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  1. During this year's spring break, I, being a certified SCUBA diver, took advantage of this year's tenth anniversery of the Mahri Nui storyline, which as you all know took place underwater. I brought with two of the 2007 Bionicle sets, Toa Mahri Matoro and the Barakki Ehlek down to the Bahamas and on St. Patrick's Day brought both of them 15 feet into the depths and took several pictures of both hero and villian in various poses. It was a huge hit in Bionicle fan groups on FaceBook, so I am sure that you guys on BZPower will love it. Enjoy. Sorry for some blurriness, it was because I took these pictures through my iPhone encased in a waterproof bag. Don't worry, I still have that Ignika.
  2. This video perfectly captures the reasons why I fell in love with Bionicle in the first place, with its high drama with gripping characters combined with great artwork and fantastic music. The MNOG is THE reason Bionicle became more than just a Lego Toy-Line and transformed into something that would latch onto my heart until the end of my days.
  3. For me, what made Bionicle special was its atmosphere and strong focus on story and character development. The way the Island of Mata Nui was designed, especially in the MNOG, with its six distinct areas all focused on each element (Ko-Wahi a snowy plain, Po-Wahi a vast desert, Ta-Wahi a volcanic wasteland, you get the picture) made it a genuinely facinating place to venture around, and thus made it a more unique place than, say, The Island of Sodor from the Railway Series or even Cybertron fron the Transformers. Oh, and the music from the MNOG was unlike anything I had ever heard, with a tone similar to Peter Gabriel with synthesis provided an increadibly unique experience experience that hasn't aged in fifteen years!
  4. Now that Bionicle has ended (AGAIN), I would like to ask this question: If Bionicle is rebooted in Generation 3, how would you want it? Would you want a fresh story with all-new characters and storyline, or a continuation of the previous storylines? And if it is a continuation, which Generation would you want the reboot to follow, G1 or G2? As for me, I would like it to be a continuation of the original G1 we all know and love, with the story of G2 somehow worked into the whole story, for example the original Toa could have disappeared for centuries in Spherus Magna so they could be at Okoto. What about you?
  5. Make a romantic move on Tilera.
  6. Ask for a nearby village.
  7. Since 2016's on its way, I cannot help but wonder if anyone has even seen a trailer for the upcoming Bionicle Netflix Series. Based on what I've read, it should be on by February, but there's no trailer yet!
  8. I remember the trailer for this, that flute noise in the end really scared me. Apart from it, I would have LOVED this game!
  9. A brilliant starting A mediocre ending A growing reboot
  10. Scan your local area for any villagers or life forms.
  11. I LOVE the theme music which plays in the background of the character videos, and I really really want to know, where can I find the MP3 of the theme, without any background noises? That would mean the world to me.
  12. After playing Telltale's PHENOMENAL games based on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it couldn't help but think about what would happen if Lego joined forces with Telltale to create an episodic game adventure based on Bionicle! It could easily use the Toa (or Masters, if you prefer) as the multiple playable protagonists, similar to Game of Thrones, so it would be beyond awesome in my opinion. What do you think?
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