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  1. I'm like most people here: the dream in which you find and buy a bunch of BIONICLE and then wake up crying because it's not real. I also once had a dream in which I was Toa Hewkii in the BIONICLE Heroes game - but then it turned out that I was just playing as Toa Hewkii. But most importantly, I don't let my BIONICLE memes be BIONICLE dreams.
  2. I want to use this image. Can I use this image?
  3. I felt that BIONICLE G2 really had something that G1 didn't - an ending.
  4. I've never really gone hunting for BIONICLE before. I remember that as a (younger) kid, my brothers and I had our heart set on getting the Mctoran (or the Ultimate Space Battle, but that is something else) there was a deal on ebay for all six for like 10 dollars (only an estimation, I don't didn't have much money so 10 seems to be within my childhood price range), but we missed it in the end. One I've really been having trouble with was the G2 Makuta, it's like it doesn't even exist!
  5. What country did you find it in? Good ol' Brittania. As mentioned above, the magazine is a combiner of the two previously released magazines. I'm not sure if the magazines were ever published in the States which may be why the special is not showing up (though I'm probably wrong).
  6. I got one of those recently - it's pretty sweet. I'm glad I was able to get the two polybags (some nice new pieces/recolours for me). I've officially named them G2 Bad Guy and G2 Good Guy.
  7. Aaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh... I have been on BZPower for about 2.5 years and I've had my fair share of good times (though perhaps not as many as others who have been on for the same time). The Dank BIONICLE Memes topic is still going (though it could use more dank people - not that the people there at the moment aren't dank, it's just there aren't many people ) so I can't yet consider it to be a memory. I think my favourite memory of BZPower was being able to compete in the games and puzzles during the Games & Trivia Contest #2, especially that of 'The Quest for Legendary Brownies' hosted by MT Zehvor. The game was a journey riddle-based mental challenges that eliminated players if they got the answer wrong. In the end, it was I who claimed victory over the challenges (with a bit of mercy from MT Zehvor when I didn't get the answer right...but it also wasn't wrong) and achieved the ultimate prize of a recipe for some Legendary Brownies! It was great how a forum for BIONICLE and LEGO could offer much more (especially Legendary Brownies).
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