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    I'm just a fan who's been with BIONICLE since the very beginning.

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  1. Congratulations Roa on the glorious victory, you've done a great job building your MOC =) Despite the fact that it's so huge it looks complicate and stylish. Hope to see more photos of the grand prize itself soon.
  2. Wow, you're playing really great. Thanks for the cover!
  3. I've played it and I think that the game itself is quite good, but Lego could make it much better, more complicated maybe... By the way, anyone knows how you could unlock bonus levels for each character?
  4. Everything is going just fine now. Anticipating more Bionicle-related things to be released =)

  5. Get excited and make things.

  6. I put into them some of the my BIO parts, especially weapons and armor pieces.
  7. It will be nice to see Barraki before their mutation.
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