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Officer, Arrest These Words!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


NEWS FLASH! As of this afternoon, two new similarly rebellious words have been discovered and added to the list! Be sure to make note of them so as to see through their trickery more easily!




We all know the rule. "I before E except after C, or in words that say 'ei,' such as neighbor or weigh."


And yet... there exist rebellious words. Sneaky little words that think they can break the rule and still exist in their merry, evil state, uncaught and unnoticed. And today, we will finally disclose a few of the words that have set about to wreak havoc in the spelling world.


The first word? "Weird." In its eagerness to define itself, it smashes the rule into a million pieces. Not only is there no letter C, but you will never hear it pronounced with the "ay" sound. Its deviousness knows no bounds.


The second? "Caffeine." Being as it's used much less often than "weird" (except by food labeling companies), it's more obvious how it crept under the radar. My personal suspicion is that it took the rule far too literally, thinking to itself, "Hmmm, there's a C all the way at the beginning of the word...bwahahaha..."


Now, the third: "Seize." Like caffeine, it isn't used often in everyday speech (Except possibly by thieves and the like) and thought it could escape carefree and unpunished.


The fourth: "Science." This word was brought to our attention by an agent by the name of Ghost Rider. Unlike its brethren, it blatantly breaks the "except after C," showing its total lack of respect for rules of any kind. We suspect this to be one of the ringleaders, due to its originality in slipping around the law.


These words are known to slip through topics and posts, leaving a trail of misspelled evil in their wake. Be watchful for them, and perhaps one day, they can finally be captured and brought to judgment for their deeds.





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Same with the word atheist.



Actually.....you pronounce the "E" as eeeeee, and the "I" and well a long I. There wouldn't really be another way to spell a pronunciation like that....thus atheist. :P


As for weird....it's just weird, so it's allowed to be spelled weird. (:P)


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Atefr sndniepg mnay yares triyng to mtaser the ins and outs of the Elngsih lgnuagae, I reeliazd taht trehe are conslteus ecepixntos for every rlue dnsigeed to help lraen Egilnsh, so I gave up wtih spnilelg prerlpoy. Bdseeis, msot pelpoe are crazy eugnoh to uetdnasnrd my rlmanbgis. :)

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:kaukau:Allow me to Atticus Finch here. I defend Science, as it actually shows up in the pronunciation. I also defend weird, because it also shows up in the rule book. As they say in my family, "I before E except after C, and in the word weird because it's weird." Therefore, it states clearly in the law book of spelling that weird has immunity to this law, just as it states clearly in the constitution that men born before America became independent could also run for president.


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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