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Bleeding Blue


Photo Shoot 9 - Roxas

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Dec 07 2014 · 187 views
Kingdom Hearts, Roxas
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This guy is big and tons of fun.



RROD & Other Gaming Stuff

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Dec 03 2014 · 187 views
Xbox, Microsoft, RROD
(Pokémon blogs generally on hiatus until I start Episode Delta, which probably won't be for a few weeks when I'm home for the holidays and have no access to my consoles. For now I suppose I'll be resuming Unity, maybe some MCC or Smash WiiU.)

Wow. After 7 years, my Xbox 360 Elite finally received the Red Ring of Death. I was well under way in Assassin's Creed: Rogue, likely to be the last game I got for the system (and why my fiancé thinks I shouldn't bother with it anymore *sigh*), when it suddenly shorted. Sort of ironic given the first game to grace its disk drive was the original Assassin's Creed game shortly after its release, one cold December 25, 2007 morning.

I spent so, so many countless hours on her. The first console I could call my own. The device that took a childhood passing interest into a real hobby.

Now I must decide her fate. Do I purchase a new 360, with necessary hard drive transfer cable and sufficient space on the console itself, at a considerable price? Or risk sending it in for repair, which I am somewhat nervous about doing? It would still cost a pretty penny, but not a few pennies like the other option.

Part of my concern is mostly anxiety induced as I've actually never mailed a package shockingly, don't even know where I would mail from here (haven't a clue where the nearest post office, FedEx office, UPS office, or whatever option they would require is), plus how do I know I've properly secured it if I can even find a box that it will fit in comfortably (actually might have a perfectly sized one right behind me from some goods received the other day...). So all generally irrational, but nonetheless make me nervous.

And if I do opt for a repair, I'd probably have to wait until the start of the year, as timing makes me even more nervous - what if it got back while I was out of town for the holidays? That's two weeks it could either be sitting outside my apartment or end up who knows where if it ends up in the office (where packages are supposed to, but sometimes inexplicably get dropped off at doors, like the one I got over Thanksgiving...) since they're only willing to hold things for 2 days over the holidays. And that wait would drive me even crazier...




Pokemon Omega Ruby - Day 10

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Dec 02 2014 · 154 views
Pokemon, Omega Ruby, Ruby
I beat the game! :D

The Elite Four was awesome. The scenery, that is. Really do love the changes they made there.

The Elite Four themselves were just boring. So boring. I beat them all with absolute ease and the incredible repetition amongst their teams sucked (all but one were different from the originals anyways, so why couldn't they have been changed bore?) as it just made them even more of a cakewalk.

Steven though... Oh man, Steven was tough. My first real challenging opponent in the game and it was totally worth it. I used multiple revives and narrowly beat him with just Sigurd left. And it was only his Mega Metagross that swept me! That thing truly packed a punch. But it made the victory (and I only challenged them once) that much sweeter.

Even the credits wowed me. All of those events with your Pokémon used at the time highlighted was an incredible touch and really helped personalize this as your journey. The ending fight with May I should have expected after what was done with AZ in XY, but after the harrowing fight I had just experienced, how I breezed past her was a little underwhelming.

Finally there was that tease for Episode Delta, which I'll be starting sometime soon. I'll resume the blogging whenever that is. But all the tease left me feeling was an even stronger disdain for Norman as a character, as it kind of just reinforced him being a pretty deadbeat husband and father, which was an agenda I felt throughout it really. The actual start of it after restarting was... interesting. At least the black haired girl we inexplicably saw highlighted during the cutscene after beating/catching the mascot Legendary will seemingly matter now. It was still kind of out of place before, though, since we hadn't met her yet.

My final team was:

Glalie, Lv. 60
Hashirama, Sceptile Lv. 57
Sigurd, Flygon Lv. 57
Altair, Swellow Lv. 56
Abyss, Sharpedo Lv. 54
Latios, Lv. 54



Pokemon Omega Ruby - Day 9

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Dec 01 2014 · 124 views
Pokemon, Omega Ruby, Ruby
Let me start off by saying, yes, I misspoke yesterday - Flash was not an HM. But I still would have been helpful for Victory Road. :P I ended up not using it of course and it did strain my eyes to see where I was going... but at least it wasn't a lot I had to get through.

The ending of Victory Road was fantastic. The changes to its scenery were beautiful, the music awesome, and fighting Wally felt important. It was a good fight too. He only managed to take out Hashirama (unfortunately), but sill wasn't boring.

The rest of Victory Road kind of was, though. The wild Pokémon's levels just seem super low in the game. The trainers are higher and closer to mine (I don't think I overleveled that much...), but fighting any wild encounters just didn't seem worth it.

Afterward I immediately set out to fix my Pokémon's moves, but remembered I now have the Eon Flute. So naturally I had to use that. Found what is probably where I can catch Cresselia, but didn't want to bother with it right now. Then removed all of their annoying HMs.

So I didn't make too much progress, but it was some. I'll be trying out the Elite Four tomorrow.

Glalie, Lv. 56
Hashirama, Sceptile Lv. 54
Sigurd, Flygon Lv. 54 (Settled on this because seriously nothing else could come to mind acceptable... red bug eyes and green horns adorn both, so close enough?)
Altair, Swellow Lv. 52
Abyss, Sharpedo Lv. 51
Latios, Lv. 51



Pokemon Omega Ruby - Day 8

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 30 2014 · 141 views
Pokemon, Omega Ruby, Ruby
(Yes, Day 8 because I really didn't play for the past two days.)

I have good news and I have bad news.



After SO MANY HOURS soft resetting, I caught an Adamant Groudon!! That took soooooooo long ugh. I literally got it as my 3DS was about to die too; it was my last attempt whilst flying today. I almost want to take back what I said about the difficult battle and the cutscenes. They're still awesome, but seriously Gamefreak... You know people care about natures. You wouldn't have introduced them in the original Ruby and Sapphire, ironically enough, if you didn't want people to care. Why do you have to keep making it progressively harder to get good ones on Legendaries though?

But the real bad news... And it's going to start off not seeming so bad. Because I got an Eon Ticket! Almost... I did get an Eon Ticket in the Chicago airport..... buuuut.... I checked if I did while still checking for Groudon and didn't save, thinking I just could sync again or it would remember..... and I couldn't..... and when I went to the delivery lady at the Poke Center, all she had was Beldum, and no Eon Ticket......

Oops. Hopefully I can still get it somehow...

Ooooh! Also! How long has their been a Mega Stone in Littleroot? XD I saw that cutscene sooo many times and it just kept taunting me. But heyyy, got a Mewtonite X for the first time.

I also beat Wallace! Mega Glalie + Freeze Dry = Beast. I stopped once I got to Victory Road. Seriously, I need Flash now too? :| NOPE. I wasted so many slots already on HMs that will need cleared, but I'm not touching that stupid one.

Glalie, Lv. 53
Hashirama, Sceptile Lv. 52
Flygon, Lv. 51
Altair, Swellow Lv. 50
Abyss, Sharpedo Lv. 49
Latios, Lv. 49



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