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What To Report: The Top 20

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Occasionally, it can be a bit difficult to discern between the regular, innocent topics skipping through the forum, and the evil, demonic topics skulking through the dangling streamers and fallen logs, using the forum's face to disguise themselves from Tohu's line of vision. Occasionally, only one noble member gathers enough courage to throw themselves under the topic's waving claws and press the report button, bringing the team of knighted staff with their golden padlocks marching to the rescue. If you ever choose to take up such a dangerous task, shoulder your sword bravely, squire, and cower not before the flaming red eyes.


Although a topic's doom (or life) comes down to the staff for final verdict, here are a few topics you might rightly find suspicious:

  1. Which Members Do You Hate And Why?
  2. What's Your Password And How Do You Remember It?
  3. If You Were An Admin, Who Would You Ban?
  4. Which Forums Are Better Than Bzp?
  5. The Official Flame Topic
  6. How Many Accounts Do You Have?
  7. How Do You Hack Accounts?
  8. Close Please
  9. Which Staff Member Is The Meanest?
  10. Do You Have A ########, ######, or Linking To Forums Are Not Al
  11. The Banned Member Discussion Topic
  12. Who Should Replace The Admins?
  13. Please Reply I Want A Hot Topic!!!
  14. Are You A Bzpower Member?
  15. Would This Be Better As A Poll?
  16. Rare Replica Watches Click Now Limited Offer
  17. What's Your Address And Phone Number?
  18. I Got A Pm! :happydance: :) :pirate:
  19. Bzpower Vs Linking To Forums Are Not Allowed! : Who Would Win?
  20. I Hate Bionicle Part 2, The Other Got Closed


Recommended Comments

2. What's Your Password And How Do You Remember It?


You se beat me to this... I was planning an entry to make fun of this idea. You did it first. :D



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Man, I got that pain in my my side almost. These are so funny.

You should post em see what happens :rolleyes: , or not.

Anyway these are hilarious good work.





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Guest kopakanuva13


LOL, these are really weird... The sad thing is I can actually believe 'em :P

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