Sketch


A rather quick rendering of Kopaka humanized, drawn with Copic markers & gouache. Enjoy!


So, I've finally done it! After years of refusing to draw Bionicles, I finally gave in...

Koolpak's always been my favourite, so it was only natural that it'd be him. :guilty:


A big thanks to EandPi2333 for letting me fuse his version of Kopaker with this guy (I had to start somewhere ;))!

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I love the lines that he has and the colors; he looks so intense!!  I also love the way you made his mask partially obscure his face, it makes him look very tactical.  Amazing work on him!!


You know well that low-brow intense glares is my thing! As for the masks, I imagine them to be all partial face coverings as opposed to a full helmet kind of thing. Thank you!


Amazingly intense! Your marker skills are tremendous.


Aww, thank you! ^_^


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Daaaang, that is gorgeous. I will forever be jealous of people who can use markers like that. Also a fascinating take on a human Kopaka.

Thank ya! I'm glad you think he's interesting. ^_^

I have a clover mite to thank for the orange splat on the top left corner. It couldn't resist the kopaker. BLOODSHED


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That's done with markers?! The artists here never cease to impress me, but you hit a new level, man. The art looks intense, awesome, and drawn/colored nicely. Kopaka has an expression that suits him greatly and I like how you included most of the mask despite making him human. Also, the anime look gives you bonus points. Excellent job!

mindeth the cobwebs

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