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  1. We've done it, lads! I, uh, didn't exactly figure it out, but now I've completed one of UN's puzzles. I'm think the title of tier 3 or 4 genius is in order. Also it's very interesting that for Sidra when she first unlocked the Ice Suva, the Suva showed her the region of its range and she could "see" into it and the items within, whereas the Air Suva didn't show Nixie, Sala, or Sorilax anything and then listed off the items through mental speech. Maybe it'll happen when one of them tries to access the items? Maybe Sorilax being there as an Aspect causes the Suva to withhold certain parts of itself? Very exciting. Can't wait to finally run around again with Sorilax and maybe even get the Kraata Taboo.
  2. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Air Suva With - Sala, Nixie Sorilax’s arms effortlessly rotated the Suva, the moving parts of his arm working flawlessly even without organic protodermis muscle to power them. Cravious truly did fantastic work. The arms of Avagah moved perfectly for Sala, powered by the Muaka Heartlight. His movements were fluid as the hands gripped the stone. He was really getting good at piloting the ACR. Sorilax was proud for him. The first rotation provided nothing, not even some click like with a combination lock. Although that was not too concerning yet. The second position offered nothing as well. Sorilax was ready to continue to the third position, and then to a different rotation when Nixie called out. “Wait wait, don’t move it, something’s happening,” she said with a start. Sorilax could feel it. There was an electrical prickling that energized his true self, his gaseous form. It passed through him and rose in intensity as it connected to his mind. The feeling was not unlike his mental connection to those he had Desecrated, except the feeling was… well, pure. Kind of like that beacon of hope he felt in his mind to the north. Suddenly a voice echoed telepathically to him and a soft glow emanated from the Suva itself. Suva Online. Current Inventory: -Mask of Levitation, origin Forgemaster Dume, power of levitation and personal weight control. -Hatchet of Air, origin unknown, power to create, remove, and control air within immediate sight of the wielder -Vuata Maca crystal, origin unknown, power to store and release electrical charges Nixie’s eyes lit up with astonishment and shock. “Did you hear that too?” Sorilax absently rose a hand to his head. There was some type of power outside of Taboos that could also run under the seams of reality? This was very promising. He grabbed his scroll for the temple and transcribed all he had just felt and heard along with the solution to the puzzle. He really thought it had been about a clock. Oh well. It was time to get back to work and study what was before them. Sala responded to Nixie, "Ye..Yeah, yeah I did too. Sorilax? Honestly, good eye Nixie, we might have completely missed that if yo..." Sala paused, as one of the words from the Suva registered in his mind. "Wait a minute. Dume? Forgemaster Dume? As in Turaga Dume? Nixie, do you think what I'm thinking? But, that wouldn't make any sense, would it? Or does it?" Sorilax nodded as he continued writing, “Yes, yes. Quite so. I too received that mental communication. Inventory, it said. Can we retrieve it somehow? Where would it be stored, though? There is nothing below this floor. “This certainly isn’t Aspect work. And that Dume character just so happens to be named again right after Nixie mentioned him. Very intriguing.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra, Undead Horde Pollen and spores were revealed in the light of the evening sun as it clambered and found its way through the dense foliage of the canopy. They drifted on the wind, seeking purchase in new soil or even trying to find a new host. The majority of the spores currently in the air were from a flat, dull orange type of mushroom that clung to the underside of low hanging tree branches. The trees were strangely not affected by them, though the Fau Swamp had many other things that were far stranger by comparison. Viltia didn’t love these trees, but she admired them. They grew tall and strong. They were resistant to acid and fire. They managed to pull nutrients from a type of dirt that was overall lacking in anything of value for growing crops. And they provided a purchase for many forms of life to grab onto and keep themselves afloat in the murky home that was this swamp. Her laser crossbow silently fired. Even her breathing was louder than the slight click of her pulling the trigger. Only the flash of light gave away that the weapon had fired. The undead body before her was atomized in small chunks as her shots hit their mark. However the body was unperturbed, merely drawing upon some unknown force to give itself more mass, though now it no longer looked like much of a Matoran. All around her, Viltia could feel the life of plants being snuffed out, absorbed just like she had felt originally. The root floor she had created over the water was rapidly dying, apparently fueling this monstrosity. Both her ankles burned where the silver bound being’s fingertips had scraped against her. The pain somehow seeping into her armor to affect her organic protodermis muscles. The hauntingly melodious voice was gone, replaced by an otherworldly voice that shifted and changed in unnatural ways. Viltia was starting to panic. She hadn’t practiced enough for real combat. She should have been spending even more time honing her skills. Right now she was just a hindrance, baggage to be picked up and carried. “We need to get out of here!” Sidra called to Viltia, “We can’t take these things on.” Viltia turned her head to Sidra, her friend’s call to action stirring her mind. No, she wasn’t useless. She had been practicing, a lot. And she was ready to forge her own destiny. She wouldn’t die here. No way. Gripping her axe/laser crossbow tighter, Viltia opened her mental aperture to let out her elemental energy and manifest it as the Green. Her mind became focused, pushing out most everything else. Time seemed to slow down as she felt the air jump into vivid detail. The pollen and spores in the air died out as they hit the undead, allowing Viltia a hazy type of “sight” as she focused her attention elsewhere. All of the root “flooring” underneath the undead vanished, dropping the silver touched beings into the watery muck waiting below as Viltia absorbed the flattened roots back into herself. The roots beneath Sidra, the Kahu, and her sprung into motion and the three were scooped up as trees formed below them. They rode them up into the air as the trees grew, eventually merging and becoming one tree as their width increased. Viltia wasn’t making a custom tree, merely one from the swamp, so branches sprung forth around them randomly, growing out and away from them as they rose. The sudden rise caused her stomach to flip and pushed her down on the branch that formed and grew in width below her. Viltia could feel the base of the tree dying from the undead as the pair broke out of the canopy of the swamp. Oops. She hadn’t meant to make the tree this big. And her ratio of elemental energy used to what was produced was far off, but she had done it. She had used her element, eyes wide open, and in the midst of combat! She cut off the flow of energy and scrambled for the Kahu, who seemed to be very confused, “They’re killing the tree below us! We need to go!” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Air Suva With - Sala, Nixie Sala mentioned a dial and that struck a chord with Sorilax. It reminded him of something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. While he thought on that he studied his surroundings amidst the muggy air of the partially confined space. The ancient walls were worn from age, much like his old body had been before he’d gotten a new one. Bird calls and the roar of far away predators could be heard beyond the walls. The room structure itself was circular, maybe that was a clue? Sorilax scratched at his chin with a Shadow hand in thought as he looked at the circle window, turning clockwise to view the half circle window. Wait… could that be it? Pointing at the windows as he formulated the idea, he spoke, “By jove, I do believe I just thought of a most interesting idea. My friends, could this temple represent a 12 hour clock? With the full circle window being the 12, and the half circle being the six? A clock has its cycles as it moves about in a circle.” Looking at the plant atop the Suva he continued, “And that plant would be our clock hand. We would just need to figure out numbers and rotation.” He looked at the murals again. There were many Rahi and Toa in the first few sections, but what stood out to him were the six Rahkshi, then three Toa, and then the space where the eight pointed star had been. He looked at the Taboo’s symbol on his hand before closing it into a fist. “There are six Rahkshi here, then three Toa, and then the Taboo with its eight pointed star. I do believe these to be our numbers. As for rotation, let us try all clockwise first, then all counter-clockwise should clockwise prove not to be correct. If neither of those work, let’s try the two Taboo numbers counter-clockwise and the Toa number clockwise. If even that doesn’t work, let’s try the two Taboo numbers clockwise, but the Toa number counter-clockwise.” Sorilax stepped up to the Suva, “Sala, if you would be so kind as to please help me once more. Let us use the outermost part of the plant as our clock hand.” His fellow chronicler stepped up to help and the two got to work, the grinding of the Suva’s rotation filling the space once more. Hopefully one of these combinations was correct. Even if not, Sorilax felt they were several steps closer to success. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Air Suva With - Sala, Nixie Sorilax waved a hand in dismissal of the idea, “No, no. Of course not. As long as one speaks with wisdom or knowledge, I’m not sure if it’s possible to say too much, though perhaps I am not the best judge of that. I don’t exactly get tired, so it’s hard to pay attention to time passing. “Regardless, you bring up many great points. In fact this puzzle seems much less clear than it did a moment ago. I had thought that it might be a simple matter of lining things up properly. But with us already rotating it more than a full rotation, surely something would have clicked or made itself evident that we had unlocked or opened some device or container. The fact that it has not complicates this puzzle indeed.” Peering at the murals once more, Sorilax pondered, “Circles and cycles, you say. Hummm…. Perhaps cycles is the better term? For some reason, I feel like that’s an important distinction. Maybe this Suva ties into Fate or Destiny? No, that might be reading too far into things.” Sorilax’s hand traced the murals as he thought. Rahi defeated by Toa, Toa defeated by Rahkshi, Rahkshi defeated by Kaita. “This Kaita is surrounded by stars. Perhaps we have to rotate this section of it to face the half circle ‘moon’? Well… I am not sure. That seems too simple an idea now. The concept of circles does sound very purposeful, though. I really do think you’ve hit on something there, Nixie. I am quite glad we found you here.” Thinking for a moment, Sorilax continued, “Maybe direction of rotation matters? But how would that tie into circles? This is very puzzling indeed.” Sorilax sounded like he was enjoying this. He stepped back to take in the room and try to get a new perspective. Was the room itself part of the puzzle other than the windows? The floor was wooden and held no secrets, but Nixie’s mention of circles, that felt right. But what did that mean? OOC: @Sparticus147 @Unreliable Narrator IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning - Zakazian Location - Outside the Ruins of Fire With - Whira, Zak-Yak, Varian, Takadox, Providence Cravious was glad this path might work, but what indeed was worth a Heartlight? Helping Whira out with three of her steps felt about right, but it seemed Aspects were in direct competition with each other and Providence might not like that. But only helping with one step wasn’t worth it. Helping with two steps then. That seemed fair. A little give and take. Cravious considered the ACR arm that lay damaged at his feet. Or maybe in exchange for the inconvenience to him and Whira in this instance, him fixing the arm for Zak-Yak, and one Heartlight, Zak-Yak would help out Whira with one step and then procure another Heartlight for Cravious. That might be worth it too. He would be less powerful now, but the situation would produce a profit in the future. “Okay,” Cravious said after a pause, “Here’s two options. One, I sacrifice convenience and immediate power in the form of one Heartlight from a sentient being in exchange for Zak-Yak’s wish to be helping Whira accomplish any two of her steps that she decides.” Cravious paused, motioning the arm at his feet, “Option two, I sacrifice convenience and immediate power in the form of one Heartlight from a sentient being and I fix Zak-Yak’s ACR arm in exchange for Zak-Yak’s wish to be helping Whira accomplish one of her steps that she decides and procuring and giving me one Heartlight from a sentient being.” Nodding to himself, the two options sounded fair enough to him. His inconvenience at losing a power today might be worth more, but he didn’t want to push so far that Providence might back out of a deal. “Which one sounds better to you?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @~Xemnas~ @Burnmad @Snelly @Vezok's Friend
  6. IC: Saybo - Toa of Water - Aurax Location - The Coliseum (4, 9), 50th Floor Throne Room With - Oreius As Aurax left the fear subsided, letting Saybo relax momentarily. He wondered if he would have to deal with that fear every time Aurax was around. Well, whatever it took to serve his Great Being. Saybo’s chest and arm now seemed fully healed, but his armor was still warped from the sudden heat. He would need to get it fixed. But not tonight. No. He doubted everyone would accept Aurax as easily as Achro and the receptionist had. He would have to spend the rest of the night making sure Aurax’s rule was secure. Saybo studied Oreius for a moment before walking to Pridak and stripping the corpse of its mask. Resources were resources and he doubted this mask would give anyone as much trouble as Stannis’ Kanohi had. The holes in the eyes of the once white now inert silver Matatu stared at him as he cleaned it the best he could before stowing it away in his backpack. The Kanohi rightfully belonged to Aurax now, and Saybo would keep it safe. Next he went over to a destroyed Vahki, limbs and head deformed and parts scattered and clinking on the floor as he accidentally kicked them. It was time to rectify his loss of combat ability. Why his element had disappeared, he didn’t know, but he had to be ready in case it happened again. For now, a Vahki staff would have to do. One of its staffs of Erasing was fractured, but the other seemed intact. He grabbed it, slipping it under his backpack so it could magnetically attach to his back. Glancing at Oreius as well as Pridak’s corpse, he entered the same elevator Aurax just had. Hopefully Saybo would find his Great Being on the receptionist’s floor one below the throne room. OOC: @Eyru IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning - Zakazian Location - Outside the Ruins of Fire With - Whira, Zak-Yak, Varian, Takadox, Providence "Thank you, Providence. You've shown me that it's more urgent than ever for me to achieve my Grand Wish. I am sorry, but what you've said is not of equal value to a heartlight. Let us be off, Cravious," Whira spoke in response to Providence. Cravious nodded, agreeing that the value of the information was sorely lacking. It was a shame, really, he had hoped for a pawn. Instead it seemed he was back to plan A. If Zak-Yak would let him, anyway. He still hadn’t figured out how that crafty Mesi had shown up out of thin air. Before he took a step, he paused. Looking at Zak-Yak, Cravious saw how deformed the Mesi’s right arm was. The metal was all warped and not quite crushed so much as it seemed “malnourished” in a way. It reminded Cravious of his bad foot and how long his organic protodermis muscles were taking to regrow. For a moment he allowed himself to imagine crafting a better arm for the Mesi, but that line of thinking led him to look down at the hunk of metal his feet. The severed ACR arm below him was marvelous in one regard. Somehow it was able to function without an attached form of power. Cravious saw no evidence of a Heartlight key, so it had to lean on something else. But any other form of power would have easily stood out to him. It was just a slight mystery, though. It easily could have batteries or be powered by Zak-Yak’s innate element. The Heartlight key made him think of his briefcase and grip it tighter. He needed to get out of here safely, get Desecrated, fulfill his wishes, and start… Fulfill his wishes? An idea slowly formed in his mind, pieces falling into place after he carefully polished them. He might just profit from this encounter yet. He turned to Providence, “Actually, you just might have something of value after all. Every being who gets Desecrated is bound by a non-partial third party to accomplish a wish the Aspect dictates. I would be willing to provide one Heartlight to you in exchange for Zak-Yak’s wish benefiting Whira or I. What say you?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @~Xemnas~ @Burnmad @Snelly @Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra, Undead Horde A hand jumped forth from the earth with sudden movement, scraping against her ankles as another joined the first and pulled forth something completely outside Viltia’s realm of knowledge. She yelped out at the motion, then screamed as she realized what was before her. She fell to her back even as she pulled her axe crossbow, which she had already had a hand on. She crawled away as the being rose, fear jolting through her. A horrible, rotten corpse of a Matoran was falling apart as it moved. A piston extended and fell to the ground as its head lolled without control. The silver that had so intrigued her clung to it like the muck of the Fau Swamp so often clung to her. But this silver goo strung along multiple entities as they emerged from below the root floor she had created or from the surrounding swamp. It appeared to keep them moving, maybe even keep them alive. The village’s Kahu cawed and hopped/flapped it’s way over to the pair. It cawed again, warning the pair of the very evident danger before them. It nervously shifted, eyeing the group of dead as they approached. Then a hauntingly sonorous voice called out, beckoning to Viltia with a command she didn’t understand, “Come back to me…” She didn’t have time to think. She didn’t even have time to stand. She simply pulled the trigger on her laser crossbow as many times as it took to down or main the undead corpse before her. She would figure out what to do next after that. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra Viltia crouched and tilted her head in scrutiny of the silver object as it pulsed gently. She extended her hand to her axe on her back and channeled her element, creating a mustard yellow flower on the object, which promptly died. “This silver thing over here seems to kill everything it touches. Both my roots earlier and a flower just now. They just… aren’t alive any more.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Shadow and Silence - Aspects of Makuta Location - Air Suva With - Sala, Nixie Sorilax helped Sala turn the Suva, though the results were less than exciting. “The functions of rotation appear well kept and sturdy, though the puzzle of them seems to still elude us.” Looking around the room, Sorilax stroked his chin with a Shadow hand, “Hummm, perhaps if the half moon faced the half moon window?” Sala and he got to work on the Suva again, the grinding noise of its movement filling the small temple and sounding worse than it actually was. They rotated the Suva so that the half circle shape of the plant matched the half circle window. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Unreliable Narrator IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra The large sword was slightly scared from decay under her hand. It truly was magnificent in both its size and level of durability. The metal was warm from the sun hitting it through the canopy. However long it had sat here, it had held up remarkably well. Viltia wasn’t sure where finding these pieces might eventually take them, but she hoped in the end they would find something remarkable. Although something was bothering her. A cluster of roots she had made had died already. She didn’t feel any “pain” from them, so they weren’t cut off or damaged naturally. Viltia turned towards the source of death and walked towards it, calling out to Sidra as she did so, “Hey, something killed my roots over here. In a weird way, too. They’re just dead, not destroyed.” As she walked over she absorbed the dead roots back into herself both to recoup some elemental energy and to give them a better look at the silver thing before them. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Hahvok - Za and Ja Krana of Ice - Independent Location - The Ash Barrens - Valley of Bones The valley was deep and strewn with the mechanical “bones” of many Rahi. Even bits of dead Skakdi could be seen strewn about the valley floor. The rock forming the valley walls was black and charred, as if it were burnt and had become charcoal. The rock itself took hold of the sun’s heat and the result was a sweltering environment. Small cleared pathways were evidence that some Rahi were able to eke out a living among the dead and heat. There was a gray and black lizard that scurried away; it had been perfectly camouflaged while sitting on a rock. Hahvok, both of him, continued to trod forward, annoyed by the heat. He needed to get someplace colder. As he had been since awaking, he occasionally pondered his purpose. What was the knowledge that had been stripped from him? Could he ever figure it out again? He accidently kicked a piece of a dead Nui-Jaga and it clattered against another hunk of the metal of the dead. This place could really use a good cleansing. He climbed atop a large boulder while he stood below himself. Zal surveyed, both by sight and with the power of the Krana Za. Hahvok’s Krana Ja was constantly pinging small future obstacles, but nothing so far had stopped him for long. There were still no sentient minds in the vicinity, so he continued on, both of him, through the Valley of Bones. OOC: @The UltimoScorp No need to respond as Kal yet. This is just a buffer post for Emperor Whenua. All my other characters are waiting on others so I had to break out Hahvok since he's been waiting the longest and could use another post anyway. Actually, with this he finally gets his second post!
  11. You mean awesome stuff like the Bionicle equivalent of broken bones and ruptured organs? Seriously though that post was amazing.
  12. Alright, another week has passed. Thank you very much UN for adding your input. Based on the feedback we've received, the current plan is to do a timeskip of an indeterminate amount of time to give Sidra and Viltia the experience and physical and mental training required that only comes from repetition over time. This level of experience will allow them to be able to craft a Great Disc with each other's help in later posts. This timeskip won't happen immediately, but Nato and I will be looking for the appropriate moment to implement it. Thank you to everyone who helped us figure this out in the best way for the community as a whole. --------- Meanwhile in response to other things. You may love puzzles, UN, but they sure are hard for me to wrap my brain around when I can't actually see them. Also I wonder what will happen when it's nighttime by Sala, Nixie, and Sorilax. Since Sorilax learned a Taboo, will another star go out? Or maybe it already went out and no one could see it since it's daytime by them.
  13. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning - Zakazian Location - Outside the Ruins of Fire With - Whira, Zak-Yak, Varian, Takadox, Providence “Kindly, stand down and tell your people to point those weapons at the trees instead of us.” Cravious looked around, mind fuddled for some reason. Who had said that? The Varian guy? Maybe the skinny blue one? Why was he so distracted suddenly? He couldn’t focus on Providence and Whira talking. His mind itched, just like when… He looked down at his arms. Both were lowered. He looked up at the Cube. It was sitting with a corner facing the group, allowing three of the four Cordak Blasters atop it to be able to take aim instead of just two like would be the case if one side of the Cube was facing the group. However the Cordak Blasters themselves sat in their default positions, an implied threat instead of an actual one. He knew they could easily be positioned to fire within moments. But why did he want to tell his hirelings to stand down anyway? WHY DID HIS MIND ITCH?! This reeked of mental manipulation. Something one always had to watch out for when working with organized Skakdi. He was already headstrong, and even though his mental training could still use some work, he had enough experience to tell when he was being messed with and try to stop it. Cravious glanced around the group to figure out the source, but before he could accuse anyone a hatch could be heard opening. Cravious looked back up at the Cube. Why in the world would any of his hirelings come out? The idiots. Clash popped his head out of the roof of the Cube and yelled at him, “Hey, boss! The Gadunka on the radio just said the Rig was straight destroyed by that Tahtorak! The Rig was alright, but the Gadunka’s description of the destruction really touched me. I think we should do something.” Cravious couldn’t roll his optics hard enough. If Clash wasn’t such a good security guard Cravious would have fired him on the spot. This was ruining Cravious' image in the other's minds, no doubt. He yelled back, “The Gadunka’s word isn’t law, you fool. Even if it’s true, it doesn’t change anything here. Now get back inside and pretend to be intimidating!” Clash looked riled up, “The Gadunka never lies! You should be grateful he made it out alive!” He climbed back down into the Cube, the hatch slamming and locking behind him. Cravious shook his head in disbelief. The things he had to put up with. No doubt Clash would fight him over this later. Actually, that sounded like a good way to relieve stress. This situation here certainly had gotten messy fast. And now someone here was trying to mess with his mind to top it all off. Not cool. He remained alert and let Providence and Whira continue talking. He wanted to hear what both had to say. His left hand still tightly gripped his briefcase. OOC: @Sparticus147 @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad
  14. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra “A blade?” Viltia asked, head tilted to the side to try to see the object differently. The comparison of Sidra’s blade to the object confirmed it. “That’s crazy. It’s so big!” Viltia patted the Kahu absentmindedly as she stepped away on her created roots to walk closer to the giant weapon. She outstretched her hand to touch it even as she opened her mind once more to observe the Green in a much more focused way. Being so close to the object, she could keep her sphere of sensing much smaller and observe many more details than when she had been in the canopy flying from branch to branch. Not really asking Sidra anything, she said to herself, “Why would anyone need a sword so big?” She couldn’t imagine how anyone might be able to forge something so large. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  15. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra Viltia gazed upon the sword with glee from the treetops, still atop the Kahu. She hadn’t expected the foot to end up being disconnected from the rest of the body. And the amount of time it took to search had been far longer than she had expected. Sidra and she probably wouldn’t be able to continue searching for the head today. It was definitely evening now, and the sun was inching ever closer to be blocked by the giant head on the horizon. Still, they had found another piece! Viltia closed her eyes, one hand grabbing the handle of the axe on her back to focus her element. Tree roots sprung to life around the large object, growing along the watery marsh that it sat in. They seemed to fill the marsh, rising above the water and muck to form a fairly flat and safe surface to walk on. There were many gaps, but Viltia was actually quite proud with the end result. Only a few of the roots had been larger than she intended, rising above the rest as unequal footing. Viltia opened her eyes and brought the Kahu out of the tree to land near their find. She dismounted and smiled, pointing to it despite Sidra obviously seeing it, “What part do you think this is? A piece of a leg or arm maybe?” OOC: @Nato the Traveler
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