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    Hello all, My main hobby/lifestyle is Parkour and Freerunning, Bionicle is still one of my all time favorite series, but, I enjoy Video games such as Halo, Guitar hero. I Have a lot of sets (almost all of them). I mainly focus on getting Collectibles such as Masks, Krana, Kraata, Kanohi nuva, such as those. I have gotten almost all of the collectibles that i want i still need some krana kal, and kanohi, i got the most of the kraata from Screenguy but i still need about 28 of so of them to finish off my collection.

    My latest adventure, I'm attempting to obtain the ever so infamous Platinum Avohkii! So please check out my trade topic and if you want anything, i can basically say i have it!


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  1. I'd say right around the $3000-$5000 to be honest. It's a cool mask, and g2's most important mask, but the reason the classic collectibles are worth so much, is because g1 did much better, lasted much longer and is all around better (at least in my opinion). But being a long time collector, I can tell you it wouldn't be as valuable as some of the classics, especially the Platinum Avohkii, mostly because g1 was much more successful and the Avohkii is a much more nostalgic mask and made of a more valuable material. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $4000 for it. Iys a cool mask, but not worth near $10,000
  2. Please don't lock this topic, I say we should have it pinned to the top as an official topic. MC
  3. I've replied to all the messages, the Pearl Gold Kraahkan and Sky blue Kaukau are sold.
  4. @4kokour4: go ahead and make an offer on an item. @Bionicleownz: it is a pretty rare mask, but make an offer and we can see what others think. @jchavoya: I'm looking for more then that on the pearl gold, but that is decent offer on the sky blue kaukau. I'm gonna see if anyone else has interest in it before I agree though.
  5. I'm selling the following items, and I need cash fast. So highest offer takes them, no trades. Prototype 2001 sets with prototype masks Misprint set of 14 (Willing to part out) Pearl Gold Kraahkan 5 hole chin Kraahkan Copper Komau Copper Huna US and UK version Ask if interested in other items. MC
  6. There are actually 3 different Lego Kanohi Hau's. 1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 Green. MC
  7. I'm interested in 2 of these, maybe 3 or 4 even. Please message me
  8. @MrRaves:The Toa have prototype masks, and a bunch of other notable pieces including the weapons. The Turaga have prototype masks and some have prototype weapons, other little things. The Tohunga have prototype feet and some have prototype arms. Muaka and Kane-Ra are full prototype, a bunch of peices are prototype on them. @Flintsmith: $250? Vakama didn't have a prototype mask though. @Reya: for the Toa I'm looking to get around $800+ depending on which one I'm willing to negotiate. Which, considering Fifi2004 is selling his prototype Toa masks for $1000 just for the mask, I feel like that is a fair price. Especially considering the fact that they are the first Toa.
  9. Sorry man, but that's way to low, but I have the tohunga and I'd part with a prototype Tohunga for $100
  10. Hey guys, so it seems that I have a bit of unexpected things come up and I'm in need of some extra cash. I'm possibly selling some prototype sets from the start of BIONICLE, so if you want something rare, from the time before time, don't pass up the opportunity now! The following sets I have for sell, depending on the offer are: All 6 Tohunga All 6 Turaga Lewa Pohatu Kopaka Muaka and Kane-Ra I am looking to sell, or do partial trades with cash. Make me an offer! Here is a link to some pictures of them from the person I got them from. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=529324 Please note that the Nui Rama are sold already. MC
  11. Hey, I've messaged you again and haven't heard from you in a bit. Feel free to message me whenever
  12. Even if that was the winner, they never announced that the winner actually received it that I saw.
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