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Shadow Toa Ahkmou (ver. Mirai)

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In this interpretation of the Shadow Toa Ahkmou, I give him the arm blades and sharp claws, with the fanged kanohi Rau corrupted by Darkness and depravity.

Equipped with the Umbra Katana capable of slowly leeching off and draining Light, which makes him a formidable foe.

Mask: Shadow Rau by BigPhan.
Blade: Godfyr’s Parts Pack.






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He looks cool. It's always nice to see the Knights' Kingdom shin guard back in action.

I will say, the black background makes it a little hard to make out the details, which look quite intricate.

Does the staff actually connect to the hand? Those claws do look very nice in renders, but I wonder how stable they would actually be if you built them physically, especially gripping a weapon.

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