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I'm Reinventing Kolhii! (G&T Contest #2)


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Today marks the dawn of a new era for our favorite pastime-- Kolhii!


Rather than host a tournament on a corporeal field, I have forged specialized Kanohi containing HUDs. These will link into your mental processors, creating the most realistic simulation possible…


That is, until you realize that the field is more or less Cloud Cuckoo Land, and your tools are made out of an indestructible material called candy. :P


So, onto the important stuff: The rules! To start with, follow the core rules of the original Kolhii, as noted here:




Now, onto the new stuff!




Each player controls a defender (goalie) and center (offensive player). You are allowed up to three actions per turn. These include offensive and defensive moves, like striking, hurling, or deflecting the ball. Grappling for the ball (like in hockey or soccer, when one person is trying to get the ball) is an option too.


Of course, to better reflect the actual game, these actions have an additional mechanic: Chance! In this case, Chance is quite literally based on the flip of a coin. So, you will need a coin of some sort in the real world. Get a head, and your action is successful. Get a tail, and you fail. (Hey, that rhymes…) However, scoring a goal is a little more complicated, as it requires a successful strike or hurl as well as two ‘heads’. (Flip a coin twice.)


Here’s where things start to get a little bit crazy. Introducing, SUMMONING! Since Summons are kinda OP, they require three heads to initiate. In addition, the type of Summon is determined by flipping a 4 x 2 LEGO brick. (Also, you get to pretend that you’re an anime character and type, “Initiate Summon, [insert Summon name here]!” :P)


Studs Up:


Lollipop Rain: Well, this one isn’t that powerful. It just rains lollipops absolutely everywhere, and everyone gets free candy! ^_^  (Other than their Kolhii sticks, that is.)


Studs Down:


NYAN NYAN NYAN: A flying Muaka cat in a Pop-Tart costume trailing a rainbow appears out of nowhere. It flies into the nearest opposing goal and vanishes into a portal, causing a ton of Pop-Tarts to fly everywhere. This is an automatic goal, BTW.


Long Side:


Sunbeam: Blinds all other players temporarily, thus negating any offensive or defensive actions for one turn (for each player’s turn other than that of the summoner; this effect can last up to 2 turns).


Short Side:


Cloud Leap:


Jump onto a magical fluffy cloud (made of pure cotton candy), do a frontflip, and hurl the ball into the goal Takanuva style! Need I say more? :P


Additional Rules an’ Whatnot:


-Each game runs to 6 goals.


-1-3 balls may be in play at a time.


-The player with the lowest rank goes first.


-Fire, Stone, and Earth will compete in the first game, followed by Ice, Air, and Water. Then, the top 2 players from Game 1 will compete, and the top 2 from Game 2 will compete. The winners of Games 3 & 4 will move on to the championship game. The winner gets bragging rights. :P


-Remember to keep track of your own scores, and tally them to determine the winners of Games 1 & 2.



-The tourney bracket looks something like this:


[Fire]  ↘                                        ↙    [Ice]   

                [?]↘                    ↙[?]   

[Stone] ↦          [?] ↦  ↤ [?]          ↤     [Air]    

                [?]↗         ↧             ↖[?]

[Earth] ↗                   [?]                 ↖[Water]  


-6 users, each in control of a defender and center, must join in order for a tournament to begin.


-Feel free to ask any questions you have in regards to the rules.


-Each user slot represents an element. The currently available elements are as follows (will be crossed out when taken):
















-Above all, remember to have fun and PLAY WELL! ^_^

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A big thank you to Toucan Sam for the Okotian name.



:vahi: [ON HIATUS]  :vahi: 



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