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  1. Still here, man! Just posted a new comic two days ago and started a music topic in the CoT Culture forum.

  2. Kodrak

    Loose Ends

    Here's some art circa 2012
  3. right in the gabber

  4. Kodrak

    Loose Ends

    Hand-Drawn Placeholder Sprite Comic Experimental Art from 2012 And, working with GIMP on a poster. No guest stars, I think. I'm considering it.
  5. I have missed much.Shiz.Great to see more people have jumped the bandwagon. @11/4/12: Who's the guy behind Mal?BTW, your backgrounds remind me of a Minecraft texture pack. Did you make them yourself?
  6. Kodrak

    Tng's Comics!

    He's not as amazing as you think... Now if he had money... CLAIMED!
  7. @ TNG It's a special device in GIMP/Photoshop called 'rotate'. Allows you to rotate sprites.@Comic Give credit where it is deserved...
  8. Kodrak


    It looks so much like Rayg I thought you were copying them. But I noticed the difference. It's actually very, very good. I especially like the poses.Basically, it's Rayg + Nice poses + 'Soran touch'.
  9. I feel fail for not commenting or partaking in the contest. Can I send one in anyways?
  10. Strange, I use the Kopaka skin sometimes, and it looks different.Maybe they made some minor edits.
  11. I'd love to see a new LTSL comic.Anyhow, Soran, word of advice, I feel like you're taking on waaaay too many projects. Your sprite kit, 3 series, AND life? Goodness! I barely have time for working on . LTSL and Daybreak have been great successes, so I suggest you end Comical Retreat or at least take a break from it.Unless, of course, you happen to have so much time on your hands. Maybe it's that Vahi spinning around below your avatar...
  12. Exactly!Also, the colors are toned down. Good job.
  13. Sounds sweet! I did find Toa Mata skins on Skindex, are those the ones you're using?
  14. So amazingly amazing it's too amazing for my amazingly amazing self.So, Tren Krom is actually an octopus-dressed baby? WOAH.
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