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Hey Inferna

Akaku: Master of Flight


Love you :3



(that's right I'm jumping on this fad and there aint nothing ya'll can do about it)



So! Some news. Few days ago I finished page 15 of LoTN, most of those who read the comic have probably already seen it by now, but if your curious you can find it Here :)


Also, me and the group over at Terrible Comics Corp. have been doing some brainstorming and plan formulating moving forward; things kind of got a little out of hand along the way, though. if your interested in our silly shenanigans, have a look over here, more will come soon; be warned though, picture quality is not exactly the goal we have in mind with our endeavors of the comic, hence the name :P


Hmm, what else... Ah yes, my good Friend Zahaki -finally- posted the first page of his comic series, it's looking pretty sweet if you ask me! you can head on down and have a link to it here.


That's all for now! Also, to the guy who owns the blue classic Kanokacar in the parking space behind me, I apologize, this thing is like 30 feet long, has a turning radius of an elevator and goes 0-60 faster then the cursing of an Irishman after he drops a full pint of Guinness. I'll send you the bill.


--Akaku: Master of Flight

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