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Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted: October Haul Part 3

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting, Video Games Oct 31 2012 · 426 views
Assassins Creed, Pokemon
Alternatively: ALL OF MY WANT.

The video game portion of my monthly haul. And the real reason this has been split into several entries... Because of all of this:

Posted Image

Soooooo yeah. I wasn't going to get the LImited Edition, I swear. :P But last week, I got an email from Gamestop about my original pre-order (since they were now processing them). Seems, as I made it all the way back on March 7th, my credit card had since expired. So I thought "no big deal, I'll go update it."

It wouldn't let me. D:

So... I caved, cancelled it, and swiftly pre-ordered the Limited Edition. I'm weak like that.

So far I like it all. The statue I didn't think I'd want, but it looks impressive and I'm glad I have. I'll have to find a use for that belt buckle though... The flag is getting hung up in my dorm room window for all to see. Washington's journal I haven't read yet.

And the game? Well... I only played for an hour so far. And half of that was spent wasting time in a mini-game.

I have a feeling I'll be enjoying this for a while. :D

Oh I also got this too as far as video games are concerned:
Posted Image

Oh, and would anybody be interested in daily blogs about my AC3 journey? The Pokemon ones seemed popular, but here my worry is that everything would be spoiler-filled and not that great to be blogging about. Let me know!



Halloween Entry: Favorite Candy!

Posted by Ektris , in Personal Oct 31 2012 · 452 views
Halloween, Candy
Another survey brought to you by the fine folks of CollegeHumor:

Posted Image

Kinda hard to argue with this one.



Kamen Ride Shockwave: October Haul Part 2

Posted by Ektris , in Collecting Oct 31 2012 · 277 views
Kamen Rider, Transformers
Gonna have a muuuuch more impressive and awesome picture (not that I don't find these figures awesome :P) later tonight when I pick up a very special package this afternoon. ;)

Posted Image

So yeah. Some SHF pre-orders came in and I finally got around to getting the glorious FOC Shockwave. Now if only I could find Prime Dreadwing, I'd be mostly happy with TFs right now... (And if a TRU magically sprung up near me and I could get MP Prime, but oh well.) Also probably not going to buy some SHFs for quite a while. Not many new ones coming out that I don't want to get for cheaper off Mandarake than a pre-order... And I need to save money, despite there also being still pleeeenty of older ones I could get.



Star Wars Episode 7 - by Disney?!

Posted by Ektris , in Movies Oct 30 2012 · 517 views
Star Wars, Disney
My mind is still trying to process it. I... I don't know what to think...

Some of me wants to be excited. It really does. I'd like to see a new movie.


I swear to god if they make Mara Jade nonexistant...





Posted by Ektris , in Personal Oct 30 2012 · 609 views

Lesson learned: Don't fall asleep with contacts in, even if accidentally.



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