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  1. Brickeens!! I'm so sorry fo rthe late reply, but thanks for wishing me happy birthday!

    Did you, did you save me any cake?

  2. o y thx u.

    sorry for replying late.

  3. Stay away from the computer or the Matrix WILL EAT YOU. Actually, I recommend doing this a lot, because I do it too. Like once upon a time ago, I had your problem just as well, and it all changed when I let my brother have a go at the computer. Seriously dude, life is awesome, let's not waste it.
  4. Done in Illustrator? ANyways, nice. WoG is certainly fantastic.
  5. Your sig scares my kitty and me D=

  6. Dude. yes. Iruini's Kualsi or whatever.

  7. Yo.

    Sent you the commish specs on dA.

    Check it out. Now.

  8. Actually I'm a real fan, those whose names are macgyver after me are ripoffs =P

  9. No, it was that gal, who turned out to be a guy!


  10. Ace Ventura is yay.

    So, you found out who stole the dolphin yet?

  11. You facing UPSR this year?

  12. It is indeed, a wonderful name.

    In fact, it's so wonderful, I can feel the jealousy seething unconsciously from your pores.

  13. lol where I live "shnappi" is already old news man. 3 years old.
  14. So non-staff people would have to purchase it from you then?

  15. So Rayg, saw your art on BZP's BrickFair coverage, and I couldn't help but notice, did you compile the Spirits of Fire and the Raanu comic to a comic, as in a graphic novel-ish kind of comic?

  16. Yes, yes I'm back, and better than ever/in black/whatever cool comeback line they always say!


    Therefore, beware.

    Also, POBZPC? Wow did I miss out a -lot-....

  18. Actually it's a little bit of both. I mean, every time I start writing stuff for Mayuri, my writing skills stop working. It's kinda like, I know how it's going to happen, but I don't know how to put it into words.

    Also, sorry for replying late.

  19. Having trubble writing chapter 3

  20. 86 yrs old!?

    Grandma, you shouldn't stay up so late watching Heroes non-stop. Your tired eyes could go blind.

  21. Thx for adding me as your friend!

  22. What a sweet dream, to have a mullet glued onto your head. Jordan is a lucky fellow.
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