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  1. Hey, wanna join the Kanohi Force?

  2. WANT. LOVE. MISAKO. POSTMAN. THANK YOU LEGO. In all seriousness, it's beautiful.
  3. I don't care much for exclusives, honestly. It IS a pretty cool mask, though.
  4. Just a few corrections. 1.) This blue tribe are new additions to the Frosticons; just continuing this year's trend of adding more members to old headliner tribes. 2.) The 2x2 tile Gurggle is holding is called a Cubit. It's an ore used to combine Mixels in the shorts. This one in particular is a Rainbow Cubit, which can mix any two Mixels regardless of tribe, while other Cubits have a set two colors. This is the first time Cubits have made their way into the LEGO sets, which is awesome! 3.) That purple tribe has been concluded to be based on food. All of their names reference food, the mockup bags from Nuremberg Toy Fair have giant food in the artwork, each holds a food prop or two, and Vaka-Waka's bottom head's teeth look discolored due to eating (possibly cavities? He seems to be holding ball-like candies). Thanks for covering my favorite theme next to BIONICLE!
  5. Yup, all of the episodes are On Demand! Watched them all over the past two days, and I was blown away.
  6. I love that you used Wuzzo for the article photo! Same here. Still, it looks like lavender is lacking a bit on Berp and Vaka-Waka... which kinda upsets me. Save us, Snax!
  7. Yep. That's because the Series 4 Mixels (sans the Infernites) live on a celestial body called Mixel Moon, which is still in the Mixels universe, but it is a different planet compared to last year's Mixel Land (think of it as the Mixels' Earth). There's still a big chance that the old tribes visit the alien ones in the cartoon, though!
  8. Who else can FEEL THE POWAAAAAAAAA after watching that episode?
  9. A HUGE congratulations to you! Please do keep us updated.
  10. The sets should now be available everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Get on it.
  11. Guys, absolutely no need to worry! The game is coming to Android, as the trailer and back of set instructions confirms. Anyway, I got this on my mom's iPad a few hours ago. Not the best game ever, however I am enjoying it! I've already completed Lewa's campaign, and working on Gali now.
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