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Too... Many... Digits... *faints.*

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Alright, who got all obsessed and decided to view my profile 10,000 times? You better 'fess up, 'cause I've got Elmo here armed with a plastic steak, and he's trained to attack on command!


>>Insert drawing of Turakii running in circles which she has yet to draw here.<<




On another note, I have a Bionicle storyline question. What exactly does Lego mean by "adaptive armor"? Does the Nuvas' leg armor sprout wings/jetpacks when they're in the air and turn them into mermaids when they swim? Can their armored feet grow wheels for pavement? Do shield magically appear on them when they're being shot? Do rocket launchers appear on their elbows when their midak blasters run out of ammo? How far can the adapting thing go?


I should have known entering the art contest would require some storyline know-how... *Hides in box.*





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What it means by adaptive, is that their armor can adapt to the terrain that they're in.....like what's the word......oh well....I guess I'll try and explain it without the word....

If they fell into a pit of lava to die, their armor, probably, depending on how fast they fell into it, would change so as they would be able to survive extreme heat.

If they had to go under water as the Mahri did, well, then they'd be able to breath under water, without the kanohi Ignika to do that for them.

If they were on the ground, we already know what they'd be like, but in other words, in doesn't mean that it changes for what ever trouble they're in, it just means that is adapts to differant environmental conditions.

So, if they ran out of Cordak shots, I guess they'd have to rely on their powers, like used to do, and still should do.... <_<

Also, if they were about to be hit by a nuke, they wouldn't be able to adapt to like "invinsable condition". lol :P

So, yeah, I hope I explained it good enough.


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Thats always stumped me to, I don't know maybe it's pushbutton, *label under armor reads: push button for transformation*.


Gryphus 1

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Bring on the plastic steak! I've got Steak Boy here with me so I'm ready for it! BRING IT ON!!!


Adaptive armor..........................yum.


Takuma Nuva

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*All Prepare for Nerdism*


Adaptive Armor is, really, wherever the Nuva go, the armor that they are wearing will change to better fit the environment. That's why the Phantoka can fly, and the Mistika can do whatever it is that they can do.


*No More Nerdism*


I have now become obsessed with writing silly things that might make it into Turakii's quote blocks. Let's see if this one gets in.

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Silly Turakii,adaptive armor that changes where ever you go is for Toa Nuva that look nothing like they did when they were released in 2002!




Also,all that stuff happens!What you should be wondering is why it changes a toa into a cheeseburger every time it sees a McDonalds ad!



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