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Hero Factory Movies ranked

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6. Invasion from Below (2014)

Summary: Creatures from the underground are invading the surface and the Heroes have to stop them with mechs.

This Movie barely feels like a Hero Factory movie but it's not bad. All the characters have the same personality and are not at all like from the previous movies.


5. Brain Attack (2013)

Summary: A mysterious villain develops mind control alien brains and sends them to the same planet where the Hero Factory is located. When they arrive there they take control of wild animals and march to the Factory.

This Movie isn't bad but also feels different from the previous movies (not as much as IFB though). The Main focus is on Breeze, Surge and Rocka. Somehow Furno is in command instead of Stormer. There are not many plotholes (although HF could have just activated the shield from breakout instead of letting surge defend the entrance, also where tf are the other heroes?!) Battles are okay in this movie not really intense or special.


4. Rise of the Rookies (2010)

Summary: A former Hero that went rogue is plotting revenge on the alpha team and his former teammate that he blames on a horrible accident. The alpha team gets help from 3 rookies that have to prove themselves to be real Heroes.

This Movie may be really cheesy and corny but works for being the first one in the series. There's not much character development except for Stormer and Furno (who get the most spotlight while bulk, stringer, breeze and surge are being treated as fillers and plot devices) The personalities of the villains are identical and bit of clichee. Von Nebula despite being the main antagonist and important to the plot get's only like 3 minutes of screentime and offers no real battle. The first 2 battles arent that good either. Bulk and Stringer get their asses owned by corroder, xplode and rotor in the most embarassing way and also suck at aiming.

Despite those flaws the movie has a lot of interesting and dark elements. (Enemy withing perhaps being the best episode in the movie) Soundtrack in the movie is very well made. CGI models are very accurate to the lego models. ROTR was my childhood /early teenhood.


3.Ordeal of Fire (2011)

Summary: A group of mining robots receive fuel sockets in their fingers so they dont have to recharge at the main base and can absorb fuel from cells just by touching them. There was no limit on how much they could they absorb and became so addicted to point they raided gas stations. Stormer, Furno, Breeze and Surge are sent to stop them but realise they need the new upgrade to be able to fight the rogue mining robots.

This Movie is perhaps one of the darker ones in the series and also the shortest. Importance is finally given to Brezze and Surge. The battles have improved although the final ones are rushed. The Highlight of the movie is Fire Lord (the leader of the rogue mining bots). He is a perfect villain, has a plausible motive, did things that affected the main protagonists and managed to defeat them multiple times. His Henchmen are just filler sadly. While Drilldozer at least did some things, nitroblast and jetbug have barely screen time. ( I legit forgot that nitroblast and jetbug existed when I watched that movie). Also the sacrifice of Surge made him a better character and he developed.


2. Savage Planet (2011)

Summary: A former HF professor gets exiled from makuhero city for trying to get himself a quaza core. He flies to quatros a planet that has a lot of quaza but needs it to be alive. The Heroes have to stop him and rescue a rookie that landed on that planet.


This Movie is nearly perfect but suffers from some flaws. People that never watched a HF movie before might have trouble in identifying the heroes. Bulk, Stringer and Nex are finally given some importance. Rocka is a likeable character. Aldous Witch is a good villain and offers a good battle. The savage creatures surprisingly have more personality than Fire Lord Henchmen. Scorpios battle at the vines kind of sucks and is too long. 3 heroes trained in combat have problems in defeating a giant scorpion but a small gorrilla doesent for some reason.


1. Breakout (2012)

Summary: There is a jailbreak at the maximum security prison of Hero Factory! Criminals like the crazed Toxic Reapa, the evil Jawblade, edgy Voltix, fast Speeda demon and the schizophrenic Splitface have broken free and are spreading chaos and destruction all across the galaxy! It is revealed that the villainous Black Phantom is behind the prison break, and that it was merely a distraction for the heroes, so he could attempt to destroy Hero Factory's Assembly Tower while they were recapturing the escapees. Stormer, Stringer, Evo, Surge and Furno are sent on missions to catch and cuff the villains, while Rocka remains at Hero Factory to stop Black Phantom, who already has the mission managers neutralized, and destroy his Arachnix pet.

This is probably the darkest and most mature Movie in the series. A lot of variety, the plot is good, villains are credible but are in terms of personality very similar. Soundtrack rocks. The battles are nice even though they all are orchestered in a same order (Hero tries to auto cuff villain but fails, Villain gets the hero in a critical state, Hero gets back up ,defeats villain and cuffs him) The Heroes are all given importance. Rocka has the most development and becomes a professional. Black Phantom is cunning and clever, perfect for the main villain. Even though his battle is short it's creative.

Movie ends with a hyping cliff hanger.


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I agree with you all the way. Man, I wish and hope that Lego would consider finishing and ending the story because it has some unresolved stuff. Seriously. If Bionicle comes back in 2022 successfully according to projects in Lego Ideas and Brick Link, we would have that done.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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17 hours ago, Lenny7092 said:

I agree with you all the way. Man, I wish and hope that Lego would consider finishing and ending the story because it has some unresolved stuff. Seriously. If Bionicle comes back in 2022 successfully according to projects in Lego Ideas and Brick Link, we would have that done.

Same here. I've finally started putting together some stuff for an HF conclusion, one of which isn't really a conclusion but may lead to a conclusion. I did mention it a while back but basically my idea is to make an in-universe guide written by Raven Su (head of research at MURF). It would take the events of the all the episodes (but most likely not IFB) and also unofficially canonize certain events, characters, locations etc. from the games and other stuff. I.e. I've already started making LDD's of some of the things from the Breakout and Brain Attack games, like villain henchmen, Heroes, other species and so on, and if you're wondering just what kind of Heroes I would add in, just go here.

P.S. I don't know about you but in a conclusion game/movie for HF, I would just LOVE the instrumental version of Shintaro Dungeon Whip playing in the background. It would be epic.

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