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What were they thinking?!


... Actually I could see that business meeting now.


Nick: Hey LEGO, we have a cool new franchise coming out soon! It'll probably rival Transformers!


LEGO: Sweet, now we can beat Hasbro out even more in sales! What's the franchise?


Nick: Weeeellll....


And that's pretty much that. But hey, it could be worse.


Could be LEGO MLP. And absolutely NOBODY wants that [/sarcasm shielding]

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I'm actually surprised at how well the Turtle figs came out.


Not really interested in the theme as a whole, but I suppose there's probably demand for stuff like this.



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This is bound to fail miserably.


Actually, I disagree, and I am not and have never been a Ninja Turtle fan. But look at the facts: you have a longstanding franchise aimed at the same demographic as most Lego products, and it is an experienced merchandise mover. It has colorful character designs that translate well to Lego. Frankly, if the Spongebob theme hasn't failed yet there's no way TMNT will.

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I'd say this is an excellent choice. You've got older fans of it, fans of the new series that apparently exists, fans of the movie that came out a few years ago, and soon will have fans of the new movie. It covers quite a lot of demographics, so I'd say it's a very good choice of theme.


- Tilius

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I had been hoping that TLG would pick up a Legend of Korra license once Ninjago ended, since the fantasy-Asian-martial-arts genre would be available again and their standing with Nickelodeon was good. Acquiring TMNT, another fantasy-Asian-martial-arts television show broadcast by Nickelodeon, really throws a wrench into those plans, unless Team Jigsaw's upcoming Legend of Korra proposal on Cuusoo is successful.


But at the same time, TMNT has a much better chance of success than Legend of Korra probably would, and I say that having zero interest in TMNT. Not only is a lot of Korra's fanbase from a different demographic, but also it would be very difficult to translate many of Korra's ornate vehicles, complex locations, and non-weapon-based fight scenes into LEGO.


Just look at Zuko's ship from the old A:TLA theme and you'll see what I'm talking about. Even with more advanced building techniques it would be hard to make a design much more accurate than the blocky one that ended up coming out as a set in 2006. The same applies for Republic City police airships, most types of Satomobiles, those dragonfly-like Equalist airplanes, etc.


TMNT, on the other hand, is a show keenly in tune with its merchandise angle, and thus it shouldn't be hard to find scenes, vehicles, and locations from the show that can be made into strong-selling LEGO sets. Will it be as successful as LEGO Star Wars? Probably not, but that goes without saying.

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I hope this fails miserably. And didn't megablocks have TMNT sets about 8 years back?

What good does it do to hope something you dislike fails? That's incredibly selfish and reflects an attitude that your own opinions are more important than anyone else's. I don't care about these sets at all, but I also don't care whether they prove to be successful. They're certainly not doing me any harm just by existing.

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