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Jury Duty this week...

Jedi Master J.


So this Wednesday is going be the first time that I been summoned to be a juror before. I must admit I am kind of nervous about the idea of sitting in on a court case (Well, assuming they pick me for the case.).


But well, I guess the Ace Attorney games have prepared me for it.


*One of the Pursuit themes from Ace Attorney series starts playing*


… Okay, speaking seriously again, I hope I do a decent job at it, assuming they pick me. I mean I don’t really know what involve with it, outside of a lot of waiting and working with the other jurors involved (Again, assuming they pick me for the jury.) and well, losing a day’s pay at work (Which means no overtime this week...) since the court only paying me $9/Day to be there.


Oh and you have to go through some sort of interview process for them to see if you are right juror for the case. *shrugs*


So yeah, I would appreciate any advice that you veteran jurors might have. Hm…I guess I should maybe bring a book or something with me, so I have something to do during the waiting parts.


I would bring my 3DS, but I imagine that would probably be frown upon in the courts. That and well, you do have to go through a metal detector to enter the place, so I think it would be best not to carry a ton of electronic stuff as it means more stuff to keep track of. *shrugs*


Again, I would appreciate hearing any advice you folks might have.


With that said, I think that’s it for this entry. I am sorry that it was kind dull read. Thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you later, BZPers.


- JMJ 2015


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Just be glad you weren't picked for Grand Jury duty your first go-around.

That's not fun in the slightest, having to go every other Tuesday for six months.

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I've always wanted jury duty.  The power to decide who is incarcerated and who goes free!  THE POWER TO CONTROL A MAN'S DESTINY!  THE POWER TO CONTROL LIFE AND DEATH!  THE POWER TO CONTROL TIME AND SPACE!


I'm also told that they sometimes offer a free lunch.

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I would give advice, but the last time I had to go in I basically sat in a room for several hours until I (truthfully) told them I wouldn't be available for the court dates. Then I was dismissed.


So yeah... bring a book.

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I've always wanted jury duty.  The power to decide who is incarcerated and who goes free!  THE POWER TO CONTROL A MAN'S DESTINY!  THE POWER TO CONTROL LIFE AND DEATH!  THE POWER TO CONTROL TIME AND SPACE!


I'm also told that they sometimes offer a free lunch.

Incidentally, a rant like that is a good way NOT to get selected for jury duty if you're called. :P


Anyway, I shared my perspective with you on Tumblr. Basically, I've been called twice in the past three years, and didn't end up sitting in on a trial either time. So just because you were called doesn't make it a sure thing.

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My mom and my brother both have gotten stuck on jury duty. I'm also told that even books are frowned upon in the courtroom while trials and jury selection are going on. 


But bring one anyway. You need sanity. 

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Electronics, particularly ones with cameras or outside communication, are pretty strictly prohibited at least in my local courthouses. I'd recommend a physical book like the others above. You'll be there for quite a while even if you don't get selected. From what I've heard, aside from being boring, jury duty's not so bad.


Funny story: I've been called for jury duty three times within a period of two months before, but never actually ended up serving any of the times.


They mandated that I call in every evening to see if I've been selected to show up early the next morning, (not enough time to even inform my boss I wouldn't be in) which went on for 5 straight days, and then dismissed me when selection finished. Then, I got another jury duty letter in the mail a week later, and then another one a couple weeks after that. Insane.


After all that, I ended up calling in and complaining, and they marked it in the system that I "served" so that I wouldn't get any more letters for a minimum of a year, haha.

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@Ehksidian: Well, I definitely glad I didn't get Grand Jury Duty as that's sound rough. XD
@SPIRIT: XD Thanks for the laugh.
@Vorahk1Panrahk2: Ah. I heard that from several people. So yeah, definitely bringing a book for sanity's sake.
@Makuta Luroka: Ah, I see. It doesn't look like that be the case for me, unless they don't pick me.
@Lyichir: Yeah, I actually saw your response to that before I copy that entry over to here, which is why I edited the phrasing of things in both entries as I want to note that I was aware that there was a chance that I won't pick for a trial.
lol Yeah, I imagine if I said what SPIRIT wrote, they wouldn't pick me. I could not do that with a straight face though. XD
Although to be honest, I don't really mind if I am pick or not (Well, my wallet cares...). I mean work kind slow this week anyway, so they couldn't pick a better week to do this thing.
Hm...I think I'll add what you say on Tumblr here in a quote for reference.

Okay, some advice from someone who has been summoned to jury duty TWICE, but never ended up sitting in on a case: Just because you’re summoned doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily need you.

Firstly, not all cases even make it to trial. If a plea bargain is made before the case is set to be tried, EVERYONE selected to try that case is off the hook.

Secondly, jury selection is a complicated process and they always summon more people than they actually require. At that point they’ll screen you, which is about more than just your trustworthiness—lawyers can decide that a juror isn’t the right fit for basically any reason. It’s possible, though not necessarily recommended, to basically throw yourself out during that part, by making up a reason why you would not be able to be fair and unbiased. But if you’re keen on doing your civic duty, just be honest. Either way, there’s a significant chance that you won’t be selected based solely on the whim of the attorneys involved.

Finally, whether or not you end up sitting in on a trial, being called for jury duty USUALLY means you’re off the hook for the next few years. I say usually because again, I did get called twice—once at college, when I was residing in Massachusetts, and once at home, in Virginia. That’s a loophole and there’s not really anything you can do about that if you do end up changing residences in the next few years.

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward, and everything you’ll need to know should be explained clearly to you during the orientation leading up to the trial. Good luck!

Its good advice. Thank you for all information, Lyichir. =D


@Nigel Thornberry: Well, I am glad see I wasn't only one that thought to refer Ace Attorney in an entry about court. XD


@fisher64: Yup, as I said above, I am definitely bringing a book as it better than staring into space for hours on end (Which if these "interviews" are done in alphabet order, I am definitely going be there awhile due to my last name.).


@AT: Ah, yeah, I figured there was a rule like that about electronics. Alright, I am definitely just going to bring a book.


Wow... I hope that doesn't happen to me. But well, at least they count it for you.




Thanks everybody for taking the time to comment. I appreciated it and I hope you all have a great week.


Hopefully things will go well for me tomorrow.


- JMJ 2015

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