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not bad! VERY cool torso design; I think it looks nice (other people might not agree), and the head design is also amazing. I like the use of the Raw Jaw hands, but not the legs. I think his foot could be remodeled, to tell you the truth. I like how you used the lightsaber blade to make eyes. I don't particularly like your pose when he's facing off against the minifigure, to tell you the truth. I think that it could be more menacing, as opposed to curious. But that's a minor flaw. Overall, nice job!10/10


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I agree with Awesomeness up there: It does look great! The torso is by far the best part of this MOC. The overall design is very impressive, and it all looks very well done. And I like the old Dino tail parts you used here. Somewhat nostalgic for me. :)signoffffff.png

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The.Torso. I love it. A lot.And the rest of the MOC is great to :PBut still. The torso...

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