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    Bionicle. It will never die for me. It always lives on in my heart. I am part of the "Bring Back Bionicle Club." Feel free to join. It is not exclusive to those who dislike Hero Factory or to those who aren't fans. Anyone may join as long as they wish to bring Bionicle back.<br /><br />Kingdom Hearts. Major fan here. I have every single game in English except for CoM, Coded, Re:Coded, BbS. PM me if you want to talk about the series of video games.<br /><br />Welsh Corgi Pembrokes. I have two of them, and they are my favorite little puppies in the world. PM me if you want to talk about them.

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  1. Nobody, presumably.

  2. I think I'll join. Is that okay?
  3. What Ak said.


  4. Akaku

    HAHA! It is not Justin Bieber! The emails for his hotmail account and the account here are different

  5. Akaku

    Are you or are you not Justin Bieber? I MUST KNOW!

  6. Akaku


    I'm guessing you're not the real Justin Bieber... big fan?

  7. I couldve swarn ive seen you're name somewere... =P


  8. Is that him in your Personal Photo?

  9. Hey! You also have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I have two. Cool!

  10. You don't have to give me credit for using that Kopaka banner if you don't want to.

  11. How do you pronounce that name?

  12. You should probably PM somebody else, because Surreality said he was going to bed now. :P

  13. You're eleven days older than I am. :P

  14. SO..MANY.. POSTS!

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