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A Little Taste Of What's To Come



OK, since the Legend Reborn update didn't go live on Wednesday like it was supposed to, the least I can do is feed you a few little tidbits about who's in the movie. Here's the (partial) cast list.


Mata Nui: Michael Dorn

Ackar: Jim Cummings

Kiina: Marla Sokoloff

Metus: David Leisure

Berix: James Arnold Taylor

Gresh: Mark Famiglietti

Raanu: Armin Shimerman

Tuma: Fred Tatasciore

Strakk: Jeff Glen Bennett

Click: Himself


Trust me, there'll be much more coming up.


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Click: Himself


I lol'd.


I like the voices so far, now maybe the "BILLY MAYS STARRING IN THE LEGEND REBORN AS METUS!" jokes can stop.


-=< :s: >=-

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Thanks Binky!

Jim Cummings....hm. That's not how I pictured Ackar's voice. I hope he doesn't use the same voice he did for the space pirate in TCW.

I've never heard of Marla before, but she seems to have a lot of credentials, so I'm sure she'll be good. I'm just glad we get some famous people.

David Leisure I guess I know from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I will have to see how he does, I had not pictured him as Metus.

As for James Arnold Taylor, I'm a bit peeved that they pull out the big guns for Berix. Unless he's the traitor, he's not that important. I'd rather have had him as Ackar.

I will wait to pass judgement on the Gresh guy until I see him in T3. Hopefully he'll be good as Gresh.

The Raanu guy sounds good. He helped with a Star Trek TNG game, so he's okay in my book.

Fred Tatasciore sounds good. I guess I know him from Ben 10 as Cannonbolt, and it says he's in the Lego Batman game, but no one acutally ever speaks so that's no good measure. :lol: That should be an okay voice for Tuma though.

Strakk's guy is okay. He's Azmuth in Ben 10 so that should be okay, and I think it said he's one of the Madagascar penguins. I'll have to see about him.

Click: Lolz.


Thanks Binky (and Imdb for explaining who these people are), and if you see Michael DORN tell him he is the man!! Seriously, he's great as Worf. I keep imagining his voice as Worf's, and that's interesting. It's a very aggresive voice. He could beat the snot out of Tuma just by yelling. :lol:


But this is shaping up to be one of the best movies of Bionicle. The animation, casting, and plot are shaping up to be WIN. I have to rush to a store immediately on the 15th.

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Awesome. I am especially looking forward to Jim Cummings' portrayal of Ackar, seeing as he has done several different voices in the past according to his Wikipedia page. Thanks for the list, Bink :) .


BTW, are the only characters whose voices we don't know Vastus, Tarix, and the Skrall? If so, I can't wait to learn who they are.



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Another guy from Star Trek? They must really be out of work these days and I guess the conventions don't pay as well as they used to. Worf and Quark, should be interesting...

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Tuma is Cannonbolt? And Waybig? and I think Heatblast? Well, least it aint dee bradly baker or whatever his face is, he has too many roles



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I like the voices so far, now maybe the "BILLY MAYS STARRING IN THE LEGEND REBORN AS METUS!" jokes can stop.


-=< :s: >=-

Except they stopped a couple of days ago since, well, Billy Mays died.


Anyway, I can't say I'm familiar with any of these voice actors, so I'll just be assuming they're right in the roles. Yay and such.

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What makes me happy is that either I've seen or heard most of them.


Plus, it's cool to see some of them have voiced characters for Ben 10, and such. Good chemistry. Thanks for the list, Bink!

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My thoughts in italics:


Mata Nui: Michael Dorn Knew it already, good voice

Ackar: Jim Cummings Erm... odd choice.

Kiina: Marla Sokoloff I REALLY hope she can pull off the "female warrior" voice.

Metus: David Leisure Didn't see that coming.

Berix: James Arnold Taylor Knew it already, good choice

Gresh: Mark Famiglietti Again, wouldn't have seen that coming

Raanu: Armin Shimerman Not bad

Tuma: Fred Tatasciore Heh, the Hulk is Tuma?

Strakk: Jeff Glen Bennett Johnny Bravo = Strakk? I did NOT see that coming at all

Click: Himself Haha, nice.


"Much more"? Are there more characters with speaking roles than we originally knew?






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Finally! The cast list is here! Aside from Michael Dorn and James Arnold Taylor, I only know some of the other actors. Hmm, there's still Tarix and Vastus...

LOL'ed at Click.

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Wow, so the cast is actually made up of people we know or have many good credentials. :P So Tuma is voiced by Largo from Valkyria Chronicles? That's surprising, lol.

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Fantastic, the Agori won't be portrayed as children/adolescents! :D


Very interesting that we get a recognisable cast - I wasn't expecting it. I thought there would be Michael Dorn as the big star with all the rest being voice actors from various unknown animes.


Ackar is Winnie the Pooh. Raanu is an old man. Kiina's voice actor seems a little too feminine - perhaps she will roughen her voice a little... All in all, I love it!

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Tuma's voice is 8 from the new 9 movie? O.o Wow. That was unexpected. I also seacrhed him on fishy filter fillet and I've heard him (he voices orcs in Lineage 2). It's quite... Brutal.

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Hey, Bink- do you have any examples of what these actors have played before? I'd like to look it up and hear them so I can see if the voice fits.

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So, we have a Star Trek reunion here or something?

And wouldn't Metus make more sense as a Ferengi?


Moving along.

Click as himself?


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