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Bleeding Blue


Pokemon Omega Ruby: Day 4

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 24 2014 · 179 views
Pokemon, Ruby, Omega Ruby
Seemingly not much interest this year, huh? Meh... For anyone actually reading: suggestions on a nickname for Trapinch?! Was unable to come up with one myself I liked much.

I have gotten to the point of acquiring my Mega Bracelet! And wow, I sure did like how that was introduced.


Team building has been a big focus of today's play. A lot has changed and a lot of catching up needs to be done. I like the additions though. I am somewhat worried that I'll basically have three Dragon types, counting Mega Sceptile. Mayhaps Latios won't stay permanently. His sudden inclusion throws a wrench in things, because now either he or Asuna needs cut for Glalie, whom I still intend to withdraw soon.

One change to the remakes I rather like is the scripted teleportation. There was an awful lot of backtracking in the originals. Just so much. But with the exception of being taken to Mauville after the encounter in Meteor Falls, they've been super convenient in my opinion. Especially going to fight Norman. Oh man was that one great. Getting there so easily, that is. Fighting his Slakings was still a massive pain. :P

Team now:

Altair, Swellow Lv. 35
Hashirama, Grovyle Lv. 34
Asuna, Gardevoir Lv. 34
Latios, Lv. 30
Trapnich, Lv. 27
Abyss, Carvanha Lv. 26

Back in the box:
Biscuit, Masquerain Lv. 32
Akamaru, Mightyena Lv. 30
Rocket, Zigzagoon Lv. 14 (Needed somebody who could surf. :lol:)



Pokemon Omega Ruby: Day 3

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 23 2014 · 90 views
Pokemon, Ruby, Omega Ruby
What even is New Mauville?!?!

Seriously that radical change reeeeally threw me off. I also find it kind of confusing to navigate... But hey, at least there's the joy of technically using a bike in a building (since it's a mall). :3

Took out Wattson for my third badge with a little difficulty. I am really, really feeling the lack of a Fire Pokémon. It is a feeling I am not even remotely used to lol. I caught a Numel, but I'm not really keen on using a Camerupt... Not that there's likely to be any better alternatives. :( Are there...?? I can only think of Torkoal off of the top of my head and that's not an improvement to me.

Also got two Mega Stones already. I was not expecting to come across them. And I don't even have my ring or have been told anything about them except Steven briefly mentioning Mega Evolution to himself... Really weird coming off of X and Y.

Hashirama, Grovyle Lv. 25
Altair, Swellow Lv. 25
Biscuit, Masquerain Lv. 24
Tohsaka, Dustox Lv. 23
Asuna, Kirlia Lv. 23
Akamaru, Mightyena Lv. 23

I did also choose to transfer Glalie today. Once the rest of the team catches up, I'll withdraw him then in Biscuit's place.



Pokemon Omega Ruby: Day 2

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 22 2014 · 135 views
Pokemon, Ruby, Omega Ruby
Got an excellent amount of time in today during my air travel! :)

I've now acquired two badges and even won my first contest - cool, with Hashirama. On a related note, I am currently soft resetting for a good Cosplay Pikachu heh. I'm definitely not going to be using it in my team, but it might be fun to train up later. What won't be fun is having a big gap in my Living Dex now where the other costumes will go... And the massive amount of box shifting that is going to involve uuuugh.

Team right now:

Hashirama, Grovyle Lv. 20
Altair, Taillow Lv. 20
Tohsaka, Dustox Lv. 20
Biscuit, Surskit Lv. 18 (Seriously could not come up with a nickname... mumbling "Surskit" over and over had my girlfriend thinking I was saying Biscuit, so uh, that's how that happened lol.)
Akamaru, Poochyena Lv. 17
Asuna, Ralts Lv. 17

Those who left the service:
Seedot, Lv. 4
Rocket, Zigzagoon Lv. 6

I'm thinking I'll transfer Glalie tomorrow. It's likely to replace Biscuit. I also want to eventually have a Flygon to replace Akamaru, but then that would leave me without a water type (and oh boy will I need one) since I don't want to drop any of the others... I suppose I could just get a designated HM lackey. Tohsaka might be expendable too. We'll see.

I am definitely having fun though, as I expected. Always is fun to go through a new Pokémon campaign, and Hoenn is a region I have not visited in a long time. Just also trying to take my time (which is going to be hard as the only game I have to play for the next week).



Pokemon Omega Ruby: Day 1

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Nov 21 2014 · 100 views
Pokemon, Ruby
Hellooooo everybody! And welcome back to ET plays Pokémon! :D This time, we bring you Omega Ruby!

I didn't play a whole lot today - because I'm flying out for a week tomorrow so will have a lot of time to play en route and wanted to play my console games tonight heh. I basically spent most of the day fretting over which starter to choose and after deciding, soft resetting. Lots and lots of that. And my choice my come as a surprise... Because I, the "Always. Pick. Fire. ALWAYS" guy picked...


If I were to attempt to quantify my excitement over using Mega Blaziken again, it would be negative. Mega Sceptile, on the other hand, sounds awesome.

That out of the way... let me just say I absolutely adored the beginning of the game by having the old intro playing on your in-game GameboyPokeNav.

The sneaking and rare moves via DexNav is a really interesting mechanic. Wonder what kind of stuff we'll be able to get. So far I just have a Poochyena with Thunder Fang, but that's still pretty darn cool.

Team for now (which is going to change real fast tomorrow I imagine):

Hashirama, Treecko Lv. 8
Wurmple Lv. 6
Rocket, Zigzagoon Lv. 6
Akamaru, Poochyena Lv. 6
Surskit Lv. 3
Seedot Lv. 2



Lazer Team Extra Update

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Nov 19 2014 · 133 views
RoosterTeeth, Lazer Team, Acting
Just the other day, I had just accepted that I wasn't going to get a part. Filming will be wrapping soon and I just had that feeling that whatever was written on my paper after I said "yes, I have a full time job" really was a killing blow.

Fast forward to this afternoon and I'm sitting in a networking event and my phone starts buzzing like crazy, so I check it. Just happened to get five emails at once (moving in and out of service within the building maybe), and one happens to be from the casting agency behind the extras for the film!

I hastily open that one and begin reading. What's one of the first things they get out of the way? Why, the date of course. It's... it's next Tuesday... when I'll be out of town.

My hopes were most swiftly shattered and then crushed.

I... I guess there's still a chance for whatever filming will be left after... But how likely are they to return to somebody who has already said no once? I even had on the form I submitted the dates I was unavailable and this one was included in the range... Probably really desperate for people considering they are trying to film right before Thanksgiving.





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