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    Probably doing IT things or playing battlefield 4. Add me on Origin: SLF-trashhh
  1. So yeah, this is the first time I've been on here in months...I don't have near as much free time now and when I do I'd rather spend it doing other things besides Bzp or MOCing. I'll probably check back here every once in awhile but I'm never going to be active like I used to be.
  2. [Gif removed. Please make sure that all images you post, including gifs are under 500kb.-Nukaya] what just happened
  3. -EliTiST-

    Another New MOC

    Also those legs are
  4. If anyone wants to play MKWii I'll be glad to take your points =P
  5. its been 3 years since ive been in this here blog holy cee
  6. Stormer/Stringer 1.0 and Breez/Surge 2.0
  7. -EliTiST-

    I'm Blue

    Congrats nub
  8. I usually never post for awhile and then post 3-6 times one day anymore.
  9. A couple more years maybe, but after that I'll only be on very rarely.
  10. I probably spent most of the time I was usually on Bzp playing my guitar.
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