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Ben 10



It's now live... time to check out the Ben 10 teaser!




Come back every Friday for a new character unveiling, along with new stop-motion videos of each character.


I'm working on the full site for January release.


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IMO, the set seems kinda meh, for various reasons that I'm probably a bit biased towards.


The video, on the other hand... EPIC WIN! That is just really cool. I applaud.



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Ben 10 - No


Website - YES


I also refuse to believe that that video is stop motion. You sure that the Swampfire model isn't CG animation?

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I also refuse to believe that that video is stop motion. You sure that the Swampfire model isn't CG animation?


I'm not convinced...If it's stop-motion, it uses an insane amount of photo-shop, along with some extremely good stop-motion animators.


Is there a higher resolution version of the video?

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Ooo, I noticed this over the weekend. Very cool stop motion. It's a nice way of letting us see more of the set before release. I like.
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One thing's for sure. That stop video is epic.


And another thing: I might actually buy one or two of these.


I'm definitely going to buy Big Chill though. I love his wings and head.


Another set I'm thinking about getting is Chromastone, for his little spikes and purple colors. (also I wanted his body so if I have two blue bodies, I can make something like in the combiner.)


And I might even get Jet Ray, mostly for his wing pieces. Are his hands and feet metru or mata red?


Also, one last thing: Are you going to release more? I would love to see some of the original ten, such as ghost freak or Ripjaw.


And ya, I like Ben 10. And I'm fifteen.



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Watching that video while having U2's song "Desire" blasting in the background added a very odd effect and I'm not exactly sure what it was.


The fact that the video is stop motion is so cool, though! Such a great artistic medium.



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That's all I have to say.


Oh, and will the Ben 10 pieces be compatible with Bionicle pieces? It looks like they will, but I just wanted to know for sure.

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They way Humungousaur's head attaches= :wacko:

I might get some of these for the parts. Assuming that they're bionicle compatible.

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Oh my god! I don't believe this! Nothing against you Bink, how much do they cost, 17$? Or more, the website is great, the actual sets, not so much.


kazi out.

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