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So, for those of you interested, I'm starting my update of BIONICLEstory. But if you're reading this, you probably already know everything that's going on it.


So far, I've updated:

- Bara Magna (location, in the Universe section)

- Updated Mistika story

- Added Mata Nui Rising story

- Added Bara Magna story


I've also got the character bios and images ready, but those take a long time to enter. So they should be done this week. The good part is, now that I'm in it, I can set up the summer update to go live on July 1, so BIONICLEstory will have all the new story and character info then.


Sorry about the delay. But again, there's nothing there you won't already know. BIONICLEstory is for the n00bs. (And for those who feel like tweaking me for using leet, you can bite my shiny metal Thornax.)


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Finally! :P


Oh, and something that's been bugging me since this new section came out, there's a thing on Pahrak-Kal's page that says it can turn anything into plasmodia. Well, a plasmodia is a creature like an amoeba; very different from plasma. :lol:

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Great news! So we can expect fully updated BIONICLEstory.com and BIONICLE.com on 1st July? :)

Thanks for the update, and do not forget to add the Summer 2008 sets.


~Gata. ;)

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BionicleStory is for newbies


I resent that. What about the Podcasts, and serials, huh? Some of us like to read... :P


Anyway, yay updates and all that. I hope I'll be able to do better this time around once AM v2 comes out.... I still can't beat Malum in the second go-round....

At least someone's updating... <_< (VGCats fans unite for update.)



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