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Pokemon White 2: Day 7

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 14 2012 · 131 views
Caught Cobalion and Virizion. Having legendaries (besides the version mascots) basically forced upon you is quite different from any other game, but it made them feel actually important for once. So I liked that. Granted I'm not using them but still. :P

Also beat Drayden for my 7th badge! And then Team Plasma had to ruin all of the fun. And it's about time they did! What I loved about White was how intertwined the story was with the entier game. Every step of the way involved story somehow, even up to and including the Elite Four. That was just incredible, as that hadn't been done before. They were always the place you went after the story was done. Now they were part of it.

Not so much here. At least it hasn't quite felt that way. Just the random grunts every now and again with a mass of story thrown on right before your final badge. Reminds me quite a lot of generations 4 and 3...

Anywho, my team:

Electabuzz, lv. 44
Pumbaa, Emboar lv. 45
Chirox, Crobat lv. 46
Espeon, lv. 46
Lucario, lv. 50
Macku, Azumarill lv. 45



Hip Roleplay Toy of the YEAR!

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting, Video Games Oct 13 2012 · 195 views
Assassins Creed

Posted Image

And fun. Loads of fun. :D

But I know it's a collector's item so I fear breaking it, so won't be playing with it too much... But dang this thing is cool. And the blade really shoots out with a lot of force! So the horror stories of the thing already breaking by the blade shooting across the room - totally realistic.

But I'm still way too happy to have this and am looking forward to ACIII even more now. ^_^



Pokemon White 2: Day 6

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 13 2012 · 124 views
Got my sixth badge and made it through Reversal Mountain! Also visited the "Strange House." I'll admit, when the ghost girl appeared at first I was pretty freaked out lol.

Chirox, Crobat lv. 42
Lucario, lv. 41
Macku, Azumarill lv. 41
Pumbaa, Emboar lv. 40
Espeon, lv. 40
Electabuzz, lv. 41

Also did my first few missions in the Entralink. Yep, just as boring as in the last game.



Pokemon White 2: Day 5

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Oct 12 2012 · 109 views
Pumbaa, Pignite lv. 35
Chirox, Crobat lv. 35
Electabuzz, lv. 36
Espeon, lv. 35
Lucario, lv. 36
Macku, Azumarill lv. 35

Well, got my 5th badge and am about to get my sixth. This is also the point in the game where my team is pretty much cemented in place and I'll be hard-pressed to change it, not wanting to deal with training again... But we'll see. There's a lot that could change.

Also, the Habitat List continues to be a favorite new feature of mine. It's veeery nice being able to see so clearly in-game what can be found where just at a glance. Although I have found it leaves off one-offs like legendaries, which is a bit of a shame really. (Or in my case the Volcarona I accidentally stumbled upon.) You'd think those would've been easy to program into the lists since they're only in that place.



Hip Action Figure of the DAY!

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Oct 11 2012 · 807 views
Power Rangers, Toys
SH Figuarts TyrannoRanger / MMPR Red Ranger!

The line of super-poseable, super-accurate figures finally gets to the original Power Rangers.

Posted Image

I've got some qualms with it, but overall I think it's a thing of beauty.



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