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Bleeding Blue


Pokemon Omega Ruby: Day 1

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 21 2014 · 91 views
Pokemon, Ruby
Hellooooo everybody! And welcome back to ET plays Pokémon! :D This time, we bring you Omega Ruby!

I didn't play a whole lot today - because I'm flying out for a week tomorrow so will have a lot of time to play en route and wanted to play my console games tonight heh. I basically spent most of the day fretting over which starter to choose and after deciding, soft resetting. Lots and lots of that. And my choice my come as a surprise... Because I, the "Always. Pick. Fire. ALWAYS" guy picked...


If I were to attempt to quantify my excitement over using Mega Blaziken again, it would be negative. Mega Sceptile, on the other hand, sounds awesome.

That out of the way... let me just say I absolutely adored the beginning of the game by having the old intro playing on your in-game GameboyPokeNav.

The sneaking and rare moves via DexNav is a really interesting mechanic. Wonder what kind of stuff we'll be able to get. So far I just have a Poochyena with Thunder Fang, but that's still pretty darn cool.

Team for now (which is going to change real fast tomorrow I imagine):

Hashirama, Treecko Lv. 8
Wurmple Lv. 6
Rocket, Zigzagoon Lv. 6
Akamaru, Poochyena Lv. 6
Surskit Lv. 3
Seedot Lv. 2



Lazer Team Extra Update

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Nov 19 2014 · 126 views
RoosterTeeth, Lazer Team, Acting
Just the other day, I had just accepted that I wasn't going to get a part. Filming will be wrapping soon and I just had that feeling that whatever was written on my paper after I said "yes, I have a full time job" really was a killing blow.

Fast forward to this afternoon and I'm sitting in a networking event and my phone starts buzzing like crazy, so I check it. Just happened to get five emails at once (moving in and out of service within the building maybe), and one happens to be from the casting agency behind the extras for the film!

I hastily open that one and begin reading. What's one of the first things they get out of the way? Why, the date of course. It's... it's next Tuesday... when I'll be out of town.

My hopes were most swiftly shattered and then crushed.

I... I guess there's still a chance for whatever filming will be left after... But how likely are they to return to somebody who has already said no once? I even had on the form I submitted the dates I was unavailable and this one was included in the range... Probably really desperate for people considering they are trying to film right before Thanksgiving.





The Walking Dead: The Video Game

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 18 2014 · 102 views
Walking Dead, Telltale
I'd been wanting to for a while and finally last week finished playing through both seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead. They were some interesting... games, I guess.

So let's get to that first. I'm not sure how to think of them. They definitely are more like what I imagine a visual novel would be like (having never played one), with a bit more action of course. They were different from what I'm used to, but not overall in a bad way. It was fun to play something new. At the same time, there most definitely were many moments where I just wanted to do something instead of just wait to react to the scripted moments.

Lee and Clem I played as very, very different people. Lee tried to be more of that guy in the middle while still recognizing the need to look past things in the situation they were in. Clem at first tried to follow his example, but even I was shocked at the end by how twisted she was becoming. That definitely influenced my choices at the end to try and find some redemption. I'm very interested in how season 3 is going to be handled given the 5 possible endings of season 2. That would truly be like playing different games at first, but it wouldn't surprise me to be funneled into the same place after maybe an episode or two.

My biggest problem with the games is probably Telltale's apparent desire to wipe the slate clean every season. Clem is clearly the main character and to them, the only one that matters. Everyone else must die. She must find a new group. Who then must all die. I know it's the zombiewalker apocalypse, but come on now... can't anybody else she knows live??

It was fun overall to see the story unfold, and I certainly felt some emotional extremes during the ride. I'll probably definitely be picking up season 3 as it comes out. May even look into Wolf Among Us and the Game of Thrones game. Between the fast action games I'm used to (and 5 of those came out this month aaaah I don't know what to play), sometimes something a little different is nice. I do still wish the "interactive" part of them was more true to the meaning of the word though.

For fans of the show or comics, definitely consider checking them out.



How To Be a Fan of Problematic Things

Posted by Ektris , in BZPower Nov 09 2014 · 267 views
Big Bang Theory, LEGO, Ideas
So I was going to quote and cite an older article that shares this entry's name, before I did a reread (been a while since I had heh) and noticed all of the language in it. It's still a good read and would be helpful context of course, so go ahead and check it out yourself if you want.

Since I'm usually the one asking this, here's what this is directly about: The Big Bang Theory. More specifically, the vitriol I've been seeing directed towards it and the upcoming Ideas set.

A set I can't wait to have.

I understand that it is not perfect, but nothing is. Everything has its faults and could somehow rub somebody the wrong way.

But the way people are acting is really making me feel bad as a fan. You're basically saying I'm scum because I find enjoyment in something that is otherwise harmless and generally innocuous. Not always, no, but not in its entirety like is being implied.

I guess I'm sorry I found something that my girlfriend and I can watch endless reruns of. That we can relax during and share a laugh, even if its poking fun of a trait one of us has. (Because you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes... and it is in no way different than any situational comedy before it.) I guess I'm sorry too for having nothing but excitement over this because hey, maybe I'll finally be able to share my love of LEGO with her by building this together. Maybe, just maybe we could and I'd feel comfortable with my collecting hobby for once... Sure seemed interested enough when I told her...

Yet the way others are acting, it's as if because they don't like something, then nobody should (even recognizing its faults) and we should have a witch hunt for anybody that does.

So what I'm truly sorry about, is that I simply cannot and will not ever share that sentiment.

I will support this. I had not expected it to happen, but for different reasons. Yet it is. So as both a fan of the show and in the interest of continuing to support Ideas projects, I will get this one way or another. It's far, far from the worst thing ever (although I do have some reservations of how good of a set they can actually come up with).



Naruto: End of an Era

Posted by Ektris , in Reading Nov 06 2014 · 250 views
Naruto, Manga
...Sort of. There is still the epilogue canon movie (set before the last two chapters to bridge the time gap) and a short series coming next year starring the next generation, but besides that it's over! :P

I've not been reading Naruto since the beginning, but I have been interested in it ever since the very first episode aired on Toonami all those years ago. It's kind of surreal to see such a juggernaut end (though of the big three [two?], I do wish a certain other one had ended sooner than Naruto..) that I've been into for so long. All those hours poured into reading and watching and at least it does have a proper resolution, even if it did get a tad convoluted at times heh.

That said, what does happen in the future and all the pairings and stuff... ugh, pitifully predictable.



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