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  1. Well if you want the MASKS so badly I'll give them to you as a SIGN of PEACE. Calix Elda Suletu Sanok Kadin Iden There you go buddy! please don't notice the C-4... Oh and what is your favourite colour? And what do you think of Canada? What 'bout America? ~Exon Those are not the real MASKS! Those are computerized IMAGES of the MASKS! I am on a COMPUTER, you know! I don't pick FAVORITES. Never been there. Or there. I can only remember VOYA NUI.
  2. Does choking on your bionicles make you think of bionicles? What do you think of MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA? O by the way, I'm not Hakann, I'M A PIRAKA ULTIMATE HYBRID BEAT THAT!!!! I AM PIRAKUNUI!! GNuklear owns you Toa Igniter Oh and, are you on Team Hau or Team Miru? ~Exon No. That must be the PIRAKA's evil laugh. There is no such thing as PIRAKUNUI, HAKANN! How DARE you side with my mortal archnemesis! You've just earned yourself a ZAMOR to the face! I am on the side endorsed by the TOA INIKA.
  3. Well, I can think of a song that might fit into this: Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen ~Exon
  4. Hellos. Who made you? Why is it you're mainly seen without a mask on, yet you brag on using the toa inika's mask. Now I believe this statement to be false, for how exactly are you to obtain a Inika mask? Also, you do realize that the Inika turned into Mahri? ...what are your thoughts on Matoro? Do you believe he's still alive, or are you THAT deluded. Oh and what do you think about purple orangatangular dinosaurs? I AM NOT PIRAKA HAKANN. Or am I? ~Exon I don't entirely know how I was created. I don't have a lot of memories prior to my arrival on VOYA NUI. Because PIRAKA steal the MASKS from me and then I lose them and have to find them all over again. Also, I can use three different kinds of MASKS, but the MASKS of the TOA INIKA prove to be the most beneficial for me. They are generally scrambled all over VOYA NUI. Occasionally I see a PIRAKA wear one. In cases such as that, I will not hesitate to rip the MASKS right off of their face! The TOA INIKA will always be the TOA INIKA! Why don't you realize that? TOA INIKA MATORO has been captured by the PIRAKA and stripped of his MASK. If they killed him, then I'd have a serious bone to pick with the PIRAKA... They must be pretty harmless compared to the PIRAKA. And yes, you are PIRAKA HAKANN! Stop trying to confuse me, PIRAKA! I've already had to teach the other PIRAKA that TOA IGNITER cannot be fooled... the hard way!
  5. Wierd dude #5


    Oh cool! I Lol'd at the first one so much. It was hilarious, and was worth the time/wait. ~Exon
  6. Hey, what's with Tavakai.com? When did you make that?

    Do you regret it?

    Should I post there?

  7. Wierd dude #5


    I'm in I sent you the works. Wow thanks guys. This is actually the first time I've joined a Continuity. I like this crowd better than ICC. I do enjoy the NGC more too. I don't know why though. Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with them. Though, I've known some ICC people back before the ICC, NGC etc. but after I left BZP, and the ICC was started I feel I'm not really familiar with them anymore. Though I think it's because of their wide popularity, I do not enjoy quite popular people, never did either here or IRL. Actually, that may be the reason they call me weird dude #5 at school... But I belive the only reason I'm more familiar with these guys is because I joined Imagination. That was the changing point of my BZP life so to say. Most of the authors of Imagination were NGC, so yeah. I guess that's why I prefer the NGC over the ICC. PLEASE NO LAWSUITS IN THE MAIL. Actually I have a PM from NR when he was a noob so if I post it I may get some mail.... BTW: LOL DEZ GNC RUOKS ~Exon
  8. Wierd dude #5


    Google translate Amigo? Shad: Hola, compadres. Shadonix and now I am going to talk in Spanish about nothing in particular. Spanish is the language spoken in Spain and much of South America and Central America such as Mexico or Argentina. Spanish class started in 2009 and now I'm better than everyone in my class. (Not very smart.) I have much to say, I just need to talk a lot then people who do not speak Spanish will know that I know more things than they. Calliou: Haha, he's speaking Spanish. How strange, indeed! I can also write, understand and speak Spanish, because until now I have taken three years of language. To me, I like to use Spanish because I do not think many people can understand why I'm writing now. This summer, I will stay in Peru for six weeks for an exchange student and I'm excited to do that Lord Oblivion: I am good in Spanish class, but I hate the Spanish because it is very abburido. Spirit: Your Spanish is pretty good, but I can see some errors. However, this is more an indication of my skills as yours. Shad: ... I just speak French. LL-361: I do not understand. DDude: SPEAK ENGLISH!?! Eleven: Shad, where'd you learn to speak Spanish? Go Packers. Shad: I learned in school DDude: Subtitles, please? Exon: Google Translate Friend? There you go B) ~Exon
  9. Well, the only thing I have to say is that the HST is a complete Carp fish, the educational funding here is a bit low, but overall it's not bad.

    Well if you live near the coast like I do.

  10. To answer your question:

    Good old British Columbia.

    I figure you live in Ontario,Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador or something, because your clock is three hours ahead.

  11. I agree with your definition of nerd.

  12. I accidentally clicked the add as friend button...you can still add me though.

  13. You know the quantumphysicalythemetalogicalinterdimensionalcountinuancynoobalternatedimension effect!


    Nidman(bizzaro namdiN)

    Namdin(bizzaro nidmaN)

    Pshh easy,

  14. So er when you gonna stab yourself? :P

  15. Actually now that I think about it, if your Namdin now

    Nidman is your noob :blink:

  16. leik zomg ur a bizarro

  17. LIKE ZOMG ARE YOU REALLY ON IN REAL LIFE? I mean, I have no cable to watch season,but I saw season 1...but still-REALLY?

  18. ...so you rap now? :P

  19. ...who are you and what am I doing on your friend list?


    P.S. I kind of have to squint...

  21. it is so bright...

  22. your new font hurts my eyes...

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