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  1. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju “Ah, very good, you are full of kindness and I thank you for it,” Sorilax nodded, “I suppose when I am finished I shall come back here, unless we run into each other before then. Farewell for now.” He turned to walk away. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju “You could? Hummmm….” Sorilax pondered the prospect for a good thirty seconds. The offer was too good to pass up. Teleportation was very useful. “I do think that would be desirable to myself, but would it be quite alright if I took a stroll around the village first? You said Viltia might be here, and I do think it would be nice to see her before we go. And see if any knowledge needs to be given to others.” Sorilax tapped his chin, “That is, if you have the time to wait. I understand if you do not, and in that case I would take you up on your offer immediately.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju Sorilax shrugged in turn, “Very well. In any case, if you should have any need of me for any reason, you can…” He paused. “Actually, I’m not quite sure yet what I want to do next or where to go. Perchance investigate the portal you came through a month ago. Or finish researching the Taboo I’m in the middle of. Or see if anyone needs my help in this village.” A hardlight hand scratched at his chin, “What I desire most is to see with my own optics how Le-Metru Nuva has fared in my absence, then continue on with my Grand Wish, but I feel compelled to stay in this valley, or close to it, until Sala returns.” Sorilax stood, the hardlight chair disappearing. “A true puzzle if ever there was one. Time is no longer on my side.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju “By jove! That is quite spectacular to hear, indeed! No longer does it sound like they are just surviving. It does me good to hear such things.” Sorilax took a look at the villages and the two portals in the valley. Sidra had mentioned coming from one of them. Perhaps there was something there for him to find. Another Taboo, perhaps? If he sought it out, he would be as close to Kini-Nui as he could be while still exploring the island. He turned back to Sidra, “Did you need any assistance of any kind before I go on my way?” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju Sorilax spent a good minute mulling over the information. The Far Shore was a dangerous place indeed. And the world around him might have grown far more dangerous in his absence. But his fear subsided as reality set in. He could change nothing, and for the longest time, time itself had meant nothing to him. He would make do and still strive for his Grand Wish. He owed it to all the morally good beings in the world. No, for all Life, good and bad. He would make things better. He realized that meant he might not see Sala again for quite some time. He… shouldn’t wait. Sala would want him to continue on with his Grand Wish, he was sure. Plus, Sala had Avagah now. And that Air Hatchet. Surely he would be fine on his own and could even make it back to Le-Metru Nuva. “That is quite unfortunate indeed. And I suppose it means I should not wait around for Sala, as time is fickle in the Far Shore. Have things been well in Le-Metru Nuva this past month? I do so earnestly hope they have been.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju It made sense this Far Shore projection was prone to the same type of shifting he had seen on his travels. Perhaps this Nuju was more a manifestation of the Far Shore than he was the being he had once been. Sidra addressed him. Sorilax nodded, his flower crown from Vhisola still as fresh as the day she had made it, “Sala and I were gone for a week, first studying the Air Suva and then traveling here, where I then met you. You were here when I entered the Far Shore. I only spent half a week in there, surely only that amount of time has passed.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju Sorilax frowned, “My what?!” He pondered this. His connection to his Grand Wish and Taboos had been greatly strengthened there. It… it actually made sense. “I suppose that indeed does make sense, if true.” He turned his head at the mention of the village. WHOA. There was an actual village! Sidra’s question put fear in his soul. He turned to Nuju, “How long have I been gone?” Any amount of time was too much. What if one of his brothers or sisters had completed their Grand Wish, or at least were now far ahead of him? It would be his fault if disaster befell all of Life. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju Sorilax stowed away the vial of unidentified liquid, swinging his backpack back into place. Of course Nuju would ignore his questioning, just as before. He was a Matoran of half truths. Handing out just enough information to get what he needed. An Aspect of Makuta in all forms except physical. If Sorilax ever got a Makoki Stone, he might very well never proffer it to the Ko-Matoran. Still, he did want to tell someone of his adventure and Sidra was here as well. “I traveled a dead world covered in ice and mysteries. I saw buildings too tall to see the ground and infinite in number. I saw science very much in the vein of Taboos. And I saw the aftermath of an unnatural power used in abundance and without boundaries. The dangers there were supernatural in their form and I stood alone. Only by realizing my ultimate Destiny was I able to survive. I hope Sala is faring better than I.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green Location - Kini-Nui With - Knichou, Stannis “Oh…” Viltia sighed, saddened. She thought this Toa of Stone had seen Sorilax recently. She looked down, noticing the crate of Kanoka still in her hands, “Hey! You said you wanted to trade, too, right? What did you want to trade?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @BULiK
  10. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Nuju Sorilax stepped from the Far Shore portal, new knowledge ringing in his head and yet another Taboo mark on a higher up section of the inside of his right arm. He was constantly letting off a soft, golden glow, though he didn’t recognize that he was. His shadow lizard teleported from his now glowing head and into his backpack. He wanted to inspect the new Taboo he had learned from nowhere, but instead his connection to the Air Suva jumped into his mind. How odd. When he had left, Kini-Nui had been out of the Air Suva’s range. Still, this confirmed he was back home. And, great jumping Mahi! Someone had been busy filling the Suva with all sorts of Great Kanohi. He mentally inspected one of them, the creator being listed as Viltia. Wait, the Viltia he knew? Intriguing. He didn’t know she could create masks. Or that she had found the Air Suva. Well, she had probably found it while waiting for Sala and him to return. It had been a week, after all. Oh, and the few days he had spent in the Far Shore. Sorilax stepped down from the portal in complete Silence, as he had had his stage 1 Kraata power active for several days and it had become a habit of having it up. As he looked down to secure his footing, he noticed something strapped to himself. Several things, in fact. He looked down in full, spotting several new weapons tied to himself. There were even two Kanohi strapped to him in little half pouches with straps to hold their upper halves in place. At his hips were what appeared to be the staff ends of a Rahkshi’s weapon, but they looked different, far more finely made. Perfect, but a little too perfect, as if they weren’t made for physically hitting things. Around his shoulder was some type of longbow. He walked up to Nuju and Sidra as he pulled it from his shoulder. It was the blue of glaciers beyond cold, a color he knew far too well now. Above that blue was intricate detailing of pure white, not dirtied in the slightest. As it moved through the air, it let off frozen vapor, as if a living being were breathing in the cold. He would have to inspect these new weapons more closely later. Returning the longbow to his shoulder, Sorilax sat down on a hardlight chair he conjured and went through his backpack. He noticed there was a strange vial with a bright green liquid in it. At first he thought it was ABZIS or maybe even the BAZ technology, but the green was nowhere near the same color and his fears abated. His Far Shore journey was done, over. He had received rewards, just as Nuju had promised. Nothing had returned with him except for himself. There were no other new objects, just the ones he already knew about. He looked at Sidra, who was looking at Nuju. How odd that she would be here when he had been in the Far Shore for over half a week. Still, perhaps she had left and come back. Sorilax’s mental connection to Sala was still there, though still out of “range”. That filled him with such relief. He hadn’t been 100% sure if Void Sala had actually been Sala or not. He didn’t think it had been, but doubt had still filled his mind. Knowing Sala was okay so far was a relief. He hoped his friend would emerge from the portal soon. Sorilax held up the vial of Visorak Venom for Nuju and Sidra to see, “Would either of you be able to identify this? Based on a cursory viewing, I would say it holds mutagenic properties, just like the waters in the Fau Swamp. I am fairy confident in that statement, as when one turns it over, the way the air moves through it implies it is more than just pure liquid. But one can never quite be certain about these types of things.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green Location - Kini-Nui With - Knichou, Stannis Viltia tilted her head, “Oh, yeah I knew that about the journey thing. He says he has things he needs to do for his Grand Wish. Sala is helping him with that. But I’m sorry if I wasn’t specific, I meant to ask how many days ago did you see Sorilax? The sooner the better, because that’s less of a chance for him and Sala to be hurt and needing help somewhere.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @BULiK
  12. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning and Mind Reading Location - Kumu Peninsula With - Whira, Tekmo, Rock Rahi "So, uh, how did you first meet Whira?" Cravious slowly turned his head to face the Toa, forgetting how short Toa were for a moment and having to readjust his optics by looking down. Information was a valuable resource, and this Toa truly was a fool if he thought Cravious would just give it away. Or perhaps the Toa was saying his services of feeding the rock Rahi were worth something? Cravious could respect that. “Feed our Rahi friend here like I promised it and I’ll answer your question.” OOC: @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator
  13. Now these are some awesome rewards! Alright! For the Elemental Longbow of Ice, you say it functions like an elemental weapon. What is the definition of an elemental weapon? Or is the conjured icicle description already telling me all I need to know?
  14. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green Location - Kini-Nui With - Knichou, Stannis “Really?” Viltia leaned forward slightly, excited, “No way!” She paused, “Oh, well I guess it has been over a month since we saw Sala and him. I have no idea what they’ve been up to. Hey, when did you last see him? Was he doing well?” OOC: @BULiK @EmperorWhenua
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