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Tapestry Of Time Collection Topic

Paracosmos Bionicle Paracosmos BP Altacosmos Altacosmos Chronicles AC

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#1 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Feb 09 2012 - 05:05 PM

[NOTE (Feb. 26 2014): Due to various BZP issues, most of these stories are no longer available but I am planning to work on reposting them. The few that are posted currently suffer from a format glitch; I'll work on fixing that. The following are all the stories currently available (the first is newly launched today and has no such errors) in order from newest to oldest:


The Destiny of Bionicle -- a complete retelling (standalone story unrelated to the others here, no need to read any of them first).


Bionicle Paracosmos: The Perfect Cage -- second episode of the second Paracosmos Saga -- completed, but some early chapters have the format glitch. Possible to read without having read previous, but some may prefer to have read them to avoid spoilers.


Altacosmos Chronicles: The Islander -- third installment in a series of standalone stories, also no need to read any previous ones. A short story. Suffers format glitch.


Bionicle Paracosmos: Endless Blue -- first episode of second Paracosmos Saga -- completed, also has glitch. A good starting point if you're not worried about spoilers here and there from the first Saga (especially the nature of the mysterious enemy the first Saga focuses on). Introduces a new enemy for the second Saga, the Kuambu.


I plan to repost the first two Altacosmos Chronicles very soon, and then begin posting the next (new) Paracosmos story (already written). I hope to also alternate this between reposting the old Paracosmos stories from the beginning. However, my next top priority is to write the Season 1 finale for the Expanded Multiverse: Cipher Chronicles.


Note: A download for the RPG computer game (The Map of Mata Nui) near the start of the first Paracosmos Saga is still available on my blog. This also introduces the mystery of the first Saga's main enemy type and then reveals it midway through the game, parallel to the revelation in the written stories, so if you want to start there and then read EB and TPC while waiting for my revisions of the original stories to go live, that should work out well.


I will edit the rest of this post to fix glitches and broken links and such at a later date.]




[color=rgb(255,0,0);]NEW: The Perfect Cage![/color]



Her dream was dark. She was floating in nothingness. Sheer void. Faint shadows brushed against her, wisps of cloth.Then she saw something. Something colorful ahead. She swam through the shadows like a fish through seaweed. She emerged to see two long tapestries in front of her, hanging from an infinite roof of black down to an infinite sea of darkness. But the tapestries seemed to be lit as if from daylight. One was more complex than the other, but its core pattern was the same.One felt familiar. But she was drawn to the second, the more complex. This one was intertwined with many strings of pure black. It felt wrong, evil. She swam closer... no, she wasn't swimming. Being pulled. She wanted to turn and flee, but could not. No, this couldn't be right!Her hand touched the cloth. It grabbed her hand and yanked. She was sucked into it.Her eyes opened. She was standing in a forest in a very different Ga-Metru from the one she knew, with the sounds of Rahi all around her, some of them familiar, others not. It had been nothing but a vision, but it made everything clear.She was not inside the Bionicle universe. She was in the Bionicle Paracosmos.Welcome to the Collection Topic for the Bionicle Paracosmos fanfic series and its "spin-offs". All these stories are what I call Adventure Mystery -- a science fantasy 'genre' that focuses on the intense thrill and adventure as the characters unravel deep, grandious mysteries, with innovative science fiction and character-focused secrets behind the mysteries. There are epics, short stories, and even an 4.5-star RPG game! Also, there's a fair bit of art for the stories, since I am as much an artist as I am a writer.All these stories revolve in some way around the Paracosmos, a corrupted parallel universe to the original (official) Cosmos. It was created in the cataclysmic and enigmatic Event in the official Cosmos. Each story is understandable without reading previous stories, so feel free to jump in anywhere. If you want the full thrill of the mysteries, begin at Epic#1, main series, but no obligation. Rating is PG-13 for intense action (no blood/gore). Series are color coded by the above image of Tapestry of Time and all its branches.NOTE: This is a partial reconstruction of the original topic (here). I've left out the sections that didn't yet have content; the Event Journal especially probably won't happen that way, but simply be flashbacks in the final main series epic. I do hope to eventually write the Tales of the Ri-Rali, but not sure.Since the old stories can no longer be posted in, being stuck on the old forum, you can review them here. :) I may revamp and repost some of them in the future, but it'll be a while if so.

[font="'Arial Black';"][color=#00C000;]Bionicle Paracosmos Main Series[/color][/font]

Explore the central mysteries of the Paracosmos, starting from the arrival of the Toa on Mata Nui Island. The series tends to center on the six Toa Nuva and the main Matoran characters of the Paracosmos, but has a wide range of both official and nonofficial characters. The main series is the most varied in terms of medium used, using mostly epics, some short and some long, and short stories, and there's also an award-winning RPGMaker computer game.It is divided into three Sagas. 

The Hidden Enemy Saga

the_sword_is_but_the_focus_banner.jpgType: Epic #1 | Episode: #1 | Word Count: 16000 | Page Count in MSWord: 30 | Chapters: 11 + prologue and "What Has Gone Before"Setting: Ko-Wahi | Time: Early 2001 | Mainchars: Kopaka, Nijire the Ice-Fisherwoman

The Sword is but the Focus: What begins as a simple mask quest turns into a desperate struggle with lasting consequences. Kopaka, Nijire, and others begin to face the mystery of the "hidden enemy" that is infecting Rahi at an alarming rate, while briefly Turaga Whenua discovers the Legend of the Paracosmos.

the_folly_of_fire_banner.jpgType: Short Story #1 | Episode: #2 | Word Count: 4800 | Page Count in MSWord: 10Setting: Ta-Wahi | Time: Early 2001 | Mainchars: Tahu, Tlenoh the Ta-Guard

The Folly of Fire: Tahu struggles with some interesting plants and his own temper as he searches for a mask, while Tlenoh, a Ta-Koronan guard, Hujo, a mapmaker, and some others, mostly lava farmers, find something that will have great value to Tahu in the future.

emissary_of_earth_banner.jpgType: Short Story #2 | Episode: #3 | Word Count: 5200 | Page Count in MSWord: 11Setting: Onu-Wahi | Time: Early 2001 | Mainchars: Onua, Nuhuri the Rahi Tracker(ess)

Emissary of Earth: Onua is asked to deliver a note from Whenua to the other Turaga, carrying news of the mysterious legend of the Paracosmos, though Onua does not know that. But Makuta suspects something is up, and Onua must face Makuta's most desperate attempts to steal the note and read it himself. He's helped by Nuhuri the Rahi Tracker.

the_noble_deep_banner.jpgType: Short Story #3 | Episode: #4 | Word Count: 5750 | Page Count in MSWord: 12Setting: Ga-Koro and Ninakorr Deep Sea Trench | Time: Early 2001| Mainchars: Gali, Nixie the Astrologer

The Noble Deep: Gali is sent off to the Ninakorr Deep Sea Trench in search of a Noble mask for Nokama, but finds the depths far more treacherous than even Nokama could have imagined. Meanwhile, Nixie struggles to understand a new prophecy in the stars that could spell doom for the entire village of Ga-Koro!

mystery_in_the_desert_banner.jpgType: Short Story #4 | Episode: #5 | Word Count: 7100 | Page Count in MSWord: 15Setting: Po-Wahi | Time: Early 2001 | Mainchars: Pohatu, Kuhauha the Po-Guard

Mystery in the Desert: Pohatu, joined by Onua (who has delivered all the notes now) search for a mask... but what they find is something different entirely, a mystery that reminds them of how they came to the island. Is it a treasure, or a death trap? One Po-Koronan guard comes to beleive it's the latter when the Toa do not return for several days.

follow_trail.gifType: Epic #2 | Episode: #6 | Word Count: 40500 | Page Count in MSWord: 95 | Chapters: 23Setting: Le-Wahi, Mata Nui Island | Time: Mid 2001 | Mainchars: Lewa, Jombu the Kini-Nui Guard/Scribe

Agents of Surrender: Lewa receives a mission from the Turaga to seek out the mysterious "hidden enemy" that has been infecting Rahi at alarming rates in recent years. Lewa must piece together this puzzle from mere shreds of clues, and hope against all hope that if he finds what he's looking for, he'll somehow defeat an enemy that has conquered even the most untameable Rahi!Note: Part 1 of the game below takes place before/during Agents of Surrender. while Part 2 takes place after it and contains spoilers from it. Recommended to play Part 1, read Agents of Surrender, then play Part 2.

tmomnbannersigsize.jpgType: RPGMaker game | Episode: #7 | Setting: Mata Nui Island | Time: Mid 2001 | Hero: Hujo the Ta-Mapmaker

The Map of Mata Nui: In this revolutionarily coded RPG, you play as Hujo the Mapmaker, as you try to unravel your mysterious destiny. To make it come true, you must find six stones and place them around a stone map of the entire island. But the only such map, which was in Jala's office, has just been destroyed, so you and a small company must travel the island and face various enemies to make a new map. Features new event-based battle system where you can actually fight on the map instead of with the built in "card game" style system, working minigames, chores, and more! 4.5-star rating in the Software Library, tied for top game with Flow of the River.Note: Part 1 takes place before/during Agents of Surrender. while Part 2 takes place after it and contains spoilers from it. Recommended to play Part 1, read Agents of Surrender, then play Part 2.

cotbluestatic.gifType: Epic #3 | Episode: Number Eight | Word Count:78800 | Page Count in MSWord: 185 | Chapters: 21Setting: Mata Nui Island | Time: Late 2001 | Mainchars: Kopaka, Rathoa the Captain of the Rahunga

Captain of Treason: The Captain of Makuta's treasonous servants, named Rathoa, steals Kopaka's sword, which now gives the user the power of ice due to being merged with a Btou staff. Rathoa plays on the gameboard of the end of the 2001 story with his own goals in mind, and recalls his lifestory -- the tale of the origin of the Rahunga. As events spiral out of control towards a confrontation between the forces of evil and good, vital clues are unveiled towards unraveling the mystery of the Paracosmos.

sigbnrti2.pngType: Epic #4 | Episode: #9 | Word Count: 87000 | Page Count in MSWord: 260 | Chapters: 49 + prologue and epilogueSetting: Mata Nui Island, Twisted Island, Kriitunga Island | Time: Early 2002 | Mainchars: Hujo the Mapmaker, Pohatu

Twisted Island: A ghostly enemy known as the Ghomboka are awoken with the Bohrok, and they quickly kidnap Hujo and some others with him. They wake up hours later on a dark island the Ghomboka call Twisted Island, where the sky is pure black, there are traces of an ancient civilization, and dangerous beasts have been released from a zoocraft. Pohatu spearheads the effort to figure out where Hujo and company went and to unravel the mysteries of the Ghomboka. Meanwhile, the entire Unknown people become trapped on Twisted Island and depend on Hujo to unravel its mysteries to free them and rescue the very fate of the Paracosmos.

The Rulers of the Sea Saga

endlessbluetapestrybanner.pngType: Epic #5 (divided into 5 Parts) | Episode: #10 | Word Count: 219,300 | Chapters: 50 + prologue and epilogueSetting: Mata Nui Island and many other places, especially Kriitunga Island | Time: Mid-2002 to end of 2002 | Mainchars: Bhukasa the reptilian sea captain, Lewa, Niaka the Ga-Matoran ferrywoman, Hujo the Jahurungi, a mysterious character, and many side characters

Endless Blue: A whole fleet of enemy ships has been sighted on a direct course for Mata Nui, as the Bohrok rampage across the island. In addition to the Cosmos-mirroring Bohrok, the Third Faction is controlling many Bohrok for their own purposes, but overshadowing all of this is the mysterious threat of the seafaring Kuambu. Their name is about all our main characters know about them, but they know the Kuambu claim to rule the Endless Ocean.Bhukasa sails out to investigate them and try to get his memories back from a time long ago when he sailed over these very seas, and from ancient times, before the rest of his people went extinct. Lewa investigates the Bohrok, while Niaka leads Eight Matoran to investigate the enemy fleet. Meanwhile, Hujo is finally shown some of the key secrets of the Unknown by Caroha, on a long interdimensional journey to visit the original Cosmos. Each of the five Parts also has a guest side character with their own subplots, as well as a few other related POVs.


Type: Epic #6 (divided into 5 Parts) | Episode: #11 | Word Count: 223,600 | Chapters: 48 + prologue and epilogueSetting: Mata Nui Island and many other places, especially Vaurukan's Island and the inside of a mysterious location | Time: Early 2003 | Mainchars: Toa Onua, Ko-Matoran fisherwoman Nijire, and Toa Kopaka

The Perfect Cage: Onua has made a deal with the villain Rathoa to travel to an island ruled by an enigmatic mercenary of the Kuambu, where Makuta Teridax has been trapped, to ensure that servants of the Brotherhood will not free Makuta. Also, this same mercenary, Vaurukan, has kidnapped almost the entire population of Ko-Koro, so Onua's group must free them -- Kopaka hopes to help, but someone else has other plans for him. Meanwhile, the Bohrok Kal's shaky alliance with the Toa will be tested and broken by the Kuambu, though the means and motive are unclear.The one thing that appears to tie together these disparate events is a mysterious attack on the Mangai volcano and a secret mission given to Onua by the Unknown. What is really going on... and how do you escape the perfect cage?

[font="'Arial Black';"][color=#008080;]Paracosmos Bonus Series[/color][/font]

These stories take place just before and during the finale of the second Saga, during late 2007 to early 2006, but are designed to be readable at any time, without giving away main series spoilers. Many of them were not planned in advance, and in the case of Faces of Shadow are not chronological (but they're listed here in the best order to read them in); they're "ooh I must write this" extra BP stories, though things revealed in them will be important to the second Saga finale and the Paracosmos as a whole.The Bonus series tends to have its own character, mystery, and plot threads carried throughout, and is leading to a finale epic that is in the planning stages, which culminates all the threads. It was originally intended to be purely short stories and epics, but a short storylined arcade-style game was included when a contest inspired it (though it didn't win, it does carry the bonus arc forward).

sacrifice_banner.jpgType: Short Story | Bonus #1 | Main Series Episode: ? | Word Count: 7100 | Page Count in MSWord: 18Setting: Koulshra Island | Time: Early 2006 | Mainchar: Takanuva

Sacrifice: Takanuva has been trapped on a mysterious rocky island with several Matoran and a non-Matoran named Bhukasa. The fearsome beasts known as the Koulshra prevent escape, and 'eat' energy from the Matoran. Immediately when the story starts, Takanuva is faced with a horrible choice -- to save someone's life he must make a huge sacrifice.

fos_banner.gifType: Short Story | Bonus #2 | Main Series Episode: ? | Word Count: Exactly 4000 | Page Count in MSWord: 13Setting: Metru Nui and a secret location | Time: 500 years after Great Cataclysm, 500 years before 2001 story | Mainchar: Bomonga the Onu-Rahaga[font="'Arial Black';"]Impetus: S&T#4 Thousand Years Untold Contest Example Entry[/font]

Faces of Shadow: Bomonga faces a shadowy threat when Visorak make their presence known after 500 years of being disbanded--a group of them claims to have just now learned of their leader's death while planning an attack on the city. Through a translator, they claim to be interested in peace talks. But Bomonga immediately suspects all is not as it seems...

mindfire.pngType: Epic | Bonus #3 | Main Series Episode: ? | Word Count: 65400 | Page Count in MSWord: 146 | Chapters: 16 + prologue & epilogueSetting: Destral, Kwarotos Coldmountain Island, Metru Nui, and more | Time: Early-Mid 2006 | Mainchars: Taureko the Ko-Translator (from Faces of Shadow), Takanuva[font="'Arial Black';"]Impetus: Epics Contest #7: [color=#ff0000;]Murder Mystery Top Winner![/color][/font]

Mindfire: Taureko arrives on Destral to steal the hinged stone Scroll of Languages to help the side of good in a secretive conflict raging throughout the Paracosmos. But he fails, and during a strange phenomenon called a Cosmos Lurch that alters the physics of the Paracosmos itself, the scroll's fiery power kills Makuta Okrelox, Taureko's former master. As events stampede toward a deadly catastrophe, Taureko forces the Brotherhood to allow Takanuva to prove his innocence, and begins recalling his past adventures as a slave. He must come to terms with his own inner demons before the "mindfire" proves to be the death of his friends and enemies alike.[The short epic: Unseen, was begun as a blog feature, which I failed to finish before the downtime. I am working on finishing it now and will simply post it as an epic soonish. :)]

bpepbnr.pngType: RPGMaker Arcade-style game | Bonus #5 | Main Series Episode: ? | Setting: Twisted Island | Time: Mid-Late 2006 | Hero: Enigma, an Unknown[font="'Arial Black';"]Impetus: FCG Contest #1: Arcade entry[/font]

Enigma Pacman: Inspired by Pacman, and continuing major plot threads left off in Mindfire and Twisted Island, this is a one-map arcade game with a short Adventure Mystery storyline. You play as Enigma, a good-guy shapeshifter with a memory loss disease, collecting energy fruit to get Attack Mode, and earn points to earn more Attack Mode forms and other unlockables. Explores the mysteries of who Enigma really is, and what connection there may be between the Ghomboka and the Mindfire. There are also storyline-fitting cheatcodes, called Lurchcodes, that let you tap into the power of a Cosmos Lurch and alter physics itself in your favor. The storyline parts can be skipped and played later if you prefer to get right to the gameplay.

[font="'Arial Black';"][color=#000080;]Altacosmos Chronicles[/color][/font]

Each Altacosmos is its own unique alternate timeline branching off of the official Cosmos timeline. This series is a Bionicle "What If" series, with each Chronicle being a standalone Adventure Mystery short story. Partly inspired by Takuta-Nui's excellent [Etymologies] SS series; see his [color=#a0522d;][color=#A0522D;]Absolutity[/color][/color] collection topic. These Chronicles exist in tablet form in the Paracosmos Unknown Library -- they're for Unknown eyes only!Here is the intro, included in the first two (but I decided to discontinue it since then as it delays getting to the actual stories): 


Welcome to the Altacosmos Chronicles. I am Caroha, a seer of visions that transcend all barriers of time and space. Once I was but a humble Ga-Matoran scientist in the original Cosmos; now I rule the Unknown, secretive shapeshifters in the Bionicle Paracosmos.Every dimension can be seen as a tapestry woven together by the strings of souls. Only the Cosmos and Paracosmos are fully real, yet shadow tapestries branch off of them -- possible futures and images of how events could have played out. These Altacosmoses do have value -- by studying what did NOT happen, we can better understand what did, and it is urgent that the Unknown understand the Cosmos, so these tablets study alternate versions of that original realm.NOTE: To disguise my secret methods of gaining this information and to make the account easier to follow, each Chronicle will be written like a short story. Each is given an evocative label to aid memorization.WARNING: If you are not an Unknown or a trusted ally, or if you have been exiled, [color=#FF0000;]DO NOT read on[/color]. 


biocodesig.pngType: Short Story | Chronicle: #1 | Word Count: 5600 | Page Count in MSWord: 18Setting: Metru Nui, outerspace (Ignika flying through it), Vahtoran Universe | Time: Early Teridax Reign 2009 | Mainchars: Toa Nuparu, Mata Nui

Bio Code: What if there was another protodermic universe the good guys could take refuge in during Makuta Teridax's reign? Toa Nuparu is sent by Mata Nui on a scouting mission to find out if a newer giant robot will work as a refuge.

dynastysigbnr.pngType: Short Epic | Chronicle: #2 | Word Count: 9000 | Page Count in MSWord: 26 | Chapters: 5Setting: Various Matoran Universe-related locations, mainly Metru Nui | Time: After Mata Nui Awakening (this universe's version of 2009 MU story) | Mainchar: Toa Ignika

The Dynasty: What if Toa Ignika learned of Teridax's Plan and devised an alternative to the Countdown? Toa Ignika deals with the aftermath of that fateful decision, which begins the Dynasty of Mata Nui.

islanderpngsig.pngType: Short Story| Chronicle: #3 | Word Count: 5700 | Page Count: 17Setting: Reformed Spherus Magna | Time: unspecified years after the giant robot battle | Mainchar: Kapura

The Islander: What if a particular Matoran, overcome by nostalgia for Mata Nui Island, set about trying to bring it back? Kapura faces unimagined troubles when Macku goes back to her old ways.

Edited by bonesiii, Feb 26 2014 - 10:56 AM.

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#2 Offline Hahli Husky

Hahli Husky
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Posted Feb 13 2012 - 09:17 PM

Moved to Short Stories, as per today's rule change. :)

You are allowed to have only ONE topic that is a collection of all your fanfics, and it must be in Short Stories. Even if you haven't written any short stories, please keep all collection topics in that forum. Said topics may contain links to stories on both the old and new forum versions.

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#3 Offline TLhikan

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Posted Nov 01 2012 - 08:39 AM

I have decided to re-read all of this. See you in a couple of months :P .-TLhikan
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"Yeah, 'cuz if we said it the other way it'd have to be TLhiKHAAN!!"

#4 Offline Click

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Posted Nov 13 2012 - 12:20 AM

And I decided to start reading it. I'm all the way to Captain of Treason. Brilliant timeline, I really like all the new mask powers, Rahi, and just characters in general.And now I'm probably going to make a fool of myself. Are there any links to the Main series in this post, because I've been reading them off of the old topic. And also, all three links to the RPG are broken on the old site, and I really want to try it before I get too far into Captain of Treason. Are there any working links here?
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#5 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Nov 13 2012 - 05:42 AM

I have decided to re-read all of this. See you in a couple of months :P .-TLhikan

And I decided to start reading it. I'm all the way to Captain of Treason. Brilliant timeline, I really like all the new mask powers, Rahi, and just characters in general.And now I'm probably going to make a fool of myself. Are there any links to the Main series in this post, because I've been reading them off of the old topic. And also, all three links to the RPG are broken on the old site, and I really want to try it before I get too far into Captain of Treason. Are there any working links here?

Cool, guys. If you want to post reviews of the old-forum stuff, however brief, feel free to do so in here. :)Click, I don't have any working links for the game at the moment. It's on my to-do list. Sorry about that delay...

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#6 Offline fishers64

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Posted Nov 17 2012 - 05:08 AM

I read the old "main series" BP stories. Took me about a month. :P In the future, I look forward to possibly reading them again (as I generally do for critical reviews) and possibly posting long nitpicky dissertations. :) However, since I have noted that your writing generally improves over time, those may not be necessary.Couple of notes, however:1) I didn't necessarily find the first set of stories very good (The Sword though AoS). I don't have the exact details, but The Sword is But the Focus was draggy in portions near the end (Frankly, the end kinda bored me). I liked the short stories, but mostly I was riding on connections to Endless Blue throughout (This is the BE cameo here, etc). They gradually improved as they went along. AoS deserves a reread; not really sure what to think of it.2) Captain of Treason came close to nudging out EB as my favorite BP work. It is quite good IMO. I particularly liked the "third eye" scene with Rathoa, and the conclusion:

He was at peace because he knew the basis of true loyalty wasn't who was more powerful, or who had the cleverest lies, or even who could could carry out threats. It wasn't in who kept secrets or who pretended not to. It wasn't in a Toa team's arguments, or a temper, or even a calm demeanor. Most of all, it wasn't in the side anyone happened to be on.It was in the truth.

Spasmodically creepily mortally awesome. :) And very true.And of course, the Turaga humor in here was terrific, and there was a cameo from my favorite whiny old lizard...I could go on. :) Way to go.3) Twisted Island.........seems better to me than its reviewers made it out to be. But probably because I was reading it though EB-tinted glasses. The primary suspense point for me was "How is that meeting with Caroha and all this other stuff going to happen?" instead of "Are they ever going to get off the island?" I can totally see that making it like EB's 44-47 in terms of bad stuff happening, and everyone just running around in circles seemingly (pun not intended). Fortunately, it didn't happen. Still, have to admit that this story was very dark.As a result I pulled a really wacky symbol out of the beginning that I'm sure you didn't intend and mostly missed the message at the end, however, so I need to reread and patch it up.Taureko surprised me. The other thing that surprised me was reading that you did not intend Hujo's flashback memory scene at the end of TI. That totally reminds me of the "egotrusteau" of Endless Blue. It fits so well!* * *And then I went back to read EB again, and correspondingly enjoyed it better. There are a few more notes (read: 18 pages :P) that I have from it now, but I think those same topics will be run across in TPC and best to drizzle them in as needed (If they ever are!).As for TPC...I needed to make this post first to explain why I am suddenly knowing stuff. It does play slightly into my planned review.And that's all for now.

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#7 Offline Click

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Posted Nov 20 2012 - 05:45 PM

Okay, I've read everything except the Rulers Of the Sea Saga, so I'm working on Endless Blue right now. And I have to say, I am really impressed. Your writing style is brilliant, and most of the stories I have a hard time getting away from, especially Captain of Treason. I love how you work in all the snipits of history of each of the characters and give us all a better understanding of how they think and what side they're really on. I can't wait to finish Endless Blue, since Fisher so highly recommended it.The Altacosmos were also very clever. Biocode was interesting, with a new concept. It would be cool to see a year or just a half where one Toa goes to another Great Spirit for help, if Bionicle wasn't in its death throes by Karda Nui. I really liked the Dynasty, it was a clever idea that could easily be expanded into a much longer story, and it would be nice to see that. The whole Dynasty Machine and various Great Spirits really brought more realism to it. I'd have to say that The Islander was my favorite out of those though. The characters were very realistic and interesting to read about, and I really liked the premise, since it's something I've thought about a few times as well. Just keep writing, and I'll keep reading. :DSo, is there an ETA on when the game's coming up? Just based on the other stories, I have a pretty good idea of the story, but I can't wait to play it. Maybe just put it on Mediafire or Brickshelf or something, I can't wait to play!And are you still working on the Tales of the Ri Rali? I have some ideas for it, and I've got some vivid picturing for the world, so I was thinking about writing maybe a short epic about it. I'd have to look back through Agents of Surrender first to get everything right first though. Out of curiosity though, what did the Toa Rali consist of? Were they MU Toa, with MU canon elements? I was thinking it would be cool to have Wall of Stars adapted elements, like Lightstone instead of Stone, which have mild light powers, and then power over the lightstone-like makeup of the islands, which by the way is an awesome idea. :D
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#8 Offline Toa of Italy

Toa of Italy
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Posted Aug 24 2015 - 11:29 AM

(It looks like I'm reviving this topic after three years, but since we're in the Library, I guess that's allowed.)


Basically I'm writing because I read the BP stories a few years back and at the time I also played the Map of Mata Nui RPG. A few days ago I decided to play it again and I felt suddenly compelled to go and read the series all over again. Only then did I realize that after the deletion of the Archives two years ago all those episodes had been lost.


I've seen your post, bonesiii, about wanting to revise them before reposting them. However, since I guess you have them on file, have you considered, as a temporary measure of sorts, uploading them, for instance, onto a public Google Drive folder and then posting a link here (you almost certainly have and I'm probably wasting your time asking, but just in case...)? I just think it's a pity that epics such as Captain of Treason and Twisted Island (I found some of the others on the Wayback Machine) remain unavailable. Again, sorry if you've already considered this.

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