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Mask Powers



  • Mask of Neck - The user is able to elongate their neck
  • Mask of Conjuration - The user can conjure stuff. All conjured items disappear when not in use.
  • Mask of Finger Guns - The user can use Finger Guns as if they were real
  • Mask of Masks - The user can use masks extra effectively (Shame they're already wearing a mask)
  • Mask of Live - It looks exactly like the Mask of Life, but it broadcasts your actions LIVE for everyone to see into the sky
  • Mask of Cuisine - The user can make and cook food better than most
  • Mask of Shoes - The user gets shoes
  • Mask of Too Many Shoes - The user gets shoes that then multiply until there are 1000 shoes
  • Mask of Way Too Many Shoes - The user gets shoes that then multiply, then assemble into a giant shoe made of smaller shoes that then multiplies
  • Mask of Luck - The mask does something random every time you use it, usually a power of another mask.
  • Mask of Bees - Bees
  • Mask of Spiders - Spiders
  • Mask of Defenestration - Exactly what it says
  • Mask of Memes - Exactly what it says
  • Mask of - a mask that doesn't work.
  • Mask of Bad Blog Entries - See the whole blog entry

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