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On the bus ride back from school today, I had a sudden thought about changing the prize. I thought, "this is a contest about ice, so why isn't there an ice related prize?". So I am giving the option now, if people want, to change the prize from 8606 Vhisola to 70782 Protector of Ice. Thoughts?




P.s. Plus I rather like my Vhisola.


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Does it have to be an actual set, or would my frozen Garchomp be good? The photos aren't the highest quality, since I shot them with my 3DS, but I have lots of them.

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Umm, umm, well, I think that... Vhisola would be better than Protector of Ice. Vhisola is a good set, with a disk, and is a 2004 MISB set.

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