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Bleeding Blue


Pokemon Y: Day 9

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 39 views
Whaaat? Already?? Ayup, not procrastinating this one. :P

So all of a sudden... I'm underleveled! I powered through the eighth gym with absolute ease thanks to Kurama. Then I went to move on to Victory Road and just on Route 21, my Pokémon are a few levels below the trainers'. So it's back to grinding mode for me.

Kurama, Delphox Lv. 57
Gabutyra, Tyrantrum Lv. 55
Oberon, Sylveon Lv. 54
Philoctetes, Gogoat Lv. 54
Yveltal, Lv. 54
Soul Eater, Aegislash Lv. 53
Sanbi, Blastoise Lv. 53

Yeah, Ankh's just going to be used for flying now... So the rotation's back down to just seven.

I also tried to get my Torchic, but couldn't connect to the Internet on my 3DS even at the place with it free I was at yesterday... Guess I will just keep waiting until I go to the restaurant I know it works at or go home in a few weeks.



Pokemon Y: Day 8

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 32 views
I know, this is extremely late.. But I didn't get back until extremely late and didn't feel like doing this.

So I caught Yveltal! And yes... I soft reset for a good one. I was aiming for a nature for a mixed sweeper, but after only a few tries settled on what I predicted was a Timid one. See, because of cut scenes and other events, it was actually long enough to actually check the nature that it seriously was almost not worth it. The easiest thing to do is compare its stats mid-battle against a stat chart, so thank goodness Serebii got theirs completed before I got to this point. And I was right, it was Timid. So I'm totally happy with it. He has joined my team as well, although hasn't been used too much and isn't getting nicknamed since I don't do that with Legendaries.

I then proceeded to explore Terminus Cave far, far, far too much before realizing what it was for and that I can't actually get to that point yet... *sigh* Now I'm proceeding to the eighth gym as I should have from the beginning.

Gabutyra, Tyrantrum Lv. 54
Kurama, Delphox Lv. 53
Philoctetes, Gogoat Lv. 53
Sanbi, Blastoise Lv. 51
Soul Eater, Aegislash Lv. 51 (Hahahaha I evolved him with my stone from Super Training literally seconds before discovering the Dusk Stone in Terminus Cave.)
Oberin, Sylveon Lv. 51
Yveltal, Lv. 50
Ankh, Talonflame Lv. 46



Pokemon Y: Day 7

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 32 views
Oh man, late night out... At least I got to play Pokémon during a good portion of it.

I now have seven badges and am about to go catch Yveltal. I must say, this game took a pretty dark turn very, very fast. I kind of like that, yet I really don't. Team Flare's mannerisms do not at all match their intentions. Their mission statement just does not seem to mesh with the team itself. It's just really weird. In general. The plot got kiiiind of weird.

Team as I'm saved before entering Yveltal (which I sure hope isn't a big ordeal as I plan on soft resetting for a good one...):

Soul Eater, Doublade Lv. 49 (So close to being ready for Aegislash!)
Gabutyra, Tyrantrum Lv. 49 (He finally learned Earthquake and I love it. A good Ground type is another thing I've missed in this playthrough.)
Sanbi, Blastoise Lv. 48
Philoctetes, Gogoat Lv. 48
Kurama, Delphox Lv. 47 (Really feel like he's underused...)

Boxed at the moment:
Oberon, Sylveon Lv. 51
Ankh, Talonflame Lv. 46



Pokemon Y: Day 6

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 26 views
I HATE far too many of my classes this semester... Anyways...

I really wish I could show you guys what my trainer looks like at the moment. I've been taking screenshots, but just can't get online in my dorm room on the 3DS to upload them. Hopefully sometime soon I'll get somewhere that I can.

The sixth gym proved a little more challenging than I had anticipated. I'm still not adjusted to dealing with Fairy types and keep forgetting their strengths and weakness (outside of Dragon and Poison). I've also realized my Soul Eater just cannot take a beating, even when up against something it should be able to withstand easily (such as a Fairy-type attack, given it's Steel type). Maybe it's not as good as I had hoped it would be...

Also lost my first battle in I think three generations. :( I did not expect a Sky Battle go as poorly as it did, but I only had Ankh (seriously why aren't more floating Pokémon, like Doublade, allowed in...) and yeah... Had done too much to want to reset...

Gabutyra, Tyrantrum Lv. 46
Philoctetes, Gogoat Lv. 46
Soul Eater, Doublade Lv. 44
Oberon, Sylveon Lv. 44
Kurama, Delphox Lv. 43
Sanbi, Blastoise Lv. 43
Ankh, Talonflame Lv. 42

I did manage to get a Dusk Stone from Super Training, so now I don't have to worry about that. Hopefully Aegislash is worth it.

Don't know what I need to be doing right now; I'm in Dendemille Town right now and think I'm supposed to do something about a Mamoswine, but can't get anywhere. So I spent a bunch of time trying to level up Ankh and catch all of the Pumpkaboo formes. I have two of Average, Small, and Large, but so far Super Size has evaded me. Man there are just so many new Pokémon to get duplicates of for my living 'Dex.



Pokemon Y: Day 5

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 25 2014 · 22 views
Oh hey there... Almost forgot to do this today. I've been swamped with homework and didn't have much time to play today except for very early this morning and just now when I decided to call it a night.

So I got my fourth badge, curb stomped Team Flare at the power plant, got my fifth badge, got suuuuuper lost in Lumiose (but didn't save there! Wow is that a horrible bug!), and am entering the sixth gym right now. So I actually make considerable progress. But I'm pretty sure I've also not spent as much time exploring the new routes and actually trying to catch everything.

Team right now:

Gabutyra, Tyrantrum Lv. 43
Kurama, Delphox Lv. 42
Oberon, Sylveon Lv. 42
Sanbi, Blastoise Lv. 42
Philoctetes, Gogoat Lv. 41
Soul Eater, Doublade Lv. 41
Ankh, Talonflame Lv. 40

Oh yeah... did some grinding like I said. Not a whole lot but enough to get everyone evolved. Just need to wait ten more levels on Soul Eater to learn all of his moves (and find a Dusk Stone...) and I'll get Aegislash, and finally the core team will be done. ^_^ Who knows who could be added or pulled out later, though. I am definitely missing having a Fighting type on my team...

Ooooh! Also! I just got Gengarite! I know I could do it now with a random one... but nah... I cannot wait to transfer my trained Gengar, Makuta, in a few months! She's gonna be super fun to use. :3



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