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If You Haven't Voted In The Ac Finals...

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Go vote now or Carapar will confiscate your elbows! And here's the link, so you have no excuse!


And now means now! Go! Don't dawdle!




Why are you here!? Don't you love your elbows!?




Move it!




And just 'cause Carapar's dead is no reason not to take the threat seriously! His evil purple headless zombie will come and get you!




I hear his body now... slowly putting itself back together, grain by grain... he'll be here any minute...


Okay, maybe it'll take five minutes.




Or five years...




Fine, I'll do it myself. Elbows, beware! *Whips out spatulas.*


No, wait, better yet... if you haven't voted and are determined not to vote, I shall glomp you until you drag yourself over to me, gasping and puffing, pleading for mercy!




I really mean it!




*Tackles computer screen, flies over edge of desk, and crashes to ground in beautiful explosion of shattering glass and blown LED lights.*








Fine! If you're gonna be so stubborn, don't vote! See if I care!


*Limps off.*





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I'll vote I'll vote!

Just don't glomp me please! :OMG:

(plus, just between you and me, if a certain somebody saw us glomping, I'd get killed) :P

*goes off to vote*


EDIT: I voted for Saved By The Spikes!

It was, and still is the best entry! :D


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Voting complete. I believe my elbows will be quite safe from you spatulas of doom for some time.


Somehow, a purple headless zombie of Carapar sounds more deadly than the original... Of course, seeing as he's headless, it would be quite possible for all of his targets to flee while he bumps around the room blindly.



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Umm... Sorry...


I didn't vote for you. :rolleyes: I voted for 'What Lies Behind'. :evilgrin: But I want my elbows back! Do you realize how hard it is to bend your arms when you have no elbows?!? It also makes typing hard! I'm surprised I can even get this far typing! I want a refund! Except with my elbows! Humph!


:fear: Shadow Scimitar :fear:




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I also voted for "What lies Behind". The Toa in that picture is awesome. Green and White. His weapon (a Zweihander, I think) is pure win. Sorry, 'Trakii. Yours was awesome, too.
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