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  1. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Metru-Koro (6, 9), Western Garrison Sorilax studied the few remaining retreating Matoran and other species as they scurried about the streets. On one hand, he was enraptured by regaining full range of motion of his body, but on the other hand it could all come crashing down in an instant. What could an attack entail? Would this place be utterly destroyed? Should he never have brought Sala along? The poor Matoran had just been following him mindlessly. No, that was just worry talking. He had taught much to Sala about this land, Sala had helped immensely in this village. The Matoran wanted to be his apprentice. Sorilax was there to lead, but fairly. To teach, but be open to learning. To keep Sala, Le-Metru Nuva, and all other morally Light beings safe from harm. Namely from the other Aspects, followed by Skakdi, then Rahi, and apparently this League as well. Not being much of a fighter was no excuse in any situation. Sorilax had promised himself to try to do the best thing for others regardless of the danger posed to himself. As the sounds of something thundered in the distance (the airships, perhaps?), Sorilax grew increasingly worried about Sala. He hadn’t been injured in any way by the retreating Matoran, had he? And what about that large fellow that had been lumbering around in the distance? Had that been the Turaga he had met earlier? They looked similar but how could he have grown so large? Most importantly, should he and Sala leave as soon as possible? Both for their safety and the continued safety of Le-Metru Nuva. Le-Metru Nuva needed his insight to continue living in the Fau Swamp, that was certain. Or was the right thing to stay and help this village repel whatever form of attack was coming their way and risk Le-Metru Nuva falling to disease or Rahi? Sorilax did not like these feelings. Instances of him being scared in his life had been few and far in between. The feeling was even worse now that it was about others, not just himself. He held even less control than he had ever thought. Should he offer this League Desecration Rites in exchange for continued peace? NO! And I must never think that again. Sala will surely be back shortly. Everything will be fine. Ultimately none of this will matter. I will achieve my goals and make a better world for everyone. OOC: @Sparticus147
  2. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - The Coliseum (4, 9), 49th Floor Reception area With - (Great Being) Aurax, NPC Vortixx "I'm sorry, but I don't remember seeing you. It's been a very busy day. I wish I could schedule an appointment for you sooner. Two weeks from today is honestly the soonest I can fit you in. If you'd like, I can place you on a cancellation list?" Completely rebuffed. This Vortixx was either very clever with emotional manipulation, or they were hiding something. There was something wrong, either way. Saybo had accused them of betrayal and they hadn’t even bothered to respond to it. As he saw it, first and foremost he could just kill the Vortixx. Quick, easy, simple. But of course it wasn’t that simple. Cameras, noise, potential onlookers. There were too many variables that could go wrong and halt them from assassinating Pridak. Second option, continued suspicion and interrogation. Leave to gather some grunts to arrest this Vortixx on obstruction of Top Secret League missions. But that would potentially take too much time and they needed to strike before Pridak left the building for the day, if he was going to. The Vortixx had not said he was out. Third option, arrest this Vortixx immediately. That could be messy and seen as hostile action if anyone saw them remotely. Saybo wasn’t sure if he could even subdue the Vortixx without killing them. That left option four. Pridak said he wanted the mask as soon as they were finished. This Vortixx had no right to deny their leader’s commands. Now to confront the Vortixx in a way that would obey Pridak and keep the matter quiet. Saybo set his face, twisting it slightly to the side. His voice was grave, “We are under orders from Pridak himself to return to him no matter the circumstances. I don’t care if you don’t have it on your list. We have orders and we won’t let you obstruct them. Or would you like me to call up the Vahki enforcers to arrest you? If you have doubts, go ahead and call Pridak. He will assure you of our mission’s urgency.” If this failed, option five would also work. The elevator was the same he had used earlier in the day. Great Being Aurax and him could enter it, hit close doors, then Saybo could use his Miru and water containers to lift Aurax and himself up out of the top hatch and to the next level where Pridak was. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator Man I sure hope I'm not ruining this.
  3. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - The Coliseum (4, 9), 49th Floor Reception area With - (Great Being) Aurax, NPC Vortixx Saybo was momentarily distracted by the Vortixx pushing up something on their face. What were those? Mini telescopic lenses? I’ll figure it out later. Back to the task at hand. Delaying tactics? Obviously this Vortixx didn’t know the importance of this mission. Pridak really had wanted to keep it quiet. Still, this Vortixx was trying to obstruct him and the Great and only Aurax. That wouldn’t do. Perhaps a verbal counter attack was in order. Standing straight again, Saybo sounded confused, “Pridak literally told us ASAP.” Saybo frowned and his brow knit together, his voice growing suspicious, “You would know that if you really were scheduling appointments... In fact, I was just here earlier today.” His tone grew accusatory, “You weren’t here earlier today, nor did Pridak tell us to report to anyone but him! Who are you and why are you trying to obstruct the governing of the League?! Have you done something to our leader!?” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - The Coliseum (4, 9), 49th Floor With - (Great Being) Aurax The humble Saybo and his Great master made their way through the lobby, their armored feet clacking on the stone tiles of the floor that had been obviously waxed earlier in the day. Aurax’s disciple called the elevator, letting Aurax step in first before entering in himself. Saybo hit the button for the 50th floor and Dume’s old office. The door slid closed with a noise of running rails and then a muted light thump as it met the wall. The ride up was of no consequence, with Saybo remaining silent out of respect for his Great Being’s grandeur. Only the drone of the elevator carriage being pulled higher could be heard. The small room smelled of frequent use by beings used to giving reports in the field. No one had cared to clean up before seeing Pridak. Surely it would be cleaned overnight, but currently it was mildly irritating. Saybo’s hand rested on his pistol, unclasping the holster. He drew it several times in a fluid, practiced motion. A couple times ready to fire from the hip and a couple times dropping into a proper shooting stance. His time in the stasis pod had kept him well preserved indeed. He studied his knuckles. Yes, each one held a bead of water, always at the ready, maintained even with his mask off. His Kanohi still hung within easy distance of his face, ready to be donned. He was ready mentally and physically for almost any eventuality. They reached the 49th floor, the elevator stopping for some unknown reason. Saybo’s mind raced through possibilities. What’s wrong? Could Pridak know somehow? Has he taken ill? Is he out? Well, better to keep innocence until the last possible moment no matter what. As the door slid open, Saybo exited the elevator and looked around. There was someone behind a desk, looking their way. Potentially concerning. Saybo grinned and strode over. “What’s going on here, my friend? My partner and I need to report to Pridak on…” Saybo widened his eyes and dropped the grin as if he had misspoken and realized his mistake. He leaned in and spoke in hushed tones, “Actually he told us not to tell anyone. Just let him know Saybo and Ohrash are back with what he wanted.” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Metru-Koro (6, 9), Western Garrison With - Sala Sorilax followed his Matoran friend, his mind on the future and the pressing need to guard as many secret taboos from the other Aspects as he could. As such, he completely missed Ulkarr and Whisper, despite them being so blatantly obvious in his view. As they walked, he thought of his subjects back in… his friends back in Le-Metru Nuva and how they needed a check up. Hopefully the village had continued to grow and flourish in his absence, but the Fau Swamp and its dangers made that seem very unlikely. Sala speaking brought him back to the present and he took in the sturdy structure before them, looming and ominous in the fading light. A bastion of protection. “Hum…” he said in thought, “Very strongly built indeed. As an aside, since the Turaga made it seem like this village is desperate for every resource, we should probably leave them all the healing herbs and mushrooms we collected on the way here. We can always pick up more on our return trip. This would help everyone out and potentially help Le-Metru Nuva’s future relations with this village.” OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside the Coliseum (4, 9), outside of the Eclipse With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk Stannis had played it off very nonchalantly. Well done, Saybo admitted internally, Still, a point in my favor. The Toa of Water shook his limbs, making sure all servos and gyros were operating properly and responding quickly to his mind’s inputs. Saybo tugged on all of his armor, making sure the connectors were strong. A piece on his left arm wiggled slightly and he pulled it off and inspected the hole in his arm that it slotted into. He quickly brushed off a small amount of Archives’ debris and re-slotted the armor into himself. It reattached with a satisfying click. The Great Aurax lowered the ramp and Saybo automatically followed. All thoughts of the Eclipse’s future safety were gone. Now he was focused solely on the mission. Pridak would be dead before the night was over. Or, Saybo would be ripped from his body and enter into eternal communion with the Great Being Aurax. Either way, he would be satisfied. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui
  6. Let's see. Last week my favorite things was... Probably all the first stage puzzles that were completed. And Boss. Boss is great.
  7. Name: “Old Skak Crav” Cravious Breed: Skakdi Faction: Zakazian Brief Description: Deep Blue and White Skakdi with Bright Green eyes. Half a head taller than the average Skakdi. Background/Occupation: Old Skak Crav is one of the leading technological minds of the Skakdi, especially so since Avak’s death. He has a firm grasp on elemental dampeners, mechs, and vehicles. He has intricate knowledge of how to make fake bodies. Most notably the realistically functioning body of the Aspect Sorilax, who Old Skak Crav has outfitted with a moving face, full joint functions, working eyes, and even a valve system so the Aspect can “smell” through the nose. His attempts at A.I. are rudimentary at best and cause him much frustration. Same with flying technology. Except for fake bodies, Old Skak Crav’s style is not compact, using pipes, hoses, pistons, and gears to achieve things normally reserved for electricity or simpler solutions. That’s not to say he can’t have compact designs or use electricity, but he prefers not to. Old Skak Crav has his miserly hands in several businesses. Despite being known as the greedy Old Skak Crav, Cravious is fairly young, being only 341 years old. And despite being tall and fit, the Skakdi has this old being air about him. He may not stoop, but his face seems “gaunt and tight”. Flaws: Like all Skakdi experimented on by Makuta Spiriah, Old Skak Crav is now a violent, vicious creature. Cravious is prideful, greedy, and uncaring. His selfishness is astounding and he weighs everything through what he can get out of it. Despite his affinity for technology, Cravious loves fist-fights and will opt for them whenever possible, putting him at a disadvantage due to none of his powers being able to help in those circumstances. Powers/Equipment: Element - Lightning Mask - None - Partial Breed Quirk: Lacks the mental discipline required to use a mask of power. Breed Quirks: Vision Power: X-ray and Telescopic Vision (Like Avak) Secondary Skakdi Power: The Improbable Machine. Cravious can use this power during construction of technology to create what he intends, even if the normal necessary ingredients aren’t available. Any missing ingredients or components must be replaced with something of equal size or larger. An example being Cravious wanting to craft a gun, but he is missing a barrel. He could use a wrench the same size as a normal barrel would be, attaching it not necessarily in the same place as the barrel would go, and the gun would somehow be able to activate and fire. With this “replacement” power %50 must remain original parts if the design isn’t a new creation. Other Breed Quirks: Can only use the Elemental power of Lightning in conjunction with other Skakdi or through use of a tool. Cannot form a Kaita. Cannot absorb food like a normal being, must chew and ingest food. Weapons: Cravious has a plethora of weapons at his disposal in his home and even more for sale. Normally he just carries his Seismic Pickaxe and a Zamor Launcher with him. No he is not copying Avak you are crazy no one can prove he stole most of Avak’s designs shut your mouth hole. The Zamor Spheres are of his own creation and contain his Lightning within them. Unused but available at his shop are: Rhotuka Launchers Cordak Blasters Ranged Weapons Melee Weapons Skakdi Elemental Channeling Ranged Weapons Skakdi Elemental Channeling Melee Weapons Skakdi Dual Weapons Equipment: A massive duffel bag that can strap to his back. An enormous assortment of tools and parts. Welding mask. A pair of hands that he can exchange out for his own. This alternative pair is for finesse work and provides more accuracy when creating small details at the cost of overall structural durability. A briefcase that is able to absorb Cravious’ Lightning energy in order for it to be powered. Inside it can hold up to four Heartlights or Heartlight Keys at a time. Business Owned: ACR sales Locations: CUBE, shop 1 run by NPCs in the Rig ACR repair Locations: CUBE, shop 1 run by NPCs in the Rig Weapon sales Locations: CUBE, shop 2 run by NPCs in the Rig Weapon repairs Locations: CUBE, shop 2 run by NPCs in the Rig Artificial body sales Locations: CUBE, storage in secret bunker built into Irnakk’s Tooth mountain range Artificial body repair Locations: CUBE Mining Locations: (7, 7), (10, 9) Banking Locations: shop 3 run by NPCs in the Rig, storage in secret bunker built into Irnakk’s Tooth mountain range Person Quest: Cravious seeks to create a flying machine capable of reaching the Aqua Sphere. Step 1: Figure out how to make anything fly Step 2: Figure out how to apply the technology to a vehicle Step 3: Figure out the limits of height the vehicle can handle Step 4: Figure out how to make the vehicle capable of going even higher Step 5: Enter the Aqua Sphere Step 6: ??? Step 7: Profit --------------------------- Name of ACR: Debt Collector ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Zakazian/CUBE Pilot of ACR: Cravious Type of Heartlight: Skakdi of Ice Physical Description: Debt Collector is a hulking mech built primarily for power and protection. It stands almost two Skakdi tall. It is painted bone white, with the names of those whose debts it’s collected written in black fine lettering starting from its legs on up. Onboard Weapons Systems Options: Jagged spiked gauntlets that are designed to slice and puncture ACR armor. (Weakness: only reach as far as the arms do) Shoulder mounted Cordak Blaster (Weakness, can’t be fired up close due to splash damage) --------------------------- Land and Submersible Vehicle Profile Name: C.U.B.E. Complex Unknown Bio-mechanical Entity Owner: Cravious Description: CUBE is a home, store, workshop, and vehicle all in one. It is roughly cube shaped, with some sides being longer depending on the day. CUBE is large enough to hold four vehicle ACRs or eight mech ACRs at one time. This is in addition to several rows of weapon racks and shelves, a room for Cravious, five hammocks, Cravious’ vault, a Heartlight storage cabinet, a cold storage room, a current projects room, and CUBE’s core room in the exact center of the cube shaped vehicle. CUBE has six legs that can walk it along in difficult terrain or it can switch to treads. CUBE is a palm sized, cube shaped, unknown entity that Cravious found in ruins one day and has jealousy guarded ever since. The cube defies mechanical logic and feeds off of energy to grow, being able to manipulate its shape in various ways before becoming a cube once more. As CUBE grows, this shapeshifting ability lessens and more rigid states form. CUBE appears entirely mechanical, yet any peeks inside to discern how it functions as it shifts shape has proven a fruitless endeavor. If any parts are damaged or removed, CUBE somehow reforms them if given energy to do so. It displays no emotions and Cravious has only dubbed it to be “alive” since it can feed on Heartlight power. As unknowable as it is, Cravious has found that the more Heartlight energy he gives it, the larger it grows. And that certain electrical impulses cause it to change shape in certain ways. Such as growing legs, treads, balconies, doors, or new inside rooms. From his experimentations, he has discovered that CUBE refuses to integrate anything into itself, and as such he can’t add any weapons or tires. He also has figured out how to hollow out an enlarged CUBE, allowing him to now reside and set up shop inside it. Currently CUBE runs on four Heartlights needing to be replaced every six months if no regeneration is needed. For protection, Cravious has two elemental dampeners inside hooked up to the outside shell of CUBE. Both of these elemental dampeners require one Heartlight each. For the sake of the RPG, it will remain a giant cube and that is all, no crazy shapeshifting into giant mechs. Everything else it potentially could do is just flavor text. Crew: 5 NPC Skakdi-Xa Water, Level 1 Quick Healing, Fellow male engineer that’s in it for the money. Fire, Level 1 Elasticity, Old male and teacher of martial arts. Lightning, Level 1 Density Control, Female that runs the businesses Cravious owns. Gravity, Level 1 Limited Invulnerability, Female Security that guards the more expensive and exclusive items. Air, Level 1 Slow, Male Security that is always getting into fist fights with Cravious for fun. Speed: Slightly faster than a running Skakdi Underwater Depth Range: Can't embark on extended deep sea voyages. Can't resist crush depth. No oxygen system installed. No outside cameras. No windows. --------------------------- Name: Viltia Breed: Toa Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees Brief Description: Deep Jungle Green armor with Violet Blue under armor. Lighter Jungle Green Eyes. Average Toa height. Background/Occupation: A Matoran on the Northern Continent for most of her life, her village was captured and enslaved by Skakdi under orders from the League. The Skakdi treated her and her fellow villagers with disdain, anger, and abuse. Often they would kill someone just to keep productivity up. They were being transferred to begin rebuilding Le-Metru when the giant robot broke apart and sent them all falling to an unknown island. For the past week, still enslaved, their Skakdi captors drug them through the fringes of the marshes, looking for a place to set up a new home. Native Skakdi showed up and sought to loot all they could, allowing a chance for Viltia and her friends to escape. Flaws: Hates Skakdi and would even break the Toa code to kill them. Inexperienced, she has been a Toa for less than a week and doesn’t know her mask power yet. She has to use her Toa tool to be able to channel her element. Not a trained fighter, she wouldn’t last long against those experienced with battle. Powers/Equipment: Element - the Green Mask - Rahi Control - Allows its user to control one or more Rahi simultaneously. Although it can be used on insects, it is not as effective on them as other kinds of Rahi. The mask's power does not work on intelligent Rahi like Krahka and Keetongu. Breed Quirks: An innate understanding of plant attributes such as poison. Weapons: Lewa style Axe/Laser Crossbow combination Equipment: Satchel
  8. OOC: This was a collaboration post with @Sparticus147. I wrote this because @Azibo stated on Discord that we all collectively could post with Sans just so we wouldn't be stuck in the story. So hopefully I don't do Sans any disservice. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Metru-Koro (6, 9), inside Sans’ hut With - Sala, Sans As Sala came over to join in at the table, Sans eyed the newcomers with a wary twinkle in his eye, “And just who might you two be I wonder? Huhuhuhu.” The Turaga chuckled to himself, inwardly tired from the already long day. Yet he drew upon his inner strength for those that continued to need him. The orange Matoran looked to the Aspect and Sorilax swiveled his torso to view the Matoran. No doubt Sala wanted to lead with his damaged chest, yet the Matoran had brought up something earlier that was much more troubling and immediate. Still, he paused, mulling over the merits of all topics that needed presentation to the village elder. For a minute too long he paused, Sans looking to Sala, who shrugged a “sorry”. Finally, Sorilax spoke, “I am Sorilax, one of the members of the Aspects of Makuta. This is my fellow laborer Sala, one of the members of Le-Metru Nuva, a village to the south. Before we begin, my friend here has something of immediate importance to proclaim regarding a Toa and a Kraata.” Taken aback for a brief moment, not expecting this to be the opener for their meeting, Sala felt a chill run up his spine at the thought of those icy eyes. "Yeah, I had gotten separated from Sorilax and while I was trying to get back to him I spotted the Toa with a Kraata attached to his shoulder. He caught me staring and approached me, saying, ‘Didn't your Turaga teach you not to stare?’ Not knowing what else to do, I introduced myself to him and, I think he was going to introduce himself as well but something stopped him..." "Stopped him? What stopped him and what happened from there?" "I don't know, he just suddenly clutched his head before steadying himself and then said, ‘You will have much to chronicle very soon’, and then he walked off." Sans sat there, stroking his chin in thought before asking, "What did this Toa look like and where did he go?" "He was a Ko-Toa from what I could tell, he wore a Felnas, the Kraata on his shoulder had a yellow metallic head and a bright red tail. You should know it when you see it." Sans strummed the wooden table top, “What makes this Ko-Toa so dangerous? He simply sounds odd to me.” “Oh,” Sorilax said as the Turaga changed his focus from Matoran to Aspect, “Kraata are formed from the Heartlights of sentient beings here on Zakaz. Aspects perform the rituals to do so. From this fact, if the Kraata is recent, then we can then conclude that the Toa of Ice offered someone’s Heartlight to an Aspect. Unless you ordained an execution of a criminal, it means he has killed someone.” Well this was unsettling. Sans pondered what this could mean. “You’ll have to tell the head of the village guard about this. This is very troubling indeed.” A rogue Toa? Metru-Koro could use another week of peace and quiet, not Toa who were unraveling at the seams. Nodding in continued thought, Sans turned to Sorilax once more. And now here was this Aspect before him, willfully giving up information and seemingly helping this Matoran. What to make of him? The Turaga’s suspicions went unnoticed by the Aspect, but Sala noticed the small tells. Sans drank from a cup he had on the table, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands on his stomach, “You say you are an Aspect. I wish to know what that means. But first, what is this of a village to the south?” Sorilax tried nodding, the metal of his neck groaning as the mechanics tried and failed to do so, “Le-Metru Nuva was founded several days ago. I saved Sala here from quicksand in the Fau Swamp and one thing led to another and I suddenly had dozens of beings around me, seeking my expertise on the swamp and its dangers. “I, well…” Sorilax hadn’t ever said this out loud and his voice choked up a little, despite having no throat with which to be able to choke up, “For the first time I had actual friends, the Skakdi and other Aspects leaving much to be desired. It was too dangerous to make a try at leaving the swamp, as a group of that size would surely be set upon by several dangerous Rahi in its trek north. So we created a village in the trees, a small group scavenging the debris from that giant robot head that had crashed. Our several travels through the marshes to that poisonous lake were treacherous, yet necessary. “Others I instructed on the correct trees to fell and the safest way to do so. Eventually, Le-Metru Nuva was formed. We currently only have ten huts and few resources. It was my fellow chronicler and I’s self appointed task to seek out if any others had survived the crash of the giant head and to see if those others indeed could provide any help they could. “Le-Metru Nuva is safe for now, but the Fau Swamp is by far the most dangerous place on this island. Foul and twisted creatures inhabit its shade. It is my intention to implore you to help us evacuate, or barring that, to establish a trade route of some kind. The safest way being what Sala said were “air”ships?” Nodding in thought once more, Sans worked his jaw and absentmindedly looked around the room. If this Aspect was to be believed, and Sala did lend credibility to his claims, then not only could he not advise evacuation of this Le-Metru Nuva, but even supplies couldn’t be given to help bolster them. The beings of Metru-Koro desperately needed all they had currently. Not much could be spared except maybe provisions for these two to travel back and maybe a navigator Matoran to see about maybe setting up a land trade-way. Still, an Aspect sat before him, and he wasn’t sure of anything it had to say. The safest bet was to secure the location of this new village and send Knichou to scope it out eventually. These two he would have to send on their way near empty handed. “Forgive my pause, but Metru-Koro lies under threat of attack from an old enemy who seeks the destruction of all Matoran and their allies. Currently I can think of nothing spare this village has that it doesn’t need. This means that there will be no evacuation. Yet. Maybe one day, once this whole League business has been settled. “However, I would love trade, and I can think of at least one airship that might make the trip in future days. Tell me, where is this village of yours?” Pulling a piece of parchment from his backpack, Sorilax slid a crude map over to the Turaga, “It is a shame what you say, but hopefully one day both our villages will be safe. I drew this while I was waiting for you to become available to speak. I marked where we are and where Le-Metru Nuva is. We have a single platform breaching the canopy currently if you do use that airship. Oh! Tut tut, I almost forgot, make sure the airship can resist acid rain, because that’s a frequent enough occurrence in the swamp to be a problem.” Sans’ eyes displayed mild shock at the last statement. Acid rain? What was next, land sharks? The Turaga took the map. Hastily drawn though it was, the landmarks of Zakaz perfectly fit the maps the other cartographers had provided him. Yes, they could find Le-Metru Nuva with this. If they would survive finding it, he could not yet say. “Huhuhuhu, sounds dangerous. Thank you. After we are finished, you both should head over to the west wall and request one Vulimai, or one of her underlings. She should be able to set you up with any return provisions we can spare. “Now, about the Asp-” Before the Turaga could continue, Sala sat straight up out of his chair, quickly saying, "Wait, one more thing." Realizing this rashness of his actions, Sala sat back down in his chair before continuing, "Before we left, Sorilax along with another Toa within the village had went out to kill a vicious centipede Rahi that had already killed two of our own. While fighting the Rahi, Sorilax took severe damage to his vessel, this has left him incapable of moving his neck or his shoulders properly." Vessel? What were these Aspects? Sans replied, "Well, depending on the severity of the damage or the complexity of his vessel I'm sure a regeneration Kanoka can suffice, you'll have to go see Vulimai or the Onu-Matoran that works under her, Bronk, to get access to a disk." Sans waved his hand at the Matoran as a dismissal of the subject, “Anyway, back to what I was saying. Tell me about yourself and your kind, Sorilax.” Sorilax grew sad and sat a little straighter as he pulled his scroll on Aspects from his backpack, “Yes of course. The threat my brethren pose is greater than you might initially think. “Born of Antidermis, we are creatures of green mist, and of Shadow. We are a gas that inhabits bodies of armor, or even possess others with their approval. Eventually, we return to the pool from which we were born. However, we can be contained or destroyed, even as a gas. “Drawn from my own experience and witnessed to me by a few others, it seems all Aspects are inherently independent, manipulative, selfish, and look down upon other beings. This is not a stereotype. This is a base from which our mind then gains individuality. We are these things first, then we choose how we act after. “I myself am constantly bombarded by ideas and thoughts I would wish I could stop. I think of Shadow and from there I have to choose the Light. Centuries of practice has helped leaps and bounds, but still the thoughts come unbidden. Assaulting me at every turn. “We are not just of Shadow. My kin and I have access to ancient taboos steeped in Shadow. One of these being Desecration Rites. These rites are what I talked of earlier. A willing host promises to fulfil an Aspect’s wish and provides a still beating sentient being’s Heartlight. The Aspect takes the Heartlight and absorbs it as he recites a poem. A Kraata is then formed on the host, granting them one of forty two powers of level one strength.” Showing Sans his scroll, Sorilax told the Turaga of everything he knew of Aspects, or at least everything he could remember. He even mentioned the ringing of the gong and how there were many lost taboos hidden in temples spread across the land. He showed all forty two Kraata variations, their level one and two powers, and the visage of Kraata levels one to three. He also told of an Aspect’s Grand Wish and how, if accomplished, they theoretically could warp even the foundations of the universe. Sorilax covered how some Aspects could even achieve mental communication somehow with their hosts. Sorilax spoke of his moral Light philosophy and his view that those that killed offensively outside of war were deserving of death from a justice system. How defensive killing in protection of yourself and others was acceptable. How declared war between nations made offensive killing a defensive act. He even spoke of his own Grand Wish to set all future Life right, so that all beings could be created morally equal. From there he spoke of how he would only perform Desecration Rights if the provided Heartlight had an unknown source, if a being couldn’t be stopped from dying and the Heartlight was preserved, or if it was the Heartlight of a criminal who was rightfully ordered to be executed. Ultimately, Sorilax spoke of his and Sala’s plan to study the temples of the island, learn the taboos for the sake of history, and then destroy all evidence of them so that no other Aspect would be able to learn what was once contained within. And with that, he made an end of speaking. The Turaga sat back, stunned by the wealth of information given so unrestrictedly. The passion with which this Aspect spoke made it all seem true, but then again, even this Sorilax said that all Aspects were inherently manipulative. It was the Matoran’s presence and lack of a Kraata that lended the most credence to the information. And if the last part of what this Aspect said was true, then he should hurriedly send the pair on their way to destroy the horrible and decrepit secrets in the temples. There was so much to ponder over that Sans couldn’t even think of questions to ask. Instead he simply said, “Thank you both. You have provided me with a wealth of information that I can’t possibly value high enough. Now go, tell Vulimai of the Ko-Toa, get fixed up, gather supplies, and be safely on your way. Both of you take care of Le-Metru Nuva for me. Remember the strength in Unity, Duty, and Destiny. “And do try to see me again some day, Sorilax. We still have much to discuss. But the day grows short and, judging by the noise outside, I still have much to do. Huhuhuhuhu. Farewell, you two. You have given me much to think on.” Sala and Sorilax bid the small blue Turaga goodbye and walked to the door, the noise of several conversations growing loud as the door creaked open and they stepped into the dim light of late afternoon. Sorilax was disappointed that the good beings of Le-Metru Nuva weren’t getting immediate help, but it seemed even this Metru-Koro had its troubles. Still, the information was given and Le-Metru Nuva was now known to the island. And hopefully soon he would have full range of motion again. Standing there on the porch with Sala, the two seemed an odd pair. But at heart they were the same. Chroniclers. Sorilax turned to the Matoran of Plasma, “Tell me, old chap, what exactly is the structural appearance of a western guardhouse?” Focused on the future as he was, he did not take notice of Whisper or Ulkarr as of yet. Would the two other Aspects even notice or remember him? If they did, it would most likely be as that annoying old Aspect who asked way too personal of questions soon after they had formed.
  9. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside the Coliseum (4, 9), inside the Eclipse at the bridge With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk Nodding in compliance to the Great Being’s commands, Saybo began their descent. Periodically a weight Kanoka could be heard thunking against the hull and the Eclipse began to slowly descend. They wrapped around to the northwest side of the Coliseum after several minutes and Saybo used the external cameras to make sure to find a spot both close to the Coliseum and yet had the least amount of sight lines to the airship. The Eclipse would need to remain safe while they were away in case things went wrong. This plan was hasty, after all, and no matter the circumstances hasty plans tended to get messy fast. Any outside influence could change the course of everything in an instant. Saybo was ready for anything to happen. Underside armor slid away to allow the landing gear to fold out. Finally the last thunk sounded, and the full weight of the ship groaned as it settled onto the ground like it finally could relax after all of its work. The Eclipse nestled into the shadows surrounding the Coliseum, hopefully lost to view of all those that might notice any future treachery. Saybo powered down all non-essential functions and stood. This airship is an asset I should hold on to. Aurax willing it is here when we return. I’ll have to figure out what security systems it has later. Now, to work. Pulling the memorial, golden painted, powerless noble Ruru from his backpack, he offered it to Stannis, smirking. He thought of clipping on the plushie, but Aurax’s order was forefront in his mind. This small victory over Stannis was still a victory. For a moment Saybo wondered if the Wanderer would recognize the Kanohi, but no, it was an ancient commemorative relic that he couldn’t find any sources on when he had been searching for it. Why the Shadowed One or one of their employers had wanted it he would never know. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui
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  12. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside the Coliseum (4, 9), inside the Eclipse at the bridge With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk Long? Saybo sat, contemplating if the fish being had ever done anything for longer than an hour at a time. The Eclipse had made great time. It was still the same day even, though the darkness of an early and artificial night seemed to cling to them in the interior of the giant skull. Perhaps that’s what this fish was talking about. Looking back at the forward screen, Saybo guessed that they were still a good half mile out. Close enough to see details of the building, but far enough away to not attract unwanted attention. And Saybo had made sure not to come at the Coliseum in a straight shot. That would allow anyone from the Coliseum to see the Eclipse outlined by the still blue sky through the hole in the giant robot head. They certainly didn’t want that. Turning back to the conversation, Saybo realized no one else had spoken. It was up to him, then. He had seen too many Dark Hunter missions blown because his various partners had refused to plan things out properly. “Well I ask because no one actually laid out the plan yet. We just discussed it and it continued to morph. Take, for example, my suggestion to hover the ship above Pridak’s balcony. Complete garbage! Hahaha!” Pausing to grin and slap his knee in “mirth”, Saybo continued, “What if Pridak comes out onto the balcony? What if he simply looks out the window? Boom! Plan blown! “No, my friends, it would be better if we placed the ship under the balcony and use the top hatch to climb up. And even then, can anyone else pilot this thing? If not, then how will Great Aurax and I get to the ground floor to take the elevator back up to accomplish our ruse?” Saybo tapped his mask dangling on his chest, “Easy answer! If we must, we could use my Miru!” Getting “serious”, Saybo made it like he couldn’t help himself from smirking and leaned forward, “Now if what Stannis says is true and he has secret access to places unknown, then we would instead want to land as close to the Coliseum as possible and avoid the front door. But what if there are no other doors? Is someone staying with the Eclipse? “What is the plan specifically from one being and what are the contingencies?” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui
  13. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside the Coliseum (4, 9), inside the Eclipse at the bridge With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk As the Eclipse entered the gaping hole in the side of the giant robot head, it became lost from sight in the near night that held the remains of Metru-Nui in its sway. The only noise to give it away was the propulsion system, and even that ran quietly on this ship. It was perfect for a stealth mission under cover of darkness. The Coliseum started to loom before them, rising from the rubble laid strewn at its feet. It shown with inner light as beings inside saw to the business of rebuilding a city and maintaining armies. Saybo however for the briefest of moments felt a small stab of anger at Stannis’ name for him. Becoming distracted by the fleeting emotion, Saybo savored it and in doing so let the opportunity for a retort pass him by. Maybe after the mission had been achieved. Aurax permitting, of course. Finer features could now be seen along the height of the Coliseum, most notably the balcony to Pridak’s throne room. Saybo slowed the Eclipse, the engines running near silent. The airship hovered practically unnoticeable in the near black night air above Metru-Nui. Saybo turned, “Okay, we’re on final approach, team! What exactly am I doing here? Am I leaving the ship over Pridak’s balcony for a quick attack from B-team while my lord and I descend to the ground floor and enter normally? Or do we got something else planned?” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui
  14. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside Metru-Koro (6, 9), inside the Eclipse at the bridge With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk Saybo set the Eclipse to maintain its current course and joined the conversation, “I’ve recently accepted a request to try and have peace with the Turaga Sans and his newly anointed hillside ghetto of Metru-Koro.” Saybo quoted Pridak from earlier in the day. The Toa of Water couldn’t remember why the words had been so important to him back then that would give him cause to memorize them, but it was most helpful now, “I don’t think it will pan out, but here’s to hoping for the better days when his mask is in my armory. However, you two are going to help with another issue to the continued success of our safe growth in this new place we call home. Before everything collapsed, the Dark Hunters I’m told were hoping to kill a common enemy: Stannis. They stopped. I would like both of you to finish the job. Bring me his mask when you’re done. And be quiet about it.” Saybo paused, shrugging, “That’s what Pridak told us, almost word for word. He wants your mask.” He nodded to Stannis, a small smirk catching at the corners of his mouth. If he could make his eyes twinkle on command, this would have been the perfect moment to add it to his disguise. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Metru-Koro (6, 9), inside Sans’ hut With - Sala, Sans The others had all left, leaving the brown and tan Aspect and orange and white Matoran alone with the village elder. Sorilax stood, Shadow chair dissipating, and motioned for Sala to join him as he joined Sans in sitting at a modest table. The wooden chair creaked as he sat, as if whining about how many people it had already hosted throughout the day. “Greetings, Turaga. My fellow chronicler and I have much to discuss with you, if time permits.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Azibo
  15. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax (Still officially Barraki) Location - Outside Metru-Koro (6, 9), inside the Eclipse With - (Great Being) Aurax, Stannis, Skyra, Rose, Waveahk Saybo helped both Waveahk and Rose up into the cargo bay, closing the floor after them. A closer inspection revealed the potential Steltian did have a small tail, making what species he was even more mysterious. Was he a fish turning into a Steltian or the other way around? A grin was plastered on Saybo’s face, “Well you two have fun, my friends. I’ve gotta go fly us out of here.” The Toa of water exited the spacious cargo bay, the door hissing closed behind him. He took the straight path and re-entered the bridge, looking around. It already felt like there was barely enough space for the command consoles as is, thank Aurax those two giants couldn’t even make it through the hallways. Saybo guestimated that mayhaps you could pack in roughly sixteen beings on the bridge if they mushed up against everyone else and the chairs were taken out, but the ceiling gave only half a head clearance for Saybo and he was about the size of the average Toa. The red and blue overgrown beings would be very uncomfortable if they could even squeeze their way through the hallway. The Great Aurax commanded their departure and Saybo nodded, seating himself in the pilot’s seat. He turned on the levitation system and six thunks sounded out simultaneously from around the ship. The whir of the landing gear retreating into the hull was accompanied by the propulsion system lowering from the main body and powering on. Saybo appreciated the faint new airship smell one last time and pointed them back towards the giant robot head. Slowly increasing their speed to maximum, the Eclipse rode through the darkening sky as the sun started to kiss the top of the giant robot head. Metru-Koro would soon be in shadow, but true sunset was still a couple hours away. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @Snelly @Toru Nui Waveahk and Rose joining everyone else on the bridge is SKR canonically impossible. But also space has been known to be wonky even on small airships, so have them join everyone else if you deem it convenient, don't let my descriptions stop you.
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