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  1. Awesome. Keeping the gold confined to the mask is a unique yet satisfying design decision. You've really captured the feel of the Avohkii with your brick build, and the end result is spectacular. What's with those two ball joints above the hips, though?
  2. Dope. Of all the weapons, I think I like Onewa's and Nokama's best. The brick-built masks are the bee's knees. The only iffy part is Whenua's weapon- it would work great for a Nupau Inika, but it just doesn't feel like Whenua's tools. I'm all for interesting twists on original designs, but when the rest of the Toa have their original weapons sans artistic license, it's a bit out of place. But on the whole, these MOCs are awesome and I can't wait to see Matau and Vakama!
  3. Thanks for the response! Now that I have UtD, it seems to me that the hip function works better with more weight on it. UtD swivels easier and with less squeaking than my Onua and Gali.
  4. 'Cuz TLG didn't wanna churn out money for more than one mold.
  5. No. Would you sell your soul for a corn chip?
  6. OOC: Sorry if y'all were waiting on me. Didn't see Mel's post. IC (Torak): Torak saw Mintsy raise her pistol. Undeterred, he continued his charge.
  7. Entire summer wave minus Quake in TRU in Colorado.
  8. Picked up UtD and Ekimu. Love them. Ekimu really surprised me, he now takes the top spot in my book. They're now posed in glorious combat on my desk. They complement each other nicely.
  9. Some glorious art by BZP user bionicleFanatic.
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