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  1. what would the full set of krana be worth. both shades of purple, not sure on the yellow
  2. the spinners aren't listed on bricklink, but the spinner figures where under Nestlé
  3. hi tritoa here, I had a full set of the spinners and the rhotuka figures plus the original cereal boxes from nestle. I sold the to a collector in Barcelona with a job lot of promo stuff. I still have some of the McDonald's and burger king promos if you want to look on my bricklink store. it's called tritoas store.
  4. I have a friend who has an unopened 3287 set, how much are you willing to pay?
  5. Hi IS, no I had three but I sold them separately. It's just the regular wheels, thanks, Mitch
  6. Hi Starset and thanks for your message. Here are some prices for the combiner and alternate sets you asked for. The prices are generic, depending on the percentage of parts that are used to build the alternate models. And depending on the amount you would like to buy, the prices are nagotiable. Here are the prices, Kuma-nui 75€ (with instructions), Botar 75€, Shadowed One 75€, Nui-Kopen 20€, Mana Ko 125€, Kahu 40€, Tarakava-Nui 75€, Bahrag Spider 125€, Boxor Walker 70€ (with box and instructions), Exo Raptor 90€ (with box and instructions), Sentrakh 50€, Lohrak 40€. If tyhere are any more you would like from my lists let me know, and as I said, the prices are negotiable depending on the amount purchased, thanks again, Mitch
  7. Hi everybody, tritoa here, I have been putting all my bionicle stuff up for sale on Bricklink(tritoas store), but there are various things that I can't list. Mainly the Kaita and combiner models that aren't listed on Bricklink.I also have A full set of roborider wheels, Throwbot/Slizer thrownig disks, Rhotuka Spinners and Krana masks. Here is a list of the combiners I have. Feel free to make serious offers. everything is bagged up and clean, some of the alternate sets have the box and instruction, ask if you would like photos, Thanks. Throwbot/Slizer combiner 1 (sets 8500-8503) Throwbot/Slizer combiner 2 (sets 8504-8507) Throwbot 8520 (alternate model with original box) Throwbot/Slizer combiner 3 (sets 8521-8523) Roborider combiner 1 (sets 8509,8510,8512) Roborider combiner 2 (sets 8511,8513,8514) Roborider 8516 (alternate model with original box) Akamai combiner (8531,8532,8534) Wairuha combiner (8533,8535,8536) Evil Toa (8534 with Poisoned Hau) Nui-Kopen 8537 (alternate model) Kuma-Nui 8538 (alternate model) Mana Ko 8539 (alternate model) Kahu 8548 (alternate model) Tarkava Nui 8549 (alternate model) Wairuha Nuva combiner (8566,8568,8572) Bohrok Kaita Za (8560,8561,8563) Bohrok Kaita Ja (8562,8564,8565) Bohrok Va Kaita Za (8550,8551,8552) Bohrok Ja Kaita Ja (8553,8554,8555) Boxor Walker 8556 (alternate model with box) Exo-Raptor 8557 (alternate model with box) Bahrag Spider 8558 (alternate model) Bohrok-Kal Kaita Za (8573,8574,8577) Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja (8575,8576,8578) Rahkshi Kaita Vo (8587,8590,8591) Rahkshi Kaita Za (8588,8589,8592) Takutanuva (3287 with box) Krahli (8601,8604,8605) Kraawa (8602,8603,8606) Kranua (8614,8616,8618) Kraahu (8615,8617,8619) Ultimate Dume (10202 with box) Lohrak (8621,8622) Cable Crawler (8736,8738) Sea Spider (8737,8741) Rock Raptor (8739,8740) Gate Guardian (8742,8744) Kahgarak (8743,8747) Chute Lurker (8745,8746) Sentrakh (8755,8756) The Shadowed One (8755,8761) Ice Vermin (4868,4869,4870) Colony Drone (4877,4878,4879) Protocairn (8736,8738,8740) Frostelus (8737,8739,8741) Parakrekks (8742,8744,8746) Venom Flyer (8743,8745,8747) Voporak (10203 with selaed box) Zivon (8742-8747) Lava Hawk (8721,8723,8725) Dagger Spider (8722,8724,8726) Piraka combiner 1 (8900,8903) Piraka combiner 2 (8901,8904) Piraka combiner 3 (8902,8905) Botar (8733,8734) Protodax (8901,8903,8904) Toa Jovan (8728,8729,8730) Pit War Tortoise (918,8919,8920) Zyglak (8916,8917,8921) Manutri (8913,8915,8918,8919) Spiriah (8686,8691,8944,8947) Trinuma (8688,8689,8690) Swamp Stalker (8694,8695,8696) Destral Cycle 8942 (alternate model wrong pilot) Sand Stalker (8979,8990) Golden Bionicle (7116,7117,7135-7138) Gaardus 87116,7117,7135-7138) Full set of Roborider Wheels Full set of Throwbot/Slizer disks Full set of Rhotuka Spinners Full set of Krana Masks with both light and dark purple versions Feel free to ask for fotos, all the combiners are broken down and in their boxes or ziplock bags, thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Mitch
  8. Hi Tritoa here from Spain, I have one of these guys in erfect condition, the postage shouldn't be more than 10€. if you pass me an email, I'll get some pictures
  9. hi, Tritoa here, I have an opened 3287 set in excellent condition, if you don't find a new one, keep it in mind
  10. hi gritos here from Spain. Did you find the set? I have one in sealed bags if you are still like
  11. Hi everybody, Tritoa here from Spain. After collecting Bionicle for the 20 odd years, it's time to start moving on and selling my collection. As for being in Spain, it has been very hard to get hold of stuff, but I have a very large collection of rare stuff and full mask sets. I can't list verything I have as it would take too long and you guys would get bored reading the list. I'll start with the most interesting stuff and work down, but if there is anything else you are looking for and it's not on my list, just ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please PM me with reasonable offers as I am very busy and don't have time for wasting and also I am only selling, not trading. Here we go Full Kraata set including Trans Orange Kraata Sold Full Krana set with both light and dark purple versions Full set of Kanohi in mask cases ( I have the 14 European misprints on hold until May) Set of 6 Protodermic Toa Nuve masks(on hold until May) Set of 6 Target Rahkshi with Shadow Kraata Set of 6 Target Vahki with Disk of Time and movie Vahi 4 Vahki sets with misprint lids All 3 sets of the Legoland Mask brick built sets( red, green and blue) A brand new Krana mask pack display box from the 8559 mask bags A Mcdonalds Video Display card from the Tohunga sets with the full set of Tohunga in the original cardboard box aswell as all the other Mcdonalds sets Burger Table Meal boxes and set of 6 Toa Nuve toys all sealed Set of 4 Quick restaurant promo polybags A lot of Kabaya Bionicle promo sets Lots of Sticker sheets and posters, catalogues and legoland promo sheets Full set of Roborider wheels Full set of Bionicle and Slizer/Throwbot Kanoka discs including Trans Red and Plain glow in the dark Full set of 18 Bionicle pens all new(some have the seals open due to they have come unstuck with time) Full set of Bionicle comics Including a lot of the alternative covers Full set of Quest for the Mask game cards, Bohrok Awake game cards, Bohrok Storm game cards, Phantoka game cards and Legends plastic trading cards aswell as lots more. A bundle of Bionicle game cartridges and CDroms and DVDroms for all the different platforms Full set of the Adventure/Chronicles books and again a lot more of the story books 2 Bionicle Italian Phone cards Sold Full set of 8 red Krana key rings and other keyrings Full set of Canister cd roms A few cloth display flags I also a have a Whole collection of Brand new sealed Canister sets from all years, Titans, Warriors, Rahi, Playset, Battle vehicles, Tohunga, Turaga, and a lot of promo stuff. Masks polybag sets and also the Cardboard box versions, again all sealed. Lots of sealed game card packs and display boxes Please ask if you are seriously interested in anything and as I said, only reasonable offers, thanks, Tritoa(Mitch)
  12. Hi, Tritoa here, I have just finished my first trade . I have another 5 trades on the go and will post when finished and the items are received GOOD TRADES Mask Hunter Lewa, Golden Kanoka and everything went perfectly Illuminatus, 8601 SDCC and everything went great Chuckschwa, Trans Purple Kauakau, everything perfect. Bionicle flag and three gold roborider wheels, once again perfecto!! Slumber, Books,and lots of rare stuff, and doing another trade now. Excellent. Kohrak2001, Full Kraata set and a lot of promo gear, couldn' of gone better. various G1 masks, books and kaita sets, once again perfect. Toa Trisabelle, great communication and all went perfect. InconspicuousSark, Trans Orange Kraata, superb. Nuva Pens and trading cards, once again perfect. Awsomenessborn, Billund Mask set, Full Kanohi Nuva set and various Krana. All perfect. Toa of Dume, T1 and T2 cards and Nestle giveaways. Everything great and trade went smoothly. Turaga of Force, everything perfect and trade went smoothly. Happyman. 14 European misprints. all smooth and perfect. Darknut. Comics, Posters and Bohrok Va sets. all smooth and easy. MaxNui. mask polybags. super trade. Rahk. 4 Rahkshi target sets. no issues POSTAL PROBLEMS JSLBrowning, some of the items got lost in post. we are sorting with the post office some compensation BAD TRADES None so far ON GOING TRADES Humble Matoran kohrok2001 Slumber
  13. hi there, how are you? I know it's 5 years since this topic was published, but I have just decided on selling all of my Bionicle collection, and put a search in for this to find out some interest. I have a trans purple KauKau that I am willing to sell and was thinking of putting it up for auction on BZPower. Are you still interested in this mask?
  14. Hi tritoa here from spain, did you find any of the figures, I have a full sealed set, what are you looking to pay?
  15. Hi tritoa here from Spain, i have a lot of the stuff you are looking for and also a lot of promo gear that is very hard to find, do you have an email address and i'll send you a list
  16. hi tritoa here from Spain, I have the original box of macdonalds tohunga that is in perfect condition, it has the original display card aswell. I also have a japanese copy of the bionicle comic number 1, let me kniw if you are interested
  17. Hi tritoa here from Spain, are you still looking for the full set of slizer disks? I have a full set, how much are you looking to pay?
  18. Hi tritoa here from Spain, are you still looking for the kraahkan?
  19. hi tritoa here from Spain, I have the set of three, they are in quite good condition, what would you be willing to pay?
  20. Hi tri toa here from Spain, I have an open box nui rama with one of the two sets brand new in bags, i'll try and get to my lock up to see which one it is
  21. Hi tritoa here from Spain, I have a Gold Kanoka that I am willing to sell, What price are you willing to pay?
  22. Hi guys I am tritoa from Spain and I have a very extensive collection of Bionicle and I am looking to sell everything. I remember before that on the forums there was a guide for pricing Bionicle, but now I am looking and cannot find it. Has it been taken off? thanks and keep up the good work
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