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  1. OOC: ...Sweet! I'm changing my sig. From now on I shall be known as Batman!Actually I do it to give people a fighting chance. Heck I'm barely trying and already I'm tearing Nuju apart in Le-Wahi. No one would have a chance if I actually tried with a Toa.A "here you are works". I was actually waiting for someone to try and find Jennas. She's really not hard to find. Harka isn't ether. I'm not trying to make it difficult to get recruted. You can just show up out of the blue.IC: "Hello Agarin." Kalama said as the Toa arrived. "You can ether stick with me or find 1st Leftenant Jennas. She should be out at the Marine Complex."-------Harka looked up from the village at the Toa of Iron. His dead eyes stared. "...I don't lead. I just watch. Sometimes I fight." He pointed to the clearing where the other being was. "...wait there. We go after the Tarakava have attacked."
  2. OOC: Never been in a real fight have you Katuko? Step back and take a look at it from where I'm standing and I've been in real fights before. In melee combat very few attacks ever hit, especially when the combatants are fresh as we are just dropping in for round one. It's now round two. We're still fresh. 7 rounds later we won't be so refreshed, we'll be tired, and we'll get sloppy, THEN attacks will start hitting. Also, I don't see how Nuju is overwhelmed. I'm playing triple the characters he is with more people than this right now and I don't feel overwhelmed. If I can do it, he can.I've already let you have your one screw up Nuju. I clearly typed Tawk's first attack as going for the the Rahkshi's FACE. You played it as attacking the Rahkshi's BACK. I let you have that one but I'm calling out the rest of your mistakes and using them to my advantage if you're going to continue to do that. Play it straight now.Second mistake you've made, Onuzek is large and heavy, he cannot be simply kicked away and his blows cannot be countered, only evaded.Third mistake you've made, Kraata do not have anything that resemble "teeth", especially since it hasn't transfromed into anything at this point. Mawl is fine. His hands are fine too so your "Can't do anything" is false. Accept your defeat in this post of the Morpharahk. Next time don't let a Matoran near the Rahkshi's face. Expecially mine.Xaiver is also fine. Fourth mistake you've made, he's not a Toa. I've clearly typed him out as being a Ta-Matoran at least once. He's been watching the Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption, is at a distance enough to react to things like lunges which are ineffective against an opponant who's paying attention to you. You've killed SQUAT. And here I am being nice enough to let you decide whether or not any of my attacks hit. You're not going to extect the same courtesy to me? I'm insulted. I'm done being nice now. I'm taking every mistake you make and I'm hitting the advantage so hard they'll feel the aftershocks on the other side of the universe. Come on Nuju this is pathetic! I'm not even trying!IC: As the Morpherahk went to try and take a "bite" out of Mawl after grabbing him and not turning into anything, Mawl's lighting fast pilot reflexed came into play as his free hands reacted. with his left hand he braced himself agains the open plates of the helm while with his right he reached in and grabbed the Kraata by it's mouth and yanked HARD pulling it free. The Morpherahk might have been able to stop him if it had two arms but with one holding Mawl and the other hanging limply at it's side broken, it had nothing to stop the Matoran with."Wow you are one ugly son of Makuta." Mawl commented before breaking the Kraata's spine as he let go of the armor and snapped the fragile slug's back with his left hand. He looked up at Onuzek. "Check it out! This is what you were fighting the whole time dude!" He held up the dead Kraata.Kylina and Xavier watched the Rahkshi fight the two Toa before doing something completely awkward."What is it doing?" Kylina asked."I believe the metallic dust from the knife that it disintigrated has embedded itself in it's eyes and it's seeing things. It clearly thinks there some kind of victory it's had." The Ta-Matoran said to the Ga-Matoran before examing his bracers.Tawk fell over laughing at the Rahkshi from where he was sitting. "It's blind! It can't see squat!""Hey bro! Check out my trophy!" Mawl said before the Rahkshi armor holding him fell to the ground before the Matoran tumbled free. He yelped before springing back to his feet.
  3. That's up to you.I've already responded with Harka once since there's only been one person in last 14 hours who asked. I've been asleep for the last 12 or so.
  4. OOC: It's not so much rage-like than it's more homacidal crazed maniac. She'll be laughing crazily while carving your body into bloody strips. She had not an ounce of mercy and has never taken prisioners in her carreer even when the other side surrendered.Trust me. It's not pretty.IC: Kalama chuckled. "That's kind of the point to waiting." He said. "The defenders always have the home advantage. We know our village better than he does. On top of that if he uses some twisted form of tactics, I'll know how to counter it. However it can go vice versa too so the best outcome is that we clash and lock ourselves in a stalemate. Unlike him however I have the more intelligent support so I'll get some help eventually in breaking the stalemate and pressing my advantage." He threw an arm around Kali who just stood there shocked as he drew her close. "Plus I have this for a secret weapon. My ace in the hole."He let the Matoran go who just stood there face flushed even as Kalama continued. "It's been mainly Tarakava but with each raid we've gotten a new surprise. The second one, Tarakava-Nui joined the fray. Third one they increased in number and even the Takea Sharks came out. Who knows what they've got coming this time around. Harka doesn't actually lead the Tarakave ether. He just kind of watches. He'll see you coming and hide before you get there. You won't find him until he's good and ready to attack personally which will probably be a good deal into the fight before he challanges me."
  5. OOC: No it's a Disrutarahk. Guurahk is the Rahkshi of Disintigration.A lunge? No dice highspeed. Xavier's a good distance away. He'll see it coming. They haven't survived this long without being able to read movement. Also there's now dust in it's eyes. You admitted to THAT hitting at least. It's as good as blind.IC: Xavier watched as the Disruptarahk lunged blindly at him as the metallic dust of one of his knives hit it's face. The Ta-Matoran easily combat rolled to the side as the Disrupturahk missed him entirely though his bracers hissed dangerously as the distruptive field passed over one of them."Not very bright is it?" Kylina called. "Hit it again!""Hey lizard!" Tawk called out trying to get the Rahkshi's attention. "You're so ugly it's no wonder Makuta kicked out out of the house! That's a face only a MOTHER would love!"Mawl dropped back on top of the Morpherahk and proceeded to smash his spade over it's head as it screeched.
  6. Lei shrugged. "That's Lanora for you. You probably could stand a dunk in the bay but hey. Maybe I could too."Kalama chuckled. "You've been asking the wrong Marines. Don't take anything Lanora says personally. She can be sarcastic but she was thanking you for being so quick she DIDN'T have to fight everything herself. Any compliments Lanora gives are usually backhanded ones. She has a reputation and an image to protect after all. Officers are usually pretty busy so you may get a quick "Thank You" here and there but by the time you get done with one problem they're busy tackling the other 14.""Who's this senile old fart who can't tell the differance between a child and a full grown woman in her prime?" Nuraka said gesturing at Grochi."'oo ye callin' yoonglang ye grate baffoon? Nae cheeldreen 'ere! We be all oof age ye daft loony!" Yuni snapped taking offense."I say we cut him open and preform a... a... Maya what do you call those things where you cut open the skull to study the brain again?" Lei asked."If you mean a lobotomy then I'm in agreement." Maya said glaring at the Toa.Kalama didn't say anything but a sharp gaze was enough to make the Marines stand down."Sorry about that." He said. "The ladies here are rather sensitve to the idea of putting children in danger. WIth good reason."The Raiders bristled, all of them focused on Grochi ready to tear him apart.-------"...Wait there. We attack after the Tarakava." Harka said pointing at the clearing next to him hidden by brush from Ga-Koro.
  7. OOC: You missed an attack Nuju. Direct hit! And yes, Xavier made it clear which Rahkshi they will be attacking.IC: THUNK! Xavier's knife sunk deep into the left eye of the Disrutarahk."Tawk!" Kylina darted in grabbing the pilot."I... regret... nothing!" Tawk winced in pain as Kylina dragged him to safety."How many times have I told you to THINK before you jump!" She yelled at him."Thirty... seven. It's not that bad Kylina." He hissed. "Stings like a Kofo-Jaga but I'll pull through.""You have to survive first!" Kylina dropped the Matoran to the ground before going back to watching out for both her boys.Xavier hurled a second knife at the Disruptarahk aiming for it's other eye looking to blind the Rahkshi of Disruption while it was occupried by Skyra."TUCK AND ROLL!" Mawl yelled from where he caught onto the tree at the falling Toa of Fire. He quickly scrambled up the tree watching the Kahu/Morpherahk. He wouldn't be so easily bucked off it this time.
  8. "About time!" Lanora said promptly forgetting about Sisk for the moment. "Any slower and I'd have to take the whole horde on myself!"She saluted the Officers who returned her salute. "Ladies, plenty to do. Get cracking. I'm sure someone has work for you." Turning away she spotted a group of enlisted watching them. "OY! YOU LOT! YOU GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN WATCH ME THEN THAT MEANS YOU GOT TIME TO WORK....!" Lanora went off on her way shouting at Marines to "Stop Slacking."Kalama turned to Sisk. "You can relax now. She's gone." A grin was plastered to his face. "Congratulations, you just survived your first encounter with The Merciless. Get used to it. You'll be seeing a lot of her.""She's not so bad." Lei said. "You get used to her."
  9. OOC: I am aware of this Katuko. Remember what characters you're dealing with here. Tawk and Mawl are brash Kahu pilots who leap before they think. They is not a Kalama-level strategists. Now let me play my characters straight.IC: Kylina nodded and prepared to guard for Xavier.
  10. "YEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHA!"The Onu-Matoran whooped as he dropped in from the sky. Aiming for the shape shifted Rahkshi, Mawl landed on the Muaka/Rahkshi's back. "YIPPE KAY YAY YOU UGLY RAHI!" He yelled bringing the flat of the spade he carried down on the head.THUMP! Tawk dropped onto the Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption. "IIIIII'VE BEEN WORKIN' ON THE RAAAAAAAILROAAAAD!" He swung the pickaxe downward aiming to bring the point down into the Rahkshi's helm and brain the Kraata within.Kylina and Xavier landed on the ground back to back."Situation?""Snafued." Xavier responded. "We have a Morpherahk, Rahkshi of Shapeshifting, A Disruptarahk, Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption, A Florahk, Rahkshi of Plantlife, Entorahk, Rahkshi of Insect Control, Accurahk, Rahkshi of Accuracy, and a Denserahk, Rahkshi of Density.""Tawk and Mawl seem to be keeping two of them occupied.""Tawk's going to need help with his. Disruptarahk's are nasty in this group.""What about the Denserahk?""Second most dangerous one here compared to the Disruptarahk. VERY CLOSE second.""Agreed. Let's help out Tawk. Then we'll focus on taking the Denserahk. Mawl looks like he's got the Morpherahk under control for the time being." Kylina drew her daggers. "If we don't make it back...""Don't say that. We got through worse than this." Xavier said drawing a throwing knife. "Just watch out for me while I try and nail this pile of Gukko Droppings." Xavier's knife whistled through the air as he aimed for the eyeholes.
  11. Technically I've already got one artist type (female by the way) so they can usually be ether gender. Still the profession you could say is more female dominant these days.Inventors also work ether way but you'll see mostly males there.
  12. OOC: Nala is not afraid to use her womanly ways to her advantage.IC: "They can't" Nala responded grinning at Alrin's red face. "Now be gentle with me. This is my first time." She teased as he picked her up."WHEEEEEE!!!"Nala flew through the air at high speed. As she flew past, she lashed out cutting a deep gash into the Skakdi's back who was restraining Agni."DAAAAAAAAGGG!!!" The Skakdi didn't let got but his grip had slacked somewhat allowing Agni some breathing room.The Tryna user hearing the cry went to try and use his power to reanimate the Skakdi thinking he'd fallen.Instead he came face to face with Nala's Hau."Hello!" She said.He yelped and tried to swat at her.Nala sailed past but grabbed onto his shoulder looping around his back and coming up from his chest. "I'll take THAT! YOINK!" She snatched the Mask of the Toa's face.The Toa cried out as the reanimated bodies fell to the ground.Nala looped over his back again this time coming around the right side. "One for the money!" The Toa screamed as Nala cut a deep gash in his right flank. Nala kept going around to the left side. "Two for the show!" The Toa screamed again as Nala raked another cut deep in his left side. Nala changed direction going upward sinking her blades into his back and running them parallel along his spine upwards. "Three because I can!"The Toa sank to his knees howling in pain.Nala flew upwards before letting gravity catch her and bring her back down."AND DOWN YOU GO!"Blood flew as Nala's final downward strike split open the Toa and he fell lifeless to the ground as Nala landed.As if to add insult to death. Nala bent over backwards as one of the Matoran with a club from earlier tried to bludgeon her.Nala continued to roll backwards grabbing the Matoran by the torso with her legs and twisted spinning both of them so that she was standing upright and the Matoran was now on the ground.As his head came downwards, Nala sunk one of her blade into his skill killing him for good.Nala turned around and struck a pose. "TADAAAAAAA!!"
  13. Lashev suddenly found out why they were laughing when his world suddenly inverted and the ground became the sky.When he was finally able to reorient himself he was in a heap at Maya's feet. Maya sighed as the rest of the Marines fell over laughing at him.Maya helped straighten him out before checking for any damage from when Lanora hurled him. "PLEASE do not tick off Lanora." She said. "Sisk is in no real danger, Lanora likes a good chewing out before a fight to get the blood flowing and Sisk just made himself a target. The most she'll do is yell at him. You keep doing stuff like that and she probably WILL kill YOU however and it's still too early to be patching people up."Tanuka shrugged. "I don't quite understand it myself." She said. "I wasn't a Marine so I don't get it.""Simple really," Kali said. "Lanora is a Non-Commissioned Officer. An NCO so to speak. You don't salute them you go to attention for them. That's why the lower ranking ones snapped to attention when she approached. It's considered rude and disrespectful not to mention it's a crime among the Marines to impersonate a higher rank. the NCO's are... you could say 'The Enforcers' among the Marines ensuring orders from the Commissioned Officers are carried out by the lower enlisted such as Lei and Hotu. Lanora is the highest ranking NCO in the Marines. She expects Sisk to know better since she's aware of what rank he is. He's about the same rank as Yuni and should know better than to address another NCO the way he did. Even if they're from two different forces. Still the worst she'll do is simply dress him down and remind him. She won't do anything especially nasty with Kalama watching. Kalama currently outranks everyone in this spot and he has no problem reporting Lanora's behavior to Kotu who is the single highest ranking Marine here or anywhere on the island. She's like our version of Jaller, Kongu, or Onapu."
  14. Kylina continued to stare for another minute."...You genuinely believe some kind of threat. Word is starting spread about the Rahkshi attack on Po-Koro so you do have a point."More silence. Then, "We'll join you. I'll tell the boys to pack light. We may not be coming back."With that, Kylina dropped off the upper platform catching onto one far below and pulling herself back up onto it before making straight for her squads quarters.
  15. +10 Internets to you my good man! FEAR THE RAMPAGING KIKANALO OF THE DEAD!Remember to aim for the head!
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