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  1. I'll keep an eye on this, I have a misprint Panrahk kraata that is tranparant pearl olive green metallic over it's normal tan, and have no idea what to list it for either http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6557793 for pics
  2. Avid collector, but hit a financial wall recently, would love to negotiate a price or a trade for one! As to what I've heard, the yellow huna was a prototype, along side many others, glad to see it rise above "one existing" to make it slightly more realistic to get a hold of for collectors, now if only those transparent blue noble Kanohi Rau would show up.. And good luck!
  3. What's the going rate for a TOK these days? Anyway, I've got one I could sell
  4. If you're not a purest you can conjour up 2003 style Onu-matoran useing a black torso in combination with the light blue, tan, white, or red body (with that being the secondary color) I did this a while back and I fell in love with the results!! Example Black torso Light blue body Light blue bohrok arms Black sockets Black feet Black thigh Light blue Mahiki As for green however... Best I can say is using a similar idea with hunter green torso and limbs and pairing with red and white
  5. Unrealted but I have a listing on ebat with my misprint kraata if you're looking, (just search that) And I'm also curious about the great dark blue ruru, I have one in... "Fair" condition. But consider other buyers before me
  6. I'll see if I can fix that, but I'll ship worldwide!
  7. Will ship anywhere, bidding is open on Ebay!! Good luck.
  8. Posted on Ebay due to some very hard times for me and my family, I am selling a lot on ebay of 4 items. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Bionicle-Kaukau-mismould-mask-Misprint-Kraata-Chrome-Matatu/112853266574 The Trans-Orange Kraata is a rare collectible that was included in the purchase of select Nike shoes more then a decade ago, the Chrome Matatu is a custom I picked up in a lot long ago, it is in like new shape!! The Mismoulded Kaukau Nuva is the pride and joy of my collection, since it is the only one known, the flaw (seen in picture 2) is a symmetrical cut-away where not enough plastic was injected into the mold! And the Trans-Olive green/tan Kraata is a misprint from my first Panrahk set back in 2003, I don't have too many pictures the share but there are spots where light can shine completely through the green, put against the normal kraata on the right of pictures 4 & 5 you can especially see the difference!!! I hate to let them go, but to someone who can provide a better home, I will be happy.. I wanted to sell them on BZPower but the site isn't receiveing the traffic I would hope for anymore.
  9. Selling misprint Panrahk Kraata Mismoulded Kaukau Nuva Custom chrome Matatu Trans-Orange Kraata https://m.ebay.com/itm/Bionicle-Kaukau-mismould-mask-Misprint-Kraata-Chrome-Matatu/112853266574
  10. I've been in communications with Socketball as well, I really enjoy Flintsmith's work, I'm not personally a collector of metal masks besides chrome, but his plastic masks is really intriguing! Ty for the info!
  11. I may look to purchase the red Ruru, Pakari, Akaku orange Rau, Matatu, Vahi gray Rau, light blue Komau, Ruru lime Komau, Matatu tan Huna, blue Akaku green Akaku white Kakama 1 Kongu figure, no disk
  12. While dying masks a while ago (with Acetone and hot water) one of the tan Komau resulted in this strange pattern Mask: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/banana92/Dyed-masks/20171106_211558.jpg It reminds me of aged porcelain, the top of the mask reflects light more then normal after the acetone treatment (this was from my first try) and it came out of the same batch that resulted in my Sand Blue Rau I'm looking to get something out of it since I can't recreate it, I can only ship within the US. I'm not sure how to auction but maybe start at $1 and I'll end the auction on Nov. 15th
  13. I'm looking to get my hands on an original dyed mask, I've wanted the trans-purple Kaukau for a long time, and the trangerine Miru more recently, I have a fair ammount to trade but I may purchase one if needed I own some rare and misprint items. I am not as big a collector of metallic dyed masks or metal masks (besides some chrome masks I had made) but I'll consider them.
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