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  1. DNZe

    The Silver Toa

    definitely has a Saturday morning Cartoon vibe, which I dig. Keep up the drawing!
  2. I like the mix of system and Technic. I also love the use of the old hockey helmet as your MOCs body/chest piece. That's a pretty hard piece to use creatively.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. DNZe

    Merch Mockups

    Very cool concepts. I would love some merchandise I could have at an older age.The Hoodie especially. Great concepts
  5. Probably a Ussal Crab. Just because its cute
  6. Probably something set in original 2001 Mata Nui or original Metru Nui. Focus on a Matoran completing some task not related to canon Mass Effect style, focussing on the relationships that matoran builds with others. Something like MNOLG meets Teltails Walking Dead game. Edit: I would love to see the voice talent of actors such as Michael Dorn (Mata Nui in The Legent Reborn - And also Worf from TNG)
  7. I imagine a show something like Star Wars the Animated show. It could take a concept like the Toa seeking their masks and go by a week by week adventure concept
  8. I would love an BZP forum app. As an android user, I would settle for any Bionicle App. I would love the MNOLG games to be available in an app form.
  9. Wow, the hair and the elastics, very creative. For me, its the weaponry which makes me really like this entry. The detail in the shield especially. Good Job man
  10. I would recommend a product called JB weld. Its a plastic epoxy that works wonders if you know how to use it
  11. Very cute. My only suggestion would be the eyes, as they look drawn on. That aside, your hard work has definitely paid off. How cuddly is he?
  12. I want to say 2001 just because it was the first year and everything was a mystery and I was just first getting immersed into everything. Waiting for the MNOLG to load just killed me with anticipation. 2004 was also a great year because of how much it opened up the storyline to new ideas and surprises
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