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Bleeding Blue


Assassin's Creed 4 & Other Updates

Posted by Electric Turahk , in BZPower, Video Games Oct 30 2013 · 141 views
Assassins Creed
So yeah...

A lot of stuff happened here, huh? A lot of not so great stuff... Stuff that shouldn't have happened...

I currently plan on reposting my lost set reviews and PokeLogs, as far as blog content is concerned.

Not sure when I'll get to that, though, because for now I'll be a little busy:

Posted Image

(That's the statue that comes with the Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, for those not recognizing it.)



LEGO Minecraft Take 2 AND 3?!

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting Aug 21 2013 · 151 views


Well that came out of nowhere. (Edit: And I just learned it was an SDCC announcement... How'd I never notice before?!)

Posted Image
Posted Image

But why won't you let me preorder them LEGO? :( (While the pages are up, there's no preorder button there that I can find...)



Attack on Titan

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Television Aug 18 2013 · 182 views
Shingeki, Titan, Anime
So I've finally completely caught up with both the anime and manga for Attack on Titan. Just couldn't avoid the hype train forever.

Let me start out by saying that I was initially turned away from the series because of its iconic titan: the Colossal Titan. This skinless behemoth I found absolutely grotesque, and really it is. I just didn't get what was so appealing about something so disgusting.

Little did I know that his appearance is pretty tame compared to the rest of the action in the series.

To say there's a bit of blood in Attack on Titan is an understatement. To sum it up as "people get eaten by giants" is a gross simplification.

This is definitely a very violent series. While I'm not inherently opposed to that - I'll admit I even like that at times - it definitely can come across as overdone here. There's usually a purpose for all of it, but nonetheless its overwhelming presence can't be ignored.

So why am I absolutely in love with it?

I'd say that's because it's so very real. Our protagonists aren't all-powerful and able to overcome whatever obstacles they face. They can and will experience great loss and even die. What they face is an enemy that is thought of as impossible to beat, and it shows.

Mysteries also abound in Attack on Titan. There's so many things unanswered to even the characters that you just want to keep watching/reading in the hope that the answers will come out. It's a very interesting world that has been crafted here and I want to know more of its past.

I still think the titans are really weird. There are quite a lot of them and not all are creepy... Until they open that massive jaw and start stuffing their faces. I suppose, however, that this is definitely the desired effect.

I would hesitantly say give this a shot. There's only 18 episodes aired right now, so there's not a whole lot of catching up to do. The only catch is the violence, which should be obvious. It can be gruesome, so definitely proceed with caution.



Biggest EVER! - Part 2

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting Aug 14 2013 · 353 views
Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but... he's here. In short order I have received both of the Transformers labeled "biggest ever" - and this next one has even just released! It came as quite a shock that we'd get anything this big, and I was definitely most pleasantly surprised. Now, here's a lock at the second of Transformers' Titans - Generations Metroplex.

Predictably, he's got a big box:

Posted Image

It's really cool, too. I probably like it more an the SDCC one (which is stupidly large because it houses him inside a second box in the outer box, although the inner one being a hangar is rather cool) because it really conveys that Metroplex is a big guy. And it's also blatantly a toy ad because it features all of the upcoming Deluxe Autobot figures, which I do want haha. Granted, the back of Fort Max's was even worse since it featured pretty much everything that was available at the time. Anyways, it looks nice.

What's in it, though...

Posted Image

Doesn't look as good. Sweet mother of twist ties... Ugh. Those were horrible. There were also loose parts on top of that which wasn't cool. And that arm... I simply cannot understand why they needed to package him with it separated. And it's not clear how you should attach it to him in the instructions, either. I initially thought I had a bad one because his arm sagged so much and fell out very easily. I tried plugging the clip in rotated 90 degrees, but there seemed to be too much resistance at first and I assumed this was wrong. Well, it was right. And my major complaint simply vanished. But it shouldn't have been packaged that way anyways.

Posted Image

So, Metroplex's vehicle mode? Yeah it looks a lot like him sitting down. I wish those big arms of his could open up and the hands flipped inside. That would help the look so much for his alternate modes. The helmet is also a nightmare since it doesn't always flip back into place properly from this configuration, leading to much fiddling. And finally it just looks bad without the stickers haha. They really do add a lot. But! He has massive wheels that work tremendously well and so this mobile battle station actually is a bit of a success.

Posted Image

City mode doesn't look as much as a city as Fort Max's, but because all of his joints, you can easily reconfigure things. I rather like the fan mode that has his legs split at a ninety degree angle so they look less like, well, legs. There's no way to fix the figure's biggest problem, though, other than just ignoring it... That ramp that comes out of his chest is just useless. It doesn't line up with the leg in either battle station or city mode. It's especially bad in city mode because it's just a straight drop. The smoothness of all of Fort Max's ramps are a major boons for the mode and rather fun. You're not having fun with this part of Metroplex's city.

Posted Image

Metroplex's bonus figure is Scamper. He does a fantastic job of reminding me that I was silly for scoffing at the Legends figures for so long as they've truly gotten pretty good. He's a fun little guy.

Posted Image

Robot mode. Robot mode robot mode robot mode. Oh boy. This is what I wanted. A genuine behemoth who can articulate so, so well. Too bad his knees and hips are pretty floppy... He'll hold a pose, but pick him up with them bent too much and the weight of his own legs will cause them to fall straight. It's also really easy to bump them out of position. This is a huuuuge contrast to Fort Max's hips, which are by far the strongest ratchet joints I have ever seen. You need a good grip to even try moving those (but that's a good thing).

Posted Image

He also really is the new biggest ever. He doesn't tower over Fort Max, but there's no denying the height advantage (which would be even more extreme if you extend the towers on his shoulders). You can also see here, compared to the previous picture, a cool little gimmick of his - he has a visor that flips down. Looks really cool when his eyes light up. His eyes, by the way, can move left and right. The chest also lights up and there are a good number of (very loud) voice clips to round out the electronics. I just wish the two AA batteries had been included haha.

Posted Image

Aaand another pic just for a size comparison.

Now as I mentioned before, I got this guy via Amazon - and he was meant to be released on August 1 for those who preordered, which I did. However, they oversold those preorders and so many had to just wait for additional stock... That would have been totally fine with me if they had just sent some sort of notice. I received nothing when my order status changed from "shipping August 1" to "no delivery date available." Come on, Amazon... A change to an order like that should automatically trigger an email notification. There's no way of knowing if you'll ever actually get your item with a status like that either. My concern was getting it before leaving for school, so luckily it didn't take long for more stock to be made available.

Sorry about that rant... So Metroplex! I like him. A lot. I just got down stickering him up before writing this (Fort Max is probably going to stay stickerless, by the way) and it helps his appearance a whoooole lot. I didn't find anything wrong with robot mode - and there weren't many stickers for that to begin with anyways. (Which reminds me - the SDCC version I mentioned. It had chrome thighs and a face. That's the only difference. If you don't care about those throwbacks to the G1 toy - which I didn't - the retail release is perfectly acceptable. I'll admit I think the chrome face really pops, but the thighs are so big I think it looked bad there.) But all of the runway details for battle station mode make it so much nicer to look at.

Hope you guys liked this look as well. And I just found where Fort Max can stand, but I'm already back to shuffling things around to make room for this guy...



Biggest EVER! - Part 1

Posted by Electric Turahk , in Collecting Aug 06 2013 · 169 views
The holy grail of many a Transformer collector, reissued at last earlier this year. For 25 years, this guy was the biggest there was. There was no rival in size... Until this year. He's now only second-best in terms of height, and I fully plan on owning the new titan (but of course I went with Amazon, who oversold their preorders and my order is now basically in limbo so who knows when I'll get one...). Anyways, here's Part 1 of my look into Transformer's Titans - Fortress Maximus.

First of all, sweet mother of boxes!

Posted Image

And... sweet mother of toys!

Posted Image

Fort Max is insanely big! I've watched reviews and I've looked at pictures and I've gotten a sense of his size before... but you just really can't appreciate it until you see him in hand. And it's not just the size, but his weight. This guy is one solid toy and I'm thoroughly impressed by something of its age.

Next up, I took the few Legends Autobots I have to play with city mode a bit:

Posted Image

All of the gimmicks here work well and thanks to his size, is a pretty convincing toy of a city haha. I really like it.

Posted Image

Battle station mode is kind of a joke. It's just pretty meh to me.

Posted Image

So Fort Max comes with some other little guys. The blue brick on the right, Cog, is a cool addition and I get why they were included - to add playability if you didn't have any other small vehicles. But he is just a brick and is pretty meh. Cerebros and Spike, on the other hand, I find pretty cool. Being a double headmaster is a big draw of Fort Max, so even though Cerebros looks rather bland, that gimmick is fun.

Posted Image

Finally, robot mode, and... sweet mother of swords!

Seriously, that is a big sword! And something that I was really looking forward to. My first exposure to Fort Max was in the Robots in Disguise cartoon, so my mental image of him has vastly different colors than what I've got... But that sword was a big part of it. I wish it came with the handled for Omega Prime, but that Optimus is apparently being reissued in the near future with the sword, so maybe I can buy it from somebody then. :P

Posted Image

Robot mode Fort Max also has access to a toooon of guns. This guy has no shortage of weapons and it's awesome.

So, Fortress Maximus. The former largest Transformer of all time. He's fun to look at, fun to play with (even if he is your standard G1 brick for the most part), and although I thought it would be cool to, I never thought of owning one. So a huuuuuge thanks to Optibotimus, who gave this guy away as part of his 50,000 subscriber contest on YouTube! (And this was second place!) Seriously, Paul, you are awesome.

I haven't put any stickers on the guy yet, mostly because I know in the future he'll be worth more with an intact sticker sheet haha. Do you guys think I should sticker him up though? There's quite a lot... And he'll look so much more impressive with them. I'm pretty indecisive on the matter.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the look, and let me know if there's anymore you'd like to know/see. Now if only I could find a place to display him...



Posted Image
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