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  1. Dwanny

    3 years - what happened?

    ...nostalgia, maybe? I dunno, you still seem as bubbly as ever to me. (nice work on the hair, btw)
  2. When I first started out on this site, I was a little 12-year-old dweeb who liked drawing and thought he was absolutely amazing at it. I also liked Bionicles, which (surprise, surprise) led me to this place. I found the General Art forum and I was sold. Despite being some pretentious kid, the community was always really supportive and kind - not only to me, but to everyone. That's why, even though I'm no longer active, I have always loved this forum. The constructive criticism and support I have received from the dudes and dudettes here really made me want to get better at drawing and be as friendly and awesome and clever and awesome and amazing as all of you people. Whether or not I have succeeded is another point entirely. However, I always feel really guilty for having left the way I did. All these great people who have influenced me in so many ways, and I just kinda faded into the background and stopped coming here. It feels wrong. I want you guys to know that although I've moved on to different things, you guys have always been on my mind. After some debate, I decided to turn this into an art dump. Not so much to show off what I've been up to, but to be able to (in some incredibly marginal way) give back to the community. And okay, maybe to show off a little. Just a little. With all my heart, I hope you enjoy. ayy lmao I'm not dead http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2014/227/d/0/entwined_by_chauvinistcabbage-d7v96jk.jpg http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2015/039/9/4/roger_waters_by_chauvinistcabbage-d8h5yzy.jpg http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/162/c/0/comatose_tranquility_by_chauvinistcabbage-d7lwml1.jpg http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/324/f/9/rock_is_eternal_by_chauvinistcabbage-d872o7c.jpg P.S: That got pretty emotional. Sorry if it's a bit sappy, but this place means a lot to me. P.P.S: the Kanohi Huna is still my icon of choice for every art forum. c:
  3. You did so much right here, but (to me) the composition has to be the most impressive. The water perfectly draws attention to the mask, which in it's turn perfectly draws attention to the eyes. Her stance is spot on, the asymmetry in the arms is surprisingly effective, and don't get me started on the knees. I'm in awe. Sir, I commend you.
  4. As the image started to load, I glimpsed cartoony planets and a nicely stylized body. And then the face. Great job on making it so unnerving with so few lines!
  5. Definitely the great community, and the awesome staff. The creative subforums are also pretty swish.
  6. 1. Belgium. 2. Dutch, French and English (although I understand Latin and ancient Greek, I can not speak them). 3. Yes. 4. If you look in the right places. 5. 2-4 weeks. 6. In store is easier (and cheaper). 7. Whatever we don't have, I order. 9. . . . 10. No, but sorry, I don't remember you.
  7. My favorite would have to be the original toa. You just can't beat the classics. They all had so much personality. Seconded by the barakki, because, you know, Takadox. My least favorite would have to be the stars. They were just so darn pointless, and you couldn't do anything with them in terms of MOCing.
  8. I have my very first bionicle, Turaga Vakama standing on my desk. He's there to make sure I do my homework.
  9. Gee, that's tricky. I'd have to say that Bionicle attracted the perfect crowd. It also helps that we have brilliant staff. Another thing is that BZP has some relatively strict rules. If you check out other forums with less rules, you will notice that things get messy fast. And finally, i think it thrived because it targeted a very specific core group, most of them with somewhat similar interests.
  10. I would have to say Onua. I tend to be quiet, not saying much unless it's important. I do have some slight traces of Whenua, primarily due to my love of history.
  11. I heard of it via another bionicle-crazed friend of mine. Both of us were (and still are) very much interested in spriting, and he showed me the cool bionicle sprites found here. At first i just lurked around looking at the cool sprites and comics, but eventually i became interested in the other things discussed here and i joined.
  12. I wasn't on BZP in the "golden days", but i checked it out multiple times as a guest. I especially liked all the sprites and comics. Yet for some strange reason i decided not to join. However, Bionicle has been a huge part of my childhood, and it feels hard to imagine life without it.
  13. Dwanny

    Shiny feature is shiny

    A sophisticated font makes everything sound sophisticated. I say, I say. Jolly good show old bean. See? Works.
  14. 2001 - Turaga Vakama 2002 - Tahu Nuva 2003 - Turahk 2004 - Vihsola 2005 - Whenua Hordika 2006 - Hakann 2007 - Matoro Mari 2008 - Lewa Nuva 2009 - Strakk 2010 - Piraka Amazing how we can all remember these.
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