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Hapori Tohu

Collecting Kanohi

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Recently BZPower Member Xboxtravis wrote a cool guest article for our friends over at Brickset. If you've ever thought about collecting Bionicle masks or wanted to learn about a variety of the rare collectibles that have been released over the years, it's worth checking out. Even if you have a large collection already, maybe you'll find out about one or two that you've been missing. It's always cool to see other LEGO fan sites giving some attention to our favorite theme, not to mention appreciated. Go give it a read!

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Interesting article. Proud to say I've at least heart of all those masks, though I've been following since 2003. I can personally vouch for how hard it is to find Protodermic masks, and how weirdly the Miru is the only affordable one. (I have the Miru and Pakari.)

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Thank you for sharing it! Glad you all liked it. 

As an FYI, in part due to the virus Brickset has been accepting a lot of guest articles to fill up slower news days... so if any of you all have your own Bionicle collecting articles to write and share now is the time. Submission was pretty easy, I sent an email to Brickset, got a confirmation from Huw they would publish it, and about two days later it was up on their website. 

Another thing of note, Huw edited my American spelling of color and mold into a British colour and mould in the article as published. Just kind of a funny thing that happened in the editorial process it seems. 

Edited by Xboxtravis


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