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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


People are always talking about the heck being annoyed out of them, but they never explain -- how did it get inside them in the first place? Did they eat it for breakfast or something?


"Missing your daily dose of heck? Try a box of Heck Mix! Crunchy toasted squares with just a hint of the heckful flavor you've come to know and love! Fun heck-shaped marshmallows in every bite!"





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Heck is placed inside of people by Aliens who wish for world domination. It sometimes exits the belly while one is eating spaghetti.


It's there so that all the world's mods don't track us down and bring the banhammer down upon us for getting past the filter. :P



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:kaukau:Yay! Turakii's back!


Yeah, I've wondered about that too. I've also wondered about having the living daylights getting scared out of you. Why do we even have that phrase? What is it supposed to mean? Since when did people look at other people and think, "Hey, there just might be living lights inside of them."


"What kind of living lights?"


"Living day lights."


Then when someone says that "You scared the living daylights out of me," why don't you see lights coming out of their eyes, ears, and mouth? You'd think that for a moment they'd be a giant human light-bulb.


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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Philasophically, heck could simply be all the bad/negative parts of you. So getting the heck annoyed out of you is good, yes? :P


Isn't heck too hot anyhow? Sheesh, I'd want it annoyed outta me too.


Emperor Kraggh has a wonderful point. What are living daylights? Do they mean the light of life? Perhaps the world will never know.

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