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price guide has disappeared


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Hi guys I am tritoa from Spain and I have a very extensive collection of Bionicle and I am looking to sell everything. I remember before that on the forums there was a guide for pricing Bionicle, but now I am looking and cannot find it. Has it been taken off? thanks and keep up the good work

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I think it's gone, at least the version you're thinking of. The archives of the pre-2011 forums were deleted way back when. There was an initial effort to reboot it when the forums came back, but didn't take off.

All that's left is for  rare collectibles here. Given how old the original price guide would have been by now, I can't imagine it would have been accurate at all anyway. I think you're going to have to rely on intuition and Bricklink.

You could try starting a topic down in Buy/Sell/Trade to gauge interest and a ballpark price, though!

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