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Q: Who's Better: Link Or Mario?

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Peach 00


So seriously, guys. Who's better? They've been such classics over the years, with such great moments with wonderful childhood memories and good games. All of it have made these characters gaming icons since the late 80's and early 90's.


Just to see what you guys think I figured I'd post this.


...That and I'm bored. :P


(SCORE: Link: 9 Mario: 2)

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Can I be the only one to say Mario because nobody else has? :P Not that I don't like Link, he's probably my second favorite Nintendo character, but Mario basically started it all for us. Plus, the old SNES Mario games and all the other greats were just awesome, not to mention classic. =D

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I haven't played any of the games of either of these guys, so I'm in no position to judge, but I'd say Link.

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You have to respect Mario. He's basically the building block of all video game characters. He's pretty unique in form, a plummer who eats mushrooms while saving a princess from a giant flame breathing turtle.




Link is the essence of the term, "Hero". He's kind, loyal, a warrior, a friend, the chosen one... He can sail boats, operate trains, he's a diver, a traveler who has journeyed to every regional location besides space (something, granted, Mario was able to do) he's a musician of many instruments, a mail man, a swordsman, and an archer. He has no known traces of ever being racist, sexist, a hypocrite. He gives small lies and has killed only when innocent lives are at stake. (He has been known to smash pots, however there is no evidence this was done out of anger, disrespect or revenge.) He's also by the opinion of most women, and quite a few men, to be extremely attractive.


Besides that the man can: Control the weather, travel through dimensions, travel through time and in his latest game, can FLY. And don't even get me started on the fans who've made him EVERYTHING else.


Finally, every child descendant of his, was named after his name.


Link wins. lol



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Mario, no contest. Link is cool, there's no doubt about it, but he's way more stereotypical: elven hero with a bow and arrow/sword in a magic land. Cool? Sure. Original? Eh.


Mario, conversely, is an Italian plumber who can shoot fire from his hands against evil turtles and plants.


There's just a certain creativity and zaniness that makes Mario a really fun series. The Zelda series also has its appeal, but it just never reached that level of "interesting" for me.

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I don't like Mario, I much prefer Luigi. So in this case I'll say Link, even though the only game of his I've played is the Four Swords Anniversary Edition.

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So, what we have established from this is that Link rules for many good reasons (He can turn into a wolf, which is awesome, he can travel through time, etc.).


You guys have to play the SNES Mario games, guys. :P

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Link all the way.


And I've played Super Mario World, just to follow up on the above point. =P(Not Yoshi's Island, but the Ambassador games for the GBA should fix that soon enough.)

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